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Why Every Moment Holds An Infinite Potential Of Possibilities

“If you name me, you negate me. By giving me a name, a label, you negate all other things I could possibly be.” -Søren Kierkegaard

By naming something we negate all other things that could be. What is that supposed to mean?

For a better understanding we need to know how we actually create our reality. Instead of saying labeling you could also say choosing one possibility out of an infinite array of possibilities. You narrow it down to one aspect and although you negate all others, you bring it into existence at the same time.

How we create our reality

Everything is in constant vibration and change, think of it as moving and changing fractals. Only by freezing the movement we can use our ability to recognize shapes and patterns. This is the moment when we give it a name and therefore exclude all things that it is not, at the same time we define it and bring it into existence.

Instead of naming we can also say focusing. And by focusing we mean observing which causes manifestation. By focusing we observe it into manifestation and give it a name.

Matter is not solid

The old deterministic model of the world we thought we live in is no longer true. Think of the classical model of an atom that we have learned at school. There was the solid nucleus made up of various solid sub-particles and there were the electrons that keep spinning around it. Everything seemed to be pretty solid.

However this is actually not what is happening.

The next step was to say that there is an electron cloud around the nucleus with the atom being 99.99999% of energy and 0.00001 percent matter. You see that matter is actually not solid but rather a field of energy or frequency patterns.

However, the way the subatomic world works was not consistent with what was told by classical physics. Events are no longer predictable and things seem to be rather random such as electrons appearing and disappearing all over the place.

Scientists can measure the energetic characteristics of electrons but when it comes to mass they realized that it is almost nonexistent, considering how infinitesimally small it is and being of only temporary existence.

In fact, matter is more like a momentary phenomenon, appearing and disappearing into the quantum field.

Quantum physicists discovered that electrons exist in an infinite array of possibilities and probabilities simultaneously in a field of energy. An electron appears only when an observer focuses attention on any location. You could therefore say that a particle does not manifest in ordinary space-time until we observe it and that observation is manifestation.

Wherever you direct your focus is where you place your energy.

Your conscious mind has effects on matter which is energy because your consciousness is energy and energy has consciousness.

Effects of sound (vibration) on matter

There is a science called cymatics that analyzes the effects of sound on matter. This is a quite fascinating topic and it illustrates that by changing the frequency of the sound you can create different shapes.

This may sound trivial but you will also the same shapes can be found in nature. This observation and the knowledge about the behavior of subatomic particles allow us to see the connection to how our “solid material world” is brought into existence by the same principles.

Now imagine your mind being the sound that influences the world around you in pretty much the same way. This knowledge is actually not very new and is for example part of the Hermetic Principles. But only now this old wisdom is rediscovered by scientists and is getting more and more into the mainstream.

Being versus Creating

Everything is possible, in a state of being. Creating means to focus on one aspect and bringing it into existence in order to experience it.

The state of being corresponds to an infinite I AM mantra. This is being and resonating with your core frequency. Vibrating in your core frequency makes you consciously aware of being connected to the source energy and the quantum field, to everything that is. You simply feel an incredible inner peace in the eternal present moment.

Conscious creation happens whenever we focus on something. Therefore, we always create because we cannot stop focusing. We cannot stop observing because we cannot stop being. We are consciousness and our mere presence means creation. You can say that the observer and the observed are one and the same. The dancer and the dance are intrinsically connected, only that there is nothing to “be danced” (no matter)

We cannot be in a pure state of being because we are a conscious aspect of “the source”. Only the original source energy can fully BE. I think that it is this “being energy” that we affect by our conscious presence.

When we are in an “I AM” state of simply being, we still create because then we resonate fully to our core frequency.  Then we are in alignment with our conscious aspect and reconnecting to everything else that is. We create more of us and of our aspect in alignment with the bigger picture. But we cannot be the “original being frequency” which is an underlying aspect of the entire universe.

Why do we need to create?

Why is the universe not just in a peaceful state of being?

There is only  limited amount of growth it can achieve in a state of self-reflection.

Experience is the currency of creation. Every experience is registered and adds up to the overall experiences of the universe. This and the free will of each conscious being allow the universe to make experiences it never could do on “self-reflection”.

Only by creating different aspects of it that interact with each other, new experiences can be generated. This increases the overall energy potential of the universe after one cycle. Every experience that is made is registered and all of them together serve as the new blueprint for the next cycle. It begins with all the previously made experiences as a blue print and starts therefore, at a higher energetic level than before.

This is consciousness evolution of creation itself. The universe we now live in with all its dimensions serves as a big playground for us to experience everything we desire. Therefore, our very reason of existence is to create more of what is characteristic for us and what will help raising the overall frequency, or energetic potential.

How can I have individual experiences when everything is connected?

Everything is connected and separation is just an illusion. At the same time you have an individual core frequency and exist only one time in the universe.

How is that possible?

We are like the tip of a twig on an infinite tree. We are the bud that grows and decides which way to go. At the same time we are connected to everything else through the twigs, branches, and the tree stem.

The tree not only symbolizes our connection to everything else but also to the various experiences we make. Each time something changes an entire copy of the tree and its information is kept and recorded. You can therefore imagine an entire chain of individual trees that line up and each represents a certain state of the universe.


Another fractal found in nature that is similar to that of the tree is a river. So think of the tree as a river. A little trickle becomes a creek, a creek becomes a big stream, and the the stream flows into the ocean which rests in itself and is at the lowest level.

Just like a tree it branches out in ever smaller branches. Every aspect, energy, and experience of the river flows back to the ocean.

Imagine that you are an eddy within that stream at some point in the river. You are part of the river and connected to its entirety. And yet you are a unique expression and aspect of it. Now you can either try to keep your shape and form the same.

You would need to freeze it in time and space which is not possible. But you can still identify yourself as being only the eddy. If you would extend your awareness and consciousness you would realize that you are more than one aspect of the river and that you are in fact everything.

The river is in a constant flow. It moves and is always there, and yet it is different each moment. Everything that happens throughout the existence of the river is recorded. Each and every moment holds an individual experience that makes up the entirety of the life of the river.

In the end it will completely reconnect to the ocean and bring all its experience back with it. The ocean remained mainly in a state of being the entire time but also partly created new unique experiences with itself by spreading out through various rivers that acted and interacted and created something new.

aerial view of a river

This is a metaphor for the way the universe works and for each and every one having its place within it. Just like the tree you can see the river also growing over time as it moves more and more up and branching out more and more.

Notice also that the river has no real beginning or end. It is everywhere at the same time. It is in a state of being and creating, and it is growing and changing and changing at the same time

Just like the tree it is not possible to grasp the entirety of the river by just labeling it but in doing so we also create it. We assign a time to it; we give it a past and a future.  These are always “frozen” aspects of the river in one moment is space and time.

And just like the tree keeps growing and the river changing we are creating by observing or focusing. Out of the infinity of possibilities we keep observing/manifesting into reality whatever we focus on. We are one aspect of everything that is and are in fact limitless.

Our constant creation is always and individual decision. We decide which possible outcome we choose for us and our experience so that we can grow with it. We can either decide to work in alignment with the universe or against it.

You see that everything in the universe follows certain principles and that you need to be in alignment with these in order to balance your life.

Creation needs experience to evolve. You are a part of that creation and possess the power to create the very experiences you want to have. We learned that you cannot “not decide”, or that you cannot “not focus”. You are a creator in every moment of your life. With your free will you decide what it is that you want to experience.

Why Every Moment Holds An Infinite Potential Of Possibilities

Think again about the quantum field. Observation means creating. And by creating we experience what we have created. We are like the tip of a twig on an infinite tree. We are the bud that grows and decides which way to go. At the same time we are connected to everything else through the twigs, branches, and the tree stem. In fact, we are the tree. The tree not only symbolizes our connection to everything else but also the various experiences we make.

Why Every Moment Holds An Infinite Potential Of Possibilities

Saying that every moment holds an infinite potential of possibilities does not mean that changes have to occur instantly, although this can happen of course. For example when you enter a situation where all people are stressed you can consciously calm yourself and thus calm the situation.

With other things it simply takes some time for them to unfold for you, assuming that you keep your focus on the same spot and that you have a clear imaginary experience of what you want to happen.

I will go into more details about how to do that in another post. For now it is important that you understand that nothing is fixed or predetermined and that you have the power and the responsibility to think and feel differently.

There are literally no limits to what you think and how you feel. Unfortunately, most of us choose to think and feel in a way that is working against their innermost desires. The greatness that lies within us seeks expression through abundance and happiness.

Why does everyone desire to live in abundance?

The universe is constantly evolving and wants to create the fullest possible experiences that lead to more growth and higher frequencies. So if you are not living in abundance then you are basically not in alignment what life wants for you.

Overflowing abundance for every one of us is only natural and what every one of us deserves.

I am not just talking about material wealth but also about elevated emotions such as love, bliss and gratitude, richness in experiences and creating new ways of experiencing all aspects of life, appreciation for nature, our planet, the sun, and every living entity on it.

This is what we should be striving for and every moment holds this possibility for each one of us as long as we are willing to live in the moment.

It is also about humbleness about the vastness and beauty of everything that is and so much more that you simply cannot describe with words. That is why I am gonna stop here with this post. I will leave you something to imagine 🙂

Start your holistic life transformation and change your life today to become your greatest version. Let’s make this world a better place by using the possibilities we have and by realizing that we are much more powerful than we think.

Have a wonderful week my friend.

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If you name me, you negate. By giving me a name, a label, you negate all other things I could possibly be - Soren Kierkegaard

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