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Why Do Most People Fail To Achieve True Greatness?

“It’s amazing what doors can open if you reach out to people with a smile, friendly attitude and a desire to make a positive impact.” – Richard Branson

How to live in greatness in a bad world?

Every year, just before it is going to end, you will see all kinds of end-of-year reviews that will remind you of all the (mostly bad) things that happened. But you don’t need to wait until the end of the year, just head over to the websites of the major newspapers in world and you could summarize our world as being characterized something like the following:

  • war, terror
  • disease, famine,
  • debt crisis and economic crisis
  • chaos, political and social unrest (rich against poor, locals against strangers, left against right)
  • conspiracies and manipulation, environmental problems, pollution and maltreatment of animals and nature in general
  • and much more…

So after all the world is pretty bad right? And we didn’t even include our personal problems in the list yet, because they normally don’t show up in the news. But how can one actually change something in the world for good in the daily struggles to make a living or even survive?

Are talks about creating a better world just nonsense?

The seemingly increasing negativity in the world is only one part of the medal. The crazier it gets, the more people wake up and try to actually improve their lives.

When the world gets completely out of control then even the deepest dreamers will finally have to wake up.

Why it is not egoistic to help yourself first

At the same time you may think that you cannot do anything about it anyway. It doesn’t really help you to be consuming more of this endless energy draining and negativity enhancing news stream.

So switch it off for now.

Then make a change for your own situation first.

Help you to get what you want and achieve your goals.

While doing so you can try to use yourleverage and have an impact on other people’s lives.

How this will look like depends on what you are doing and what your gifts are. If you are on the higher ground then help other people to get up as well, they in turn can help you to move on as well.

This is how your actions can make an impact to help people and the world to heal!

How to Make An Impact?

The more you reach out, the richer you become in every meaning of the word. But you can only have the impact you allow yourself to have. If you care only for your personal gains and that you are fine off until your retirement then this is all you will get. But if you are willing to give more than you have to give then you are also ready to receive more than you would need.

Be ready to receive

Our inability to give more than we need makes us blind for opportunities to actually receive more as well. I was standing once in a long queue to get a ticket for a fenced off party area. Someone walked to where I was standing and asked who would like to have a ticket for a bit less than the original price.

This was exactly what I needed. I would have saved time and money. But instead I was hesitant and not listening to my intuition. Someone else took the ticket and the opportunity was gone with me needing to pay more and wait so much longer.

So in order to make an impact in other people’s lives you need to be able to let other people have an impact on you as well. You can only receive when you are willing to give, and you can only give when you are willing to receive. They are the two sides of the same medal. You have to feel worthy enough to take what you want when it is offered to you. You deserve it!

Be ready to give

In order to receive you have to be giving first. If you say that you cannot give then you will never receive. You can give a smile, a hand, your help, and your sincere advice. Do what you can do best and try to get even better at it. Have a positive attitude towards life and life will be positive for you as well.

Having an impact means creating value, but you can only do so when you take care of yourself as well. You cannot rescue someone if you endanger your own life, this is the first principle every emergency worker knows. Sounds egoistic?

Let’s have a look at it:

Why it is not egoistic to help yourself first

This is actually pretty simple. You can only help others if you don’t fall victim to the same situation. The first priority of any rescue team is to ensure its own safety before rescuing others. In the airplane you need use your own oxygen mask first before helping others. The point is that would actually make the situation worse when you get in trouble as well.

This principle is basically applicable to any situation in life. You simply can help others better when you are at your most powerful state. So first of all

Use your advantage over others to help them and to make the world a better place. Each one of us is on an individual path and at a certain development level. There are many areas in our lives that need improvement. This can be your health, wealth, career, relationship, spiritual growth, or your life goals or anything else you can think of.

What to do with your privileged status?

So let’s say there is one area in your life or a discipline in which you excel more than anyone else. This is normally something which is very easy for you and what you are most passionate about. It can also relate to your particular life experience and how you manage to handle certain situations over and over again with great success.

Now there are many things you could do:

  • You could keep your skills secret and try to get more for yourself (survival of the fittest) –> You block abundance and greater opportunities out of your life!
  • You feel guilty about other people being less blessed than you but then you feel they (politics, rich people, the society, etc.) are responsible for that situation and not you –> You give away your power and feel like a victim!
  • You recognize your strengths and how they can help you to reach your personal goals. You invest time and effort in what is easy for you and what you enjoy doing the most. You share your skills and experience with others and let them participate and benefit as well –>You start your personal holistic life transformation and become an alchemist!

I definitely prefer the last one but I have to admit that I have gone through all of them.

Use your greatest privilege you have over others to make the world a better place. Don’t just look for your own advantage. Try to genuinely help others with what is most easy to you.

Why some people have a bigger impact than others

Some people have the power to shake entire nations and markets with a few words. Others reach thousands of followers in an instant. Some people can write any book they want and sell millions of copies although the book might not even be particularly well written or providing groundbreaking ideas. It is their ability to share their ideas and values with millions of people which gives them in turn a life in abundance and freedom.

The attention they got from the media, their followers, or fans enables them to quickly have an impact on their own life and those of others.

You might say they simply got lucky, were born rich, or that the world is simply not fair. But it is not as simple as that.

The major difference is that some people simply have a stronger voice that reaches more ears which are eager to listen. This in turn creates a massive echo that reflects multiple times what was sent out by a single source. Depending on the intention behind it and the actually created value, that echo can transform into abundance flowing back to the primary source.

Whereas other people might spent years of hard work and research to write the book of their life but then almost nobody will ever read it. Although their work itself might be of high quality, it cannot create significant value because it is not shared enough and thus has no impact.

Just imagine Martin L. King giving his famous speech in Washington just another day when nobody would be there to listen. It would be like it never happened.

Having an impact

How to be different from others? Start being yourself!

If you want to get noticed you have to stand out of the crowd by stopping to do what the crowd is doing.

In order to lead the orchestra the maestro has to face his back to the audience. If you want to be the maestro of your own life then you have to get out of your comfortable seat. Starting to play your own music will make others listen. You cannot expect to be noticed if you say or do what everybody else is saying or doing.

You don’t need to forcefully draw attention to you or try to imitate those who are successful. Simply be the authentic original: You!

Then do what you can do best and have fun.

If you want to bring change into your life then you have to open up and let the greatness in.  In order to get yourself noticed you need to connect to other people!

What is different about people that have a great impact?

They are able and willing to SHARE whatever they feel is valuable for them, and hence, for like-minded people.

Whether you like what they are doing or not, there are thousands of people that do care and pay attention, and that is fine.

In my opinion the sharing aspect itself is most crucial for their success. They are willing to step out of the crowd by sharing their greatest gift. They make themselves vulnerable to criticism but also to possible rewards and acceptance for what they do and who they are! In order to share with others you need to create something first.

You are no longer just a consumer who uses other people’s products and services but you become a creator as well. We are all creators but how much we can benefit from our creation depends on the quality of it (the intention behind it) and the degree to which we want to share this creation with others.

Let me explain this a bit more.

What do I mean by creation?

In its most basic aspect a creation is the implementation of an increased energy potential compared to its surrounding.

(The reason for the existence of the entire universe is to increase the energy potential of itself after each cycle. Let’s call it evolution, baby 🙂 )

This can be a thought, an action, a product, piece of art, or whatever you can think of. Everything we do and think, and even the mere fact of our existence and presence are in fact an act of creation.

When we think of our universe in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration (as suggested by the honorable Mr. Tesla) then a creation is an increase in frequency (higher energy) or creating a higher potential than what existed before.

How can the energy potential be raised “out of nothing”?

When we think back to the 7 Hermetic Principles then we see that the highest principle is the Principle of Spirit (Consciousness).

The second one is the Principle of Correspondence and the third one is the Principle of Vibration. You therefore can say that conscious creation by thought seeks its reflection by creating a corresponding vibration.

All of this might be very obvious to you and nothing new, but we tend to overlook the simplest aspects and forget them.

So basically you can alter the energy potential with your conscious presence and intention. Increasing the energy potential (raising the frequency) stands for growth, creation and development, whereas lowering the energy potential causes stagnation, destruction and decay.

What Happens to Your Creation When You Share It?

This is basically making the law of attraction work in your favor.

Let me explain that:

When you share your creation, people can either decide to accept your idea or not. Those who won’t accept go off the frequency, that’s fine. But those who will like it will “tune in”.

This means they are going to create the same frequency and thus enhance the original signal and become co-creators. They are not only distributing your creation further but they send the same signal back to you! The more co-creators you get, the more energy is coming back to you and thus, leveling the energy to unknown heights.

This may sound a bit weird at first but you also can imagine some sort of wave receiver and emitter. Imagine a paddle in the ocean that is held by you on one end. The paddle swims on the water. As long as you let it loose, the paddle moves up and down with the waves. It just receives information.

Now imagine giving the paddle a steady push every second. Now you create your own waves that start spreading out. This is your creation! Not sharing is like putting barriers around it so no one will notice it. As long as you keep going, it might be fine for you, but you cannot receive anything in return. Your rewards will rise or fall linear to you effort.

paddle in the water

Inspire by sharing and potentiate your rewards

Whereas when you share your creation it will inspire others. They will give you back what you have sent out, and they will do it so much stronger than you alone ever could. You are not only carried by your own creation but it is putting you on such high levels! What you will get back comes in form of new situations, opportunities, and also money. Synchronicity of events along the way is telling you that you are doing fine.

This is a somewhat strange metaphor and you could easily replace the paddle with a microphone/speaker membrane doing the same.

The point I want to make is why it is important to SHARE and how you can translate it to the Hermetic Principles.

Get rid off the old “me”-paradigm and replace it by the new “we”-paradigm. You don’t help anyone if you hold back and keep your skills and gifts for yourself alone. The personal advantage you get from holding back is far below the immense potential you create by sharing!

After all this talking about waves and energy let’s translate it to “real life situations”.

Dealing with real life situations

Your creation can be anything that enhances other people’s life by adding value of some sort. Adding value can be again anything. This can be making people laugh, smile, or feeling better. It can mean helping, educating, or cheering them. It can be any product or service that enhances their life experience in some way.

Each one of us is on a different path but many of us face the same kind of problems. When we don’t know what to do we need someone to help or provide us with a certain tool, service, or product.

If you have an idea for a product or service already then go ahead and make it happen. Set your goals the right way and go for it!

If you don’t know exactly what you can do or what you are good at then look at your experience.

You are the expert of your own individual  life, but many people face similar problems and your example might be just the inspiration they need.

Educating others is key to everything

One of the best ways in my opinion of creating real value for others is to educate them. Educating is more than just teaching or trying to sell a product. It is the purest form of sharing and of transforming.

By educating you give them the chance to find their own solutions. You show them how they can open the door on their own. They still have to walk through but you showed them how!

In educating others lies the core of lifting the vibration of us individually and the planet as a whole.


Your higher standpoint (potential or energy level) enables you to lift them up. It allows you to tune into their problems, because you have experienced them as well and gone through them before.

Tuning in to their point of view will allow you to open their eyes and remove whatever is holding them back. This will transform the blockage, make the energy flow, and thus, increase the frequency.  The more you help, the higher will be your reward.

The ideal scenario

People that got help have more time to do what they are passionate about and therefore can help even more people in their own way. Everyone is helping himself first by doing what he or she is most passionate about, and the sharing aspect brings it all to the next level for you and for the people around you.

This in turn will provide opportunity for everyone on this planet to grow no matter where they are in life and how bad their experience has been before.

Does this sound too good to be true? Am I too naive to believe that people actually want to help each other? Does anyone care?

I don’t know, probably some will and some won’t but this does not matter for me at the moment.

I am doing what I have to do and if there are only some people that follow along then I have had an impact. What I am doing simply feels right to me and I am having fun doing it 🙂

This is what matters most to me it at the moment. Everything else will come when the time is right.

Idealism vs. Reality

Greatness is the ideal.

But your bills are real.

How to bring them together?

It is better trying to enhance reality towards a seemingly far ideal than accepting reality without questioning and living in an “ideal world”.

Improve your life by helping other people with their problems by doing what you are most passionate about. When you do this you will become truly wealthy and start living in true abundance!

Whatever you focus on grows. Focusing on your personal ideal will bring you closer to it than getting lost in your daily reality.

Now let’s quit talking and begin doing.

Why don’t you start with learning how you can set goals and actually achieve them?

A great way to share your ideas is starting with your own website or your own YouTube channel.

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