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Why Do I Feel Disconnected? – 7 Principles That Will Help You To Reconnect

“The eternal quest of the individual human being is to shatter his loneliness” – Norman Cousins

In the last post I have talked about the implications of everything being connected. For me it was quite an interesting revelation considering all the things that came up. I haven’t thought about most of it before and was quite carried away by the things that came into my mind.

So after I have typed down everything, the next question that popped up in my head was what actually is keeping us disconnected from others, ourselves or the world around us? (If you want to know why you are disconnected from the internet then please check your settings 🙂 )

Why “being connected” actually disconnects us

In this world where everyone can contact almost anyone at any time, people feel more and more disconnected. Being constantly online or otherwise available suggests a false connectedness or closeness. Rather than being connected people actually externalize their lives and get distracted by other people doing the same. What is supposed to be “social sharing” ends up being nothing more than a big mirror showing us how deeply imbalanced we have become.

We follow the crowd because we think that this way we will connect better to other people and the society. We assume that being in alignment with the crowd will bring us happiness, success and attention. What many people don’t understand though is that in order to stand out of the crowd you first have to stop following it.

So why do we feel disconnected connecting to others and following the crowd?

The answer is that we simply are not following our inner calling and even act against it or trying to suppress it.

So eventually we feel disconnected to ourselves because we ignore our inner calling that is most likely  not in alignment with what the mainstream wants. We sacrifice our inner connection to ourselves in order to fit in. That is why it is said that we are whole as a child and become scattered and fragmented as we grow up into “behaving like an adult”.

Social media can makes us unhappy

People start to evaluate their “worthiness” by the amount of likes or shares they get in social media. Constant judgment of other people’s lives and making social comparisons causes depression and jealousy and keeps us drained and distracted from what really matters.

When you see someone posting a new holiday picture or other supposedly successful life events you might start questioning your own life or conclude that you haven’t fulfilled your dreams, work in a lousy job, or realize that you haven’t achieved the success in life that you always wanted.

Questioning all these things will eventually lead you to the conclusion that you are living up to other people’s expectations. You realize that what you have been told as a child didn’t come true and that the image you had of yourself is actually nothing more than an illusion.

But let’s assume that you are actually the one posting all these things and hoping that people are going to like it. What kind of image do you try to display and how much does it actually reflect of who you really are? Why do you need this sort of attention and what is it telling you about your self-worth and self-confidence?

Side Note:

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Okay, let’s get back to the post…

Whatever you are doing, ask yourself this question:

Who are you when no one is watching?

Asking questions is a very good way to lift the veil of unconsciousness that is clouding the view of so many of us in various degrees. This question can be seen as a rhetorical or philosophical one.

In either way, I don’t need to answer this question in order to sharpen my awareness. Most of us won’t even ask this question and rather distract themselves with other stuff. You might feel a little awkward or even scared to find an answer here, or even worse, not to find one.

Why Do I Feel Disconnected? - 7 Principles That Will Help You To Reconnect 3

You can also turn it around and ask who you are when someone is watching? Depends on who is watching right? We have created an imaginary version of our identity that consists of various sub-identities that are situation dependent.

We are programmed by society to fit in and play our game. By doing so, we deny our own nature, our dreams, and,  most of all, our purpose. And this is what keeps us disconnected in various ways (no, we are still not talking about your internet connection but thanks for asking).

Finding your purpose

What is your purpose when no one is watching?

As long as no one is watching, try to find out what your purpose actually is.  Once you know you can start fulfilling it. No matter what your purpose is, it is always related to creating some sort of value not only for yourself or the people around you but for life itself, to the universe!

Your actions matter because everything is connected. You don’t need people to see you creating value, at least not the people that you want. The right people will come at the right time as long as you stop talking, and begin doingKeep your goals to yourself and make sure to put in the daily effort to reach them.

When no one is watching us we are supposedly alone. It is this stillness where you can find peace in your mind and help to solve your problems, at least this is what helps me.

And it is in this stillness where you can overcome the feeling of being disconnected.

7 Principles That Will Help You To Reconnect

A great guide in all life situations are the 7 Hermetic Principles (also called 7 Cosmic Laws/Principles).

These seven principles hold a great power and wisdom within them. They are the essence of how the universe is set up and applying them will help you to live in alignment with simply everything. Living in alignment means reconnecting to the source and your true inner self that is not only you but everything that is at the same time.


Instead of just repeating them I try to focus on how they can help us to understand why we feel disconnected, and how we can not only overcome this feeling but transform it in a way that it will carry us into new heights full of opportunity, potential, and growth:

  1. The Principle Of Mentalism: Everything is mental, everything is conscious, everything is energy. Understand that you become the energy that you are giving off. There is no “out there” because everything is taking place inside. “I cannot do it” or “I can do” it will eventually both become true. Applying this principle means reconnecting by being in tune with who you are and realizing that you have absolute control over your life.
  2. The Principle Of Correspondence: This is what the law of attraction is all about. You attract what you send out and by changing one area in your life you will change all others as well. Your current perceived reality is corresponding to your inner energetic state. Applying this principle means reconnecting by seeing the outer world as a mirror of your inner world and vice versa.
  3. The Principle Of Vibration: Everything is in vibration at a certain frequency. The higher the frequency is, the higher is the energy level. You can actually feel your vibrational state by moving into your heart space. By feeling it you can align your actions to your frequency. Applying this principle means reconnecting by consciously sending out vibrations full of love and compassion, conducting high quality and value enhancing actions, as well as receiving uplifting frequencies such as 432 Hz music.
  4. The Principle Of Polarity: The universe is built upon positive and negative energy potentials. Everything has two sides that are actually one and the same thing. Polarity is always existent but its effects on you can be neutralized. A wave has a two poles: a positive and negative maximum. Yet they belong to one and the same wave. Applying this principle means reconnecting by realizing the each aspect in life, be it positive or negative, is just one aspect of one and the same thing.
  5. The Principle Of Rhythm: Everything has its ups and downs, its time, and cycle, and is constantly changing. Life is in a constant flow and change. Resisting change means resisting life. Applying this principle means reconnecting to nature and its cycles, like following your biorhythm and going to bed early, and understanding that the darkest hour is always just before sunrise, and that the night will always have to give way for a new day.
  6. The Principle Of Cause And Effect: Everything you do has a consequence and keeps echoing into eternity. How you lived your life last year determines where you are right now. Nothing happens without a reason and things such as coincidence simply don’t exist. Your are not a victim of the circumstances, and you don’t have a fixed destiny with no escape. The same actions performed over and over again must yield the same results. Applying this principle means reconnecting by taking responsibility for your actions and for what you say and do to other people, animals, nature and to yourself.
  7. The Principle Of Gender: Everything has a masculine and feminine aspect like yin and yang. Balancing your left and right brain hemispheres will help you to unleash your true potential, because only by bringing these aspects together new things can be created on all levels. Applying this principle means reconnecting to your feminine and masculine aspects within you and becoming and alchemist of infinite possibilities, creativity and divine creation.

With this being said, I hope you have a better understanding what keeps you disconnected. Please let me know why you feel disconnected and if you agree with me on the Hermetic Principles.

Have a wonderful week my friend.

Start your holistic life transformation and change your life today!

Why Do I Feel Disconnected? - 7 Principles That Will Help You To Reconnect

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