Why 24 hours are all you need to master your life

That’s it. It’s gone. Never to return.

Another day is over and you wonder: where on earth did the hours go?

You feel like you are a juggler.

On your juggling balls is written: family, job, finances, friends, and health. Every aspect needs attention but if you focus on one for too long, everything else will fall apart.

Just trying to keep your life in balance makes you live on the edge. Your smile is just a mask, hiding the embarrassing truth beneath.

Because no matter how hard you try… you can’t add the last hidden ball to the show.

Nobody can see what is written on it except you: Dreams.

And you can’t help thinking . . .

Is it normal to feel this overwhelmed? Does my life have to be that crazy?

You know you can’t carry on like this.

One way or another, something has to change.

You think that if you work hard enough, you will be able to sort things out and eventually start working on your dreams.

But the truth is that this isn’t going to happen. And deep down you know that’s true. You won’t be able to master your life tomorrow, in a week, a month, or even a year from now.

You have to do it today, right now.

Master your day, and you will master your life.

Sounds impossible?

Then consider this:

Today is all you have and ever will have.

The good news:

It is all you will ever need.

The secrets to master anything

“Order and simplification are the first steps toward the mastery of a subject.”

— Thomas Mann

In order to master any skill, you need to have the right attitude, the willingness to improve, and the commitment to show up every day:

  • Mindset: What do you want?
  • Intent: Why do you want it?
  • Simplification: What are your priorities?
  • Improvement: How can you get better?
  • Consistency: How much time are you willing to spend every day?

The same elements you can apply to master your life.

What it means to master your life

In my opinion, you are a master of your life when you have accomplished some or all of the following things:

  • You are at peace with who you are
  • All your desires have been met
  • You have achieved all of your goals
  • Every detail of your life is the source of pure joy and happiness
  • You have created something bigger than yourself and you love to make it even bigger and even more beautiful
  • You harness your full mental and spiritual powers in service to the greater good
  • You are enlightened to such an extent that you have mastered all life lessons
  • You realize this is just the beginning of your soul’s journey

Living such a life may seem incredible or unlikely. At the same time, it is the only thing to truly aim for, which is living the best life you can possibly imagine.

Are you brave enough to dream big?

It seems overwhelming at first, but I didn’t say you have to do all in one day, did I? 🙂

This brings us to our next point:

Why today is so important to master your life

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

— Vincent Van Gogh

Mastering your life sounds like a very big thing to do. But what about mastering a single day?

How hard is it to manage one day and make it something very unique and special?

Just one day.

A day you can be proud of. A day you have given it all. A day you did truly live. Is that too much to ask for?

And after that?


Do it again and get better than the last time.

Don’t compare yourself to others. Use only your internal yardstick that measures your own performance. This is not about doing more, it is about living more.

Eventually, you will come to realize that you have accomplished something few people achieve:

You are at peace. You don’t need to rush. You can be you.

The greatest luxury is when you feel that you have arrived. You know that only good lies before you. Gratitude permeates all of your actions. Abundance is your natural state.

No more self-induced pressure to be somewhere else. No more pretending to be someone you don’t want to be.

All because you have mastered to live each day as it comes.

Change your perspective: See each day as a new life

When you open your eyes every morning, a new world is created.

Each day gives us a new opportunity to start all over again.

This time you can do it right. All you need is your willingness to make this day as wonderful as possible.

See yourself as the center of an infinite ocean of possibilities and then pick out each day as a new creation.

You are not moving through time, time is moving through you, and you choose your timeline.

Just like the bright gems on a necklace, you can purify each day and make it something special.

How you spend your day tells you how you live your life.

Commit to becoming fully aware of anything you do during the day.

Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. Therefore, each decision has a direct impact on your life.

Awareness will help you to make the right decisions.

How to make each day a success story

Each day consists of three parts that represent three stages of your personal development:

  1. Morning: Awakening
  2. Daytime: Awareness
  3. Evening: Ascension

These are the three steps towards mastering your life.

1) Morning — Awakening

The awakening in your life can be a spiritual or an intellectual awakening which changes your perspective about your reality. You realize you have a choice.

On a daily basis, it means to gain clarity on who you are and what you want to focus on. It is about taking a proactive approach towards life and the commitment to live by design, and not by default.

Prime yourself for the day

The way you spend your morning has a significant impact on how your day will unfold. Try to get all the things done that are important to you before anything can get in your way.

It does not matter when you wake up as long as you manage to have some quality time for yourself. In any case, you might have to wake earlier than you used to do, just make sure that you get 7 to 8 hours sleep every night.


Take care of your body, mind, and soul.

  • Make your bed: This is going to be your first accomplishment of the day. It will make you feel in charge and put you in a positive attitude. If everything else fails throughout the day, you know that a tidy bed awaits when you come home.
  • Hydrate and detox your body: Drink a big glass of lemon water: Your dehydrated body will thank you for this detoxing fresh fluid with.
  • Write a journal: Let it all out. Write down your thoughts, your goals, your ideas, your problems, what you are grateful for, what you don’t like about yourself and your life, things that need to change and anything that comes to your mind. Your very active subconscious mind will tell you what you need to know.
  • Meditate: Time to be you. Get in alignment with who you are. It can help you to connect with your greater self, the sun and the earth, your body and your cells, to observe your breath and resolve emotional blocks.
  • Do whatever you want to get done with: Do whatever is most important to you right now. Get it done for the day. This can be something you work on that requires a fresh mind and body. Ideally, you do this free of any distractions. No matter how long you need (10 min, 1 hour, or 2 hours), try to get it done and the rest of the day will run like a charm.

There are countless examples on how to do your morning routine like this article by Benjamin P. Hardy

2) Daytime — Awareness

Awareness means implementing the insights from your awakening. Bring everything that was hidden before to the light of consciousness. You are consciously choosing your life path, every moment.

On a daily basis, it means to be able to observe without judging, detaching from your thoughts, and being present in any situation. You stop seeing a situation through your thoughts. You perceive beyond thinking and become one with the situation.

Awareness is key to access your day

It is not easy to be aware. Like with anything in life it takes continuous effort. Every day you need to be determined to increase your awareness.

I often perceive my life like watching a movie. I see what is happening to me but at the same time I am not part of it. Either I think about what happened before or what might happen later. Sometimes I think about the moment rather than being in it.

Have you ever seen people taking pictures and selfies all the time? They are not living in the moment. They are so busy recording the event that they miss to be in it. All that remains is a picture of that moment (or hundreds of them) but no experience, nothing that matters.

That is exactly what happens with your life without awareness. A fancy billboard that hides the wasteland behind it. It is not real.

So here are some questions for you to break through the noise in your head:

  • What are you going to do today?
  • What are you doing right now? (I seriously have no idea sometimes)
  • Why are you doing what you do?
  • How do you feel about yourself?
  • Is what you are doing right now helping you to have a great day?
  • Are you conscious about what you think, say, and do?
  • Are you stuck in your same old routines? Where do they come from and are they still serving you?
  • Do you take responsibility for your actions or do you avoid it?
  • Do you always give your best and create real value?
  • Do you spend quality time with your family?
  • Do you truly listen when other people speak or do you just wait to respond?

These questions may seem a bit strange first.

You know what is even more strange?

Once you start to observe, you realize how often you just act on autopilot without even noticing it.

Therefore, it might be easier to start with a single question that you can use in any situation:

  • Am I fully aware of the present moment?

You can practice awareness by observing your breath, feeling your body, and by perceiving the sounds in your environment. Simply perceive, without judging. Detach from your mind and come to your senses.

The power of the mental zoom

We often get overwhelmed by all the problems we need to deal with. We cannot focus on one task because there is so much else going on at the same time.

There is your job with its deadlines and endless flood of emails, your kids and your partner, your friends, your daily errands, your finances, your ever postponed workout, the books you wanted to read, the goals you wanted to work on and so on.

Try to blank out all the other stuff while you focus on whatever needs your attention now. Zoom in on your biggest problem at the moment and give it your full attention. You cannot solve one problem if you think about four other things at the same time.

Anything you cannot change right now has to wait. Park your other problems in the back of your mind. Later, when the time is right, you can give them your full attention.

If a problem gets too big you can also zoom out until it gets very small. It is all a matter of perspective. When things get out of hand, take a break and let go, allow your mind to wander and do the work for you. Later when you least expect it, a solution will pop up and you wonder how you couldn’t see it before.

3) Evening — Ascension

Ascension in your life means to become who you meant to be and to be free of any doubts. You have mastered your inner power and use it for the greater good and to fulfill your purpose. You are creating something bigger than yourself and your mindset changes from ME to WE.

On a daily basis, it means to put things into perspective and to see the bigger picture. You realize that you are not supposed to go in circles but spiraling upwards instead. You learn from your failures and you refine your actions. Your aim is to purify your intentions and to stay centered around yourself.

With all your needs being met and lessons learned, you dedicate the rest of the time to your family. It is time to give back and be there for them.

You bring each day to its glorious end by reviewing it in gratitude. Every experienced imbalance causes you to look inside and to ask for guidance and the wisdom to resolve it in a way that is right for you.

This may sound a bit out of touch with the real world at first. But it may help to think of it this way:

The person you have become in the evening differs from the one you have been in the morning. You are spiraling upwards on your way to ascension, each and every day.


Everyone knows how to spend a day, we are very familiar with that. It is something we can handle. It is easier to think of mastering your life on a daily basis.

See each day as your life, or even as a full lifetime. If your actual day is everything you have, then you realize very quickly what matters to you and what not.

Today is all you have and ever will have to master your life. And it is all you will ever need.

See it as a new chance to get it right this time. Take it easy. Don’t rush.

  • Love yourself first. Always come back to the love.
  • Do less but do it better.
  • Observe your thoughts.
  • Evaluate and change your habits.
  • Feel into the situation.
  • Be kind, always.
  • Appreciate others for who they are.
  • Create value in every situation.

Do this every day and will become a master of your life.

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