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The fact that you are reading this is a sign that you have become more interested in creating wealth.

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Wealth is one of the four main categories on this website. The others are MindHealth, and Wisdom. To get a full understanding about the structure of this website, simply go to the homepage.

The main objective of this category is to unleash your full potential and to create a life full of wealth and abundance. Do what you came here to do and get into a state of radical action. Further, you will learn how you can get started to create your own passive income streams, thus becoming financially independent. Make your visions come true, you deserve it.

Wealth Definition

Here is the wealth definition that I found on Wikipedia:

“Wealth is the abundance of valuable resources or valuable material possessions.”

Many definitions mainly refer to physical, economical or financial aspects of wealth, which is all fine. But for us individually wealth can be a lot more.

Some things that you might relate to being wealthy are:

  • The amount of money and possessions you have
  • Having wonderful relationships or people that surround you like children, partner, family and friends
  • Time to do what you truly like and being able to live from it
  • Wealth is health. As long as you are healthy you have everything you need
  • All of the above plus anything you can think of as well

At the end you have to decide what it means for you to be wealthy. The definition that I personally like the most is this:

There is no more luxury for anyone than the ability to be you in space and time, anytime.

This is what wealth is about and it teaches you at the same time how you can achieve it.

Aspects of Wealth

Now think a step further, does your current job allow you to be yourself 100%. Are you able to be you right now. What does it actually mean to be thyself? Do you have anything in mind that you plan to do for so many years, but never started for whatever reasons?

What would you do without the need to earn money? Strip away all money, titles, positions, and status. Whatever you think you are, forget about it.

Then allow yourself to imagine a world where you are free to do whatever you want.

Wealth is subjective

Wealth Fundamentals

In order to become wealthy you have to be aware of the subsequent wealth fundamentals:


If you cannot be grateful for what you have, you will never be able to become truly wealthy. Imagine having everything that you want to have in life.

How would you feel?

If you would not be able to feel gratitude you probably would be very depressive because there is nothing more to achieve in your life.

The alternative is this:

You would have to be grateful for having all of that. You should know that our thoughts create our reality. This means that you have to be grateful BEFORE you can get into a feeling and state of wealth.

Practicing gratitude on a daily basis is important to get a sense for being wealthy all along. This in turn will attract more wealth into your life.

Know Thyself

Find out what you came here to do. What is it that you can do best, like no one else? Everyone is unique and has unique experiences and skill sets. Notice that everything you did in your life has something to do with your TRUE TASK. Whatever you did in this life or in your past lives helped you making the necessary experiences that you need right now. You continue your life where you have stopped in the last one until you get the lesson you have to learn, and teach the things you have to teach to others. This happens often unknowingly to us. But each time you interact with someone you are teacher and student at the same time.

What is it that we all have to learn?

To become our greatest version, to unleash our true potential, and to reconnect to us and the universe!

The best thing to do so is to do what you truly love.

If you don’t know what you are good at, ask your family and friends. What are you surrounding yourself with? What keeps you fascinated over and over again. What did you imagine to become when you were a child?

There is certainly something you always had in mind but never did for whatever reasons.

And if you always just wanted to have your peace, then this is absolutely fine. Maybe your way of having your peace would be very valuable for others to know as well.

This is a very important step to understand for you. If it is hard for you to realize, simply start doing what you like and don’t overthink the process. Action is always the key to success and WISDOM. Once you get going the right things will unfold in front of you at the right time. This way you will find what you truly love.

You could start out gardening and realize that it is actually repairing lawn mowers that get you excited. At the end you could design your own devices or run your own lawn mower rental and repair business. Who knows? 🙂

If you don’t start you will not find out. Action is the key here, but you need to have a vision first:


Whatever it is you want to achieve, you need to have a vision. Without a vision it would be like getting into your car and randomly driving around. At the end it will get you nowhere. You have to have an address that you are heading towards to.

At this point it is important to understand the difference between a vision and a goal.

Your vision is the primary thought or idea that governs all of your actions. Everything you think and do should be in alignment with that vision. Only then can you expect to manifest it into your reality.

A goal is actually an action step towards your vision. You can set daily, weekly and monthly goals, all with the intention to fulfill your vision. Therefore, a goal should be achievable in the set time range and be in alignment with your vision.


In order to manifest your vision you need to work on a daily basis. This can be as little as ten minutes, but you have to commit yourself to it. It is better to work every day ten minutes than once per week for two hours. Achieving your vision has to become a part of your daily routine.

If you are doing what you truly love then your actions get a new quality. You see your work no longer as a burden but as something that lifts you up and keeps you happy. Do what you love and success will come automatically.

The best way in my opinion to do so is to start your own online business. The investment costs are low compared to other types of businesses. You can do whatever it is you want to do and have a website about it at the same time. There are 3.5 billion people in the world with an internet access (24/7).

I will cover this and other ways to get started on this website. So make sure to stay with me.


Now, that you have a vision and are getting into action. You will encounter situations and problems that you need to master in order to move on. The best way to do so is learning new skills and ways to achieve your goals. Whatever it is you are going to learn and do, you have to ask yourself this question: How much is it helping me to achieve my goals and vision?

There are great learning tools and resources out there where you can learn literally anything.

Wealth Blog

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