What Is The Emotional Freedom Technique About? – Part 2: Application of EFT

This post answers the question: “What is the emotional freedom technique about?” I asked myself the same question and after some research and practical experience with it I want to share with you my findings. In brief I can say that this is a powerful tool to treat negative beliefs and emotions. In order to present it in a way that is easy to understand I am going to split this in two parts:

PART 1: Basics of the Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Basics Of Energy Psychology And The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Tapping Locations
  • Tapping Sequence and Phrases

PART 2: Application of the Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Demonstration of one Tapping Round (Video)
  • Recommendations
  • Application and Implementation in Daily Life

Part 2: Application of the Emotional Freedom Technique

Demonstration of One Tapping Round (Video)

Besides learning the proper tapping locations and the sequence when doing EFT, it is also important to use the right affirmations. Apart from that it is actually quite simple once you know these basics. The key to success here, like always, lies in the consistent application in order to achieve the desired results.

The more specific you are with your problem, the more likely it is that you can tune into it more thoroughly and, hence, that you are able to resolve it.

Should you notice that during or after a tapping sequence other aspects of the same problem come up you should keep working on them doing another round. These can be images, feelings, conversations or other interactions of some form that may be related to the core of the problem.

You may say: “Even though I still have some of this …, I deeply and completely accept myself.”


How to tap

  • Although it is important to tap on the right location it is not problematic if you do not hit it exactly.
  • Try to use your fingertips because there you have a number of acupuncture meridians that are used simultaneously with the meridians you are tapping on. If you have too long fingernails you may have to use the finger pads
  • Tap properly but not too hard
  • Tap on one spot as long as you like. You can either tap as long on it as you speak the reminder phrase or as long as you feel is necessary. You also can breathe in and out and keep tapping the whole time. At the end it is totally subjective and you will automatically do it in a way that suits you best.
  • If possible, remove jewelry, glasses, rings and watches as they may mechanically or electromagnetically interfere with EFT
  • Stop criticizing yourself. When you criticize yourself you contribute to negative creation and when you approve of yourself you contribute to positive creation inside and outside of you
  • Use present tense for your affirmations and avoid talking of it as being a future event.
  • Before starting a tapping round make sure to be well hydrated and drink a glass of water
  • Using a mirror and looking into your eyes while doing EFT can be very powerful

Resolving Mental Blocks

Resolving blocks

Do several rounds of tapping when you feel the issue has not been resolved yet or if another issue comes up during the first tapping round, these are most likely related to the major cause of your issue. It is possible that you want to resolve your craving for food or your addiction for smoking. And while you tap on that it might happen that you get reminded of some moment in your life that could probably be the cause of your current issue.

Maybe your mom sent you away every time when she wanted to smoke and you subconsciously felt bad about it and this might be the reason why you started smoking in order to “get that love and to be closer to your mom”. This might sound a bit weird but these sort of things are very often the reason why we have such behaviors and we simply forget about them.

So whenever such images or memories come up you should accept them as a message from your subconscious mind. By working on that memory you may eventually resolve the cause your particular problem.

Write down what bothers you. It is always good when dealing with a problem that you give yourself three minutes and write down every thought that comes up while thinking about your problem. What are your innermost fears and beliefs, what do you worry about and so on? After writing it down you can use EFT to neutralize those negative emotions.

Letting go of old habits

Application And Implementation In Daily Life

For your daily life it is best when you find a regular time when you do the tapping.

Best way is to have your fixed ritual. This is like a commitment and will tel your subconscious mind that you take this seriously.

In the morning

Right after waking up, you may have some upcoming issues for the day about which you have a negative feeling. Try EFT and see how it can relax you mentally

Also do it if you feel not good about your body or if you are disapproving of yourself either because you did something bad or something good:

  • “Even though I didn’t go to make sport yesterday although I had the time to do so, I deeply and completely accept myself.”
  • “Even though my boss spoke in high terms of me in front of others and I kind of couldn’t accept it because my colleagues do a good work as well, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

By doing EFT right after waking up you can clear issues that otherwise would bother you all day long. This is a powerful way to start your day at ease and in a better mood. You are acting more in alignment with yourself and an internal state of peace. This in turn can make youmore productive, creative and happy.

Before going to bed

Doing it before going to sleep is very powerful, because your subconscious mind has the time to process everything much better during the night and help you in creating your affirmations

Any time

Any time you feel not in peace or something is disturbing you emotionally you can tap on it and solve the issue

In public

You may feel embarrassed doing EFT in public. So if you will be seen by other people you can do the following:

  • Use only one hand to tap
  • Modify EFT: Do only the tapping sequence while saying or thinking the reminder phrase if you want to release something less severe
  • Do only the setup phrase procedure and tune into the problem. By deeply and completely accepting yourself you can already resolve the major part of the issue.

Note that it is better to deal with the problem right away. Although it might not be perfect it is way better than carrying it with you all day and resolving it “perfectly” when it is too late. And by then you might face other stuff that makes you delaying it further or forgetting about it completely.

You want to be present and alert at all times. Any emotional turmoil that blocks you in particular situations will keep showing up until you solve the problem. Doing it right away will help you to make its impact on you less severe and keeping you aware of your emotional condition.

This in turn gives you the power to deal with every situation the way you want and not allowing external events having power over you and your state of mind.

More videos and tips regarding the EFT Tapping and different variations of the setup phrase as well as the reminder phrase you can find on the website from Dr. Mercola.

If you have any questions or want to share your experience with EFT please leave a comment below

What is the emotional freedom technique about

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