What Is The Emotional Freedom Technique About? – Part 1: Basics Of The Emotional Freedom Technique

This post answers the question: “What is the emotional freedom technique about?” I asked myself the same question and after some research and practical experience with it I want to share with you my findings. In brief I can say that this is a powerful tool to treat negative beliefs and emotions. In order to present it in a way that is easy to understand I am going to split this in two parts:

PART 1: Basics of the Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Basics Of Energy Psychology And The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Tapping Locations
  • Tapping Sequence and Phrases

PART 2: Application of the Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Demonstration of one Tapping Round (Video)
  • Recommendations
  • Application and Implementation in Daily Life

PART 1: Basics Of The Emotional Freedom Technique

Basics of Energy Psychology and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

The emotional freedom technique is one of many variations of so called Energy Psychology. Other variations are Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and the Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT). They use practices that come from yoga, qigong or from acupuncture and acupressure.

Genrally speaking it can be considered as one of the methods to influence your subconscious mind (auto-suggestion, repetition, hypnosis [see also:Best Answers To “What Is Hypnosis For?”]) by combining physical interventions to regulate electrical signals or energy fields while feeling or imagining a circumstance or behavior that you want to change.

How EFT works

EFT combines brief psychological exposure like visualization and imagination with the manual stimulation of acupuncture points to treat various emotional conditions such as limiting beliefs, anxiety or even traumas. The simultaneous physical and mental activities are believed to cause the desired change.

This psychological acupressure therapy points at the energy meridians that are used in traditional acupuncture which is known to treat physical and emotional ailments for over thousands of years.

However, for EFT you don’t need any invasive needles. Instead it is sufficient to simply tap on specific points on your body with your fingertips.

Further Reading

Although it may seem a bit unbelievable a first, there have actually been many studies published on that subject and you can consider it to be working. If you want to know more about these studies I provided two links below:

Energy Psychology Hierarchy of Evidence
Energy Psychology: A Review of the Preliminary Evidence

If your are still skeptical I suggest you simply try it out by yourself. This will tell you immediately if this could be something for you. There is no doubt though that EFT will become more and more known to people, and with it, the possible benefits in dealing with personal issues of many kinds.

What is it good for?

EFT is also known as psychological acupressure technique or tapping. Tapping is a tool that can help you to overcome negative beliefs, negative emotions, food cravings, reducing pain, negative thought patterns and help you to replace them with positive thoughts and feelings, making you feel calm and relaxed.

Once you do your first tapping round you will actually feel more energized and feel the energy flowing. This is what I feel and sometimes also a kind of warm tingling and relaxation after the sequence.

Remember, emotional health is an essential precondition for your physical health and EFT can help you to achieve just that. Heal yourself emotionally by removing energy blocks and negative thought patterns. Whatever it is you want to remove, simply tap on it one round, and if it is still there, repeat the sequence and you will notice a different sensation and awareness. Doing this on a daily basis and for the issues that bother you the most may help you to get emotionally more relaxed and feeling at peace. Out of this feeling of peace you can create whatever it is you desire.

Tapping Locations

In order to do EFT you need to learn the proper tapping locations and the sequence that you should follow to tap on them.

When you do a little research you will notice that different people may use sligthly different tapping locations. I will describe two sequences that I came across. Don’t get worried about it too much. Just do the one that you feel more comfortable with.

At the end I think that it doesn’t really matter which tapping points you do as long as you do the full sequence. Below you see different tapping points.

For any sequence you basically start at the top and move your way down.

EFT Tapping Points Head

What is the emotional freedom technique about

EFT Tapping Points Torso

What is the emotional freedom technique about

EFT Tapping Points Hand

Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping Points on the Hand


Tapping Sequence

Sequence A:

  • Tap on the Karate Chop Point while speaking the Setup Phrase (more on that later)
  • While repeating the reminder phrase you tap on:
  1. The Head (two hands)
  2. The Eyebrows (two hands either side)
  3. Beside the Eyes (two hands either side)
  4. Under your Eyes (two hands either side)
  5. Under your Nose (one hand)
  6. Under your Chin (one hand)
  7. Collar Bones (two hands either side)
  8. Under your Arm (two hands either side)
  9. Your Wrists (rub them against each other)

Sequence B:

  • Rub on the Sore Spot while speaking the Setup Phrase
  • While repeating the reminder phrase you tap on:
  1. The Eyebrows (two hands either side)
  2. Beside the Eyes (two hands either side)
  3. Under your Eyes (two hands either side)
  4. Under your Nose (one hand)
  5. Under your Chin (one hand)
  6. Collar Bones (two hands crossed)
  7. Under your Nipple (two hands either side)
  8. Tap on your Karate Chop Point (right hand on left hand)
  9. Tap on your Karate Chop Point (left hand on right hand)

Again, there might be variations to these two. For example in Sequence A you could tap only on one side with one hand or in Sequence B you could tap also on the outer sides of your thighs as step 10 and afterwards on the head as step 11.

Your Negative Emotion or Belief

Now think about something negative that you feel most uncomfortable with and write it down. Read your phrase and write down the first emotion that you have

Rate it on a scale from 1 to 10; 1 means you feel totally fine about it and 10 means you feel very bad about it.


“I scare to talk in front of others because they all look at me and I may forget what I want to talk about”

Setup Phrase

The setup phrase is like a psycological reversal. It removes the feeling of being blocked with that emotion that you feel negative about. This allows you to remove it from you completely during the tapping procedure. If you have strong emotions about your problem you may repeat the tapping sequence. The basic idea is that no matter what you your issue is, you accept yourself deeply and completely.

The standard phrase is this:

Even though + [Your Negative Emotion or Belief] + I deeply and completely accept myself.

Repeat this three times.


Even though I scare to talk in front of others because they all look at me and I may forget what I want to talk about I deeply and completely accept myself.

Make sure to actually feel that emotion thoroughly while you are at the setup phrase but also during the tapping round

The reminder phrase

For each point you are tapping on you will speak the reminder phrase out loud. This can be a shorter version of your setup phrase and any thought that comes up during the tapping round.

In our example:

Scare to talk in front of others (because they all look at me) [tapping on the eyebrows]

Scare to talk in front of others (because I may forget what I say) [tapping beside the eyes]

After the tapping round, look at your phrase that you wrote down at the beginning and give your feeling about your problem a new rating. It should be less than the initial number. This rating is totally subjective but you will notice that you feel different than before. If you don’t feel anything try to do another round while intensifying your emotions during the setup phrase and while you are tapping.

Note that your reminder phrase should be the core of your fear but you can add any additional thoughts that come up while you are tapping.

So this is basically how EFT works. Since this might be a bit complicated at first and also a bit confusing, make sure to watch the video in the second part to get more accustomed to it.

Thanks for reading and to leave any comment if you have any questions.


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