Quote Of The Week – 29 – 2016

What Is Power From Within?

“The greatest events – are not our noisiest, but our stillest hours.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche

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What it means for me

Welcome to this week’s quote. Read my thoughts below and see how a single quote can lead you deeper into the knowing if you allow it to happen. Enjoy reading. Please leave your comment and share if you this quote.


(I am just starting out to make videos and still experimenting with different styles. I beg for mercy for any mistakes and being not always straight to the point 🙂 I am working on it, to make it a better experience for all of us)

What are great events?

Why do adrenaline junkies do what they do?

– Because they are adrenaline junkies?

Not bad.

But what are the addicted to adrenaline or something else?

Here is the thing:

The adrenaline is only the side effect of the probably dangerous things they do. This can be any extreme sport or any life threatening task you can think of.

But here is what really happens:

Whatever they do, they need to focus all their attention on whatever it is, that they are doing.


Because otherwise they are getting hurt or even killed. What happens in such a moment?

I let you think…

I am a patient guy, don’t worry…

Yes, that’s correct:

They stop thinking!

All of their attention is highly focused on the current situation, at the PRESENT MOMENT.

This stops the mind’s chit-chat for once because it is so busy that it can’t do anything but to SERVE YOU. And in this stillness of the mind, people can achieve the most amazing things and feel so very happy about it at the same time.

Le it be it free-climbing, snowboarding or base jumping.

But also dancing, drawing, hiking or being in nature can silence your mind for a while.

Take back control:

Feed your mind. Don’t let it feed you.

You are just so entranced in what you do that you feel that subtle state of bliss which has ALWAYS been there.

Let me explain:

All you have to do is to simply shift your focus and tune into that blissful everlasting moment.

This can change your life forever and make your stillest hour, your greatest event.

Give your mind the tasks you want, and don’t let it take control of you.

Tell it to focus on your breathing and to do just that. While breathing spread your awareness out while realizing that everything is connected.

Here comes the main problem:

Getting nowhere fast

This is what we do all of our life!

Instead of being in a hurry to get nowhere fast, we should realize that wisdom lies within. We are always trying to satisfy our needs but they never get less.

So we are constantly struggling to find happiness outside of us. Wherever you go and whatever you seek, you will not find it anywhere except inside if you.

Let me explain:

Just another now

It will only be another now. Feel the truth of it, and apply your new insights in your daily life. It is not enough to just know about it if you don’t practice it.

We can only realize how big we are, if we look deeply inside of us. Our greatest fear is not that we might be too small, but that we are actually too big.

Sounds silly? It is not.

In fact, you are infinite. This is definitely too big for the mind to handle 🙂 And it despises everything that cannot be understood.

This is really the time when you have to let go of your mind and come to your senses. Feel yourself, feel the vastness and the eternal being that is present just beyond your thoughts. This is YOU!

Here is what you have to do:

Reconnect to your true self

Become aware of the silence between your thoughts. You will feel that you are more than your mind and your thoughts. You are the being beyond thoughts. You are the observer and the observed one at the same time.

By reconnecting to your true self you reconnect back to nature as well. In the stillness you discover your full potential and have the greatest ideas. It takes only a hunch of an idea or insight to change your life.

But you have to change first.

This leads us to the next insight:

Overcome the illusion of separation

The greatest illusion ever created is that we are separate entities.

We think that our thoughts and actions have no effect on our reality.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

These are only some of the things that stillness can teach you. You have to realize that:

Happiness lies within

There is only this one everlasting moment. If you cannot be happy now then nothing can buy it for you.

No achievement can be big enough to justify the lack of happiness until its manifestation in your reality.

And once you have it, it will not before long until your next desire arises and poisons your thoughts

By going into the stillness, you get tuned into that state of bliss, which you can have right here, right now.

Let me repeat:

Fulfilling our desires is not what makes us happy. It is the lack of desires in that moment that makes you feel at peace and tunes you into that blissful state.

You simply stop thinking for a moment because you have what you want.

But this lasts only as long as we don’t want something. How long is that going to be?

You decide:

Choose between a blink of an eye and the span of a lifetime.

Who Said It

So for the record: Friedrich Nietzsche

Let’s give credit to the quoted philosopher.

If you want to read the full story there are probably better places to do so. This simply wouldn’t serve our objective here.

But let me point out just that:

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 – 1900) was a German philosopher, poet, and cultural critic.

He wasn’t that famous during his lifetime but after his death, his works have been interpreted for various political purposes up to a point that were contradicting the original meaning.

His brilliant mind was one of his greatest assets but probably also what drove him insane at the end of his life.

Two of his most influential and popular works are probably:

“Thus Spoke Zarathustra: A Book for Everyone and No One”

“Beyond Good and Evil”

If you like philosophical readings, I can recommend you to read these two books.

However, knowledge is only as good as it is serving you. What matters now is radical action, and we have to DO things that help us and others in becoming their greatest versions.

Take back responsibility of your life and follow your dreams. This site is intended to show you ways how to do just that. You have the power to change your life today.

However you decide, choose wisely and move ahead with confidence.

Love and Peace

And have a great week

What does stillness mean for you? Please leave a comment below and share this post if you liked it.

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