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what is mind about

The fact that you are reading this is a sign that you have become more interested understanding your mind

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Mind is one of the four main categories on this website. The others are Health, Wealth and Wisdom. To get a full understanding about the structure of this website, simply go to the homepage.

The main objective of this category is to increase your awareness about your brain and mind power. Further, you will learn how you can reprogram your thought patterns that create your reality.

How does your mind work?

Our mind can be divided into a conscious part and a subconscious part. The conscious minds is only 5% to 10% depending which leaves at least 90% to our subconscious mind. This might be a simplified model but it is very powerful and useful at the same time.

Now in order to use your full brain capacity you have to learn how you can use your subconscious mind to your own benefit. Its resources are enormous and if you use it wisely you can achieve anything you want in life.

The conscious and subconscious mind

The conscious mind can be considered to be everything inside of our awareness while it is consistently observing and categorizing. This is what we experience and focus on in the present moment and what we can talk and think about rationally and objectively.

The subconscious mind on the other hand is the habitual mind and is working like a machine or like a computer. All our memories, experiences, beliefs and habits are stored in it, therefore it could be considered as being the subjective part of the mind.

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Where your beliefs come from

What you have to understand is this:

Whatever you believe you are, your traditions, the way you live and eat, and what you think is good or bad is all the result of what you have been told as a child. At the end you just take the belief systems from your parents and apply them one way or another to your life, but it is not just your parents.

The country and society in which you grow up have a significant influence as well. We see ourselves as belonging to this or that country, seeing this or that as our tradition, and belonging to religion A or B. At the end nothing of this matters, because these are all man made concepts. Countries, traditions, religions, and money are just concepts that have no meaning on a broader perspective. They only have a meaning as long as we believe in them.

Why so we do believe in them?

Because we grew up with them and see them as part of our identity. By giving up on them we would lose our identity.

The “food program”

Let me give you this example:

If you grow up in an Arabic country you would be taught it is bad to eat pork. If you grew up in India you would never dare to eat a cow. In Western countries you eat both but would never think to eat a cat or dog. Chinese people eat literally everything including cats and dogs. Japanese call it their tradition to eat the fin of sharks and to hunt wales even they are almost extinct.

So who is right? If you allow yourself to change your perspective then you will realize, that everyone and no one is right at the same time.

“Being right” is just another concept of our ego that we need in order to strengthen our illusionary identity.

Each one just runs on the “program” that has been “installed” early on in life.

I think an update for everyone has long been overdue.

What is your identity?

Our identity is the thoughts and picture we have of ourselves in our head. Your name, profession, nationality, and status are just concepts as well. Take all of that away for a second:

What is left of “you”?

With the facade gone it is the real you that remains. The only “you” that has been there all the time, which is the observing presence behind your thoughts.

Whatever you think you have to do according to your tradition, society or position is just a program that you downloaded in your subconscious mind in your early life.

Whatever you call your tradition has its origin in the past and their might have been good reasons for it back then. And it can be actually fun to follow them and keep them alive. So please continue to do so if you feel like that it is right for you. But again, you have to understand that in the end they are just man made concepts.

Everyone is conditioned

Who says it is better to eat a pig instead of a dog? The pig is actually more intelligent than a dog and realizes and feels what is happening around it. And both of them are as clean or dirty as we picture them to be. So why should it be better or worse to eat one instead of the other? Shouldn’t we rather think that they are both conscious beings that want and deserve to live their own life? Isn’t it actually easier to block out such unpleasant thoughts and rather not bother with it too much because the truth would be too hard to digest?

Put a child, a chicken (or any other animal) and an apple into the same room. What do you think will the child prefer to eat? Would it kill the chicken or eat the apple? Humans are not attracted by the smell and taste of raw meat, like carnivores would be.

This is not supposed to be a discussion about what you should eat or not. It is more about realizing that we often draw or conclusions based on false concepts in our head. What would a child do that does not grow up with any conditioning but rather with a free choice?

You are not your thoughts

Whatever concepts you have in your mind, they are just limiting beliefs in the end. They have been programmed to your mind, with you being aware of it or not, and vary depending on where you grew up.

But they are not who you are!

People falsely believe that their thoughts and beliefs are an irreversible part of their identity. They don’t even realize that they are not their thoughts. They take the voice in their head for granted and see it as part of their identity and personality not realizing that they are giving away all their power.

Rewriting the program

You have to realize that you can reprogram any limiting belief system or mind concept that you have about yourself and replace it with a new one that is serving you the way you want.

At the end you will realize that you can free yourself from your thoughts completely and that they have only the meaning that you want them to have. We are in charge all the time but we forgot to that we are so much more than our false, indoctrinated identity.

So how can we reprogram our mind?

mind power

Mind Reprogramming Fundamentals

If you want to reprogram your subconscious mind you have to understand how it works:

  1. The first 7 years of life through hypnosis (children simply “download” everything they experience)
  2. Habituation/repetition (when we get older)

If you want your subconscious mind to learn, you have to communicate to it in a language it can understand:

  • Autosuggestion
  • Repetition

There are still other ways to help you to use your mind to its fullest capacity and to reprogram it the way you want. You can use your mind for your goal manifestation. If you manage to tell your subconscious mind what you are up to, it will align the right circumstances and events that are in alignment with your wishes.

This is what is often referred to as the super-conscious mind, or simply creating your reality with your thoughts.

The point is this: You do it all the time anyway if you want it or not. So it is time to learn how to manifest what you truly want. Stay with me on this website and I am going to show you how you can achieve just that.

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