What Is Health About?

What is health about

The fact that you are reading this is a sign that you have become more interested in your health.

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Health is one of the four main categories on this website. The others are Mind, Wealth and Wisdom. To get a full understanding about the structure of this website, simply go to the homepage.

The main objective of this category is to increase your awareness about your health, your body, the food you eat, and in finding your inner balance. Further, I will present some ideas that help you to get started with your fitness goals.

IMPORTANT: I am not a medical practitioner and my advice cannot replace that of a certified physician.

See it this way:  I am telling you what works for me and by doing so, I point you towards the right direction.  With this overview of what is possible and available you can make your personal decision if you want to follow along or not.

I make my research and try to use some common sense when trying to find out what works for me. I will always try to explain myself straight forward and to keep it simple.

I have come to the conclusion that the genuine truth is often simple and right in front of us. It is time to wake up and see it with our own eyes.

Before you get started, you may ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • How healthy are you?
  • How healthy do you want to become?
  • What is health?

Health Definition

You may want to read the definition of the WHO:

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

You don’t need to take this definition for granted. Find your own definition what health means for you. You could see yourself as healthy as long as you live a happy life with the ability to live your dream. On this website you can find many ways to become healthy.

No matter how you define health for yourself, we certainly can agree on is this:

Health is not just the absence of diseases.

Unfortunately, many people see it that way. They don’t care about their health until the first disease pops up. Then they do everything to fight the symptoms with some treatments and medicine. After the symptoms are gone, they continue their life the way they did before. But if you don’t cure the cause then you will become ill over and over again. At the end they need all kinds of pills and drugs to keep them alive. Only Big Pharma can be happy about this situation.

We are giving away our responsibility for our own lives too easily. Take it back before it is too late. Prevention is the best cure.

Different Aspects of Health

You could certainly accept the concept of having basically two aspects of health: Mental and physical health.

These two aspects are the main parts that I intend to address in the Health Category.

See the information provided here as an approach to become healthier in general.

There are thousands of websites that talk about health and I will not be able to cover everything.

But what I can do is to tell you what worked and is still working for me. I have been quite healthy for most of my life but there is definitely still room for improvement. Once you start to know what to look for and to listen more to your body, then you will do the right things automatically.

what is health about

Health Fundamentals

Our Mind

Number one reason why we are or become ill is our thinking. Our thoughts create our reality and thinking in a certain way might be either beneficial for us or not. Thinking is not only affecting our mental health, but also our physical health.

This affects also our emotions that are created by our thoughts. Suppressing emotions creates energy blocks in our body. Doing this for years can cause all forms of diseases that are located in the respective body areas. Studying the symptoms in respective body locations can give you valuable information about your emotional and mental health.

You might not even be aware that you are suppressing certain thoughts and emotions. Your most loyal servant and temple of your soul, your body, is unquestioningly creating the reflections that you are causing with your thoughts. Big Pharma can only treat the symptoms that are the reflections of your own creation. Eliminating these symptoms has to create new symptoms unless you are transforming your mental and emotional state.

Food and Water

This is the second big health fundamental and probably as important as your mindset.

Remember this: You are what you eat!

This is true in every aspect that you can imagine.

Food is matter. Matter is actually energy with a certain vibration and frequency. Your food contains nutrients or information, and by eating food you make this information part of your body, your very cell structure, your thoughts, and even your energy field.

Now ask yourself these questions: What vibrational state or frequency, what information does your food give your body? How is your food helping you becoming your greatest version? How does your food have to be to make you become light and healthy?

As I stated above: The genuine truth tends to be simple.

When you look around you then you will notice that everything in nature strives for harmony and balance. Our planet Terra provides everything we need to thrive in the utmost perfection and abundance. Turning back to nature and enjoying the riches provided by Mother Nature is our birthright and the most obvious thing to do. A natural plant based diet, unprocessed fruits and vegetables contain everything we need.


There are many benefits associated with regular exercise. Besides strengthening your body, it also increases your willpower, your mental and physical health, your overall well-being, and your happiness. Furthermore, being successful in achieving your exercise goals helps you to become successful in other areas of your life as well.

Your current shape is the result of your daily routines and habits. Changing your habits will change your shape and the way you look. When you exercise 4-5 times a week you will see the result. When you find 10 excuses per day not to exercise you will see the result as well

This is not about following some ideal of beauty. If you see yourself in the (naked) mirror you have to be able to love your body 100% no matter how you look. This is probably the most important exercise and should be part of your morning ritual.  See your body as a loyal servant that is serving you in experiencing this reality. Resisting yourself and the way you look, creates the same resistance that you will have to experience in return one way or another.

Exercising means stepping out of your comfort zone, thus, shifting your old comfort zone to a new one. Instead of finding thousands of excuses not to exercise you could find one reason that keeps you going, every time. Soon you will find out that it is much harder not to exercise and that your new comfort zone includes regular training.

Listen To Your Body

The symptoms your body shows can teach you a lot about yourself. Learning to interpret these signs and drawing the right conclusions can help you to stay healthy in every aspect. It is important to identify or diseases not as a random and coincidental event but rather as the result of a self-set cause. You are the cause and only you hold the key to heal yourself once and for all.

Your body has its own intelligence and is one of the most marvelous and complex systems in nature. Understanding how it works and interpreting the signs and symptoms correctly is a very important step to achieve mastery in this reality and to become your greatest version.


Achieving an inner state of balance will help you to become healthy and balance other areas of your life as well. What helps me to reach this balance is going into nature, consciously breathing in clean air, enjoying the sunlight, exercising in nature, and going to mountain hiking. If you can afford it try to go into nature as often as possible. Take a swim in a lake, go to the beach or in the park, sit under a tree or on the lawn, or work in your private garden. It doesn’t really matter what you do. It is important simply TO BE. Just be you in nature and breath in and out, this will balance yourself already.

There is a lot that we can learn from a river, the sea, the mountains, and from the animals. There is so much wisdom around us that we cannot take it in at once.

Going into nature is also important to ground yourself. Take off your shoes and connect with Mother Earth. In becoming your greatest version it is necessary to stay grounded and connected.

This applies also to your social environment and relationships. Being in balance with yourself helps to balance and heal your relationships and social connections. Surrounding yourself with kindred spirits helps you to replace the old ME paradigm and step into the new WE. Connect with people that lift you up and avoid those that pull you down. By helping yourself first you will automatically heal the people around you too.

Health Blog

More health related topics you will find in the blog of this website. There I will cover the above mentioned health fundamentals in more detail.

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