What Is Gratitude About – The Attitude Of Gratitude

In the book “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles, the importance of gratitude is emphasized over and over again. In manifesting your goals and visions you will get aware of its power and that without gratitude you are literally unable to manifest your desires.

But how can you be grateful if you don’t have what you desire? Why not just be grateful after you get that new car you want to have so badly? You have to understand that you don’t have to wait being grateful until you get what you want.

Every day there are countless opportunities to stop for a moment and ponder, especially when you become aware of yourself being complaining or worrying about something. In this very moment, think about what you can be grateful for.

Reasons For Being Grateful

It is a fact that grateful people are happier people. It reduces negativity by focusing on the good things in life and it makes us more optimistic in general.

People who practice gratitude are less prone to depressions and anxiety. They are more stress resilient, see the purpose in life and are willing to try new things.

People will like you more when you are not complaining about all the time about your neighbor, the guy in the car in front of you, or your life situation in general. But you don’t need to care what other people think of you, it is more important how you feel about yourself.

Think about it. What is the point in complaining? How does it serve you in a way that improves the situation and your self-development? Ok, it is important to see and analyze the things that do not go along so well or as good as planned. You are human and there might be situations that catch you off guard and make you angry, frustrated or otherwise agitated. This happens especially if you are not living in the present moment.

And if you cannot come back into the positive vibe soon, you may miss the opportunity to improve the situation. Instead of complaining it is more useful to look for solutions. Take a deep breath and readjust your focus. Whatever you focus on grows.

What to be grateful for

There are many things you can be grateful for, even the apparently normal stuff that may not seem to be special. But think again, can’t you see and acknowledge the little things in life? And seeing them every day, doesn’t it make every day a special one over and over again? Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Try being grateful for

  • breathing in that fresh air
  • having that beautiful body that is your most loyal servant
  • being able to walk
  • having a job
  • having family and friends who love you
  • having everything you need this very moment
  • having the awareness to see the beauty in life around you every day
  • the wonderful time you spent with someone who left you

These are just some examples that may help you to get into a state of gratitude. You can add more and more to this list. Try it! You will be amazed about all the things you can be grateful for until you have tears in your eyes. When you are grateful for being grateful you are in the present moment in a state of inner bliss. You send out that you have and not that you need, the answer you receive will be alike. You will see the world in a completely different perspective just by shifting your focus.

Gratitude unlock the fullness in life

What Is Happening When You Are Grateful?

Being in a state of gratitude means that you have a positive emotion about whatever you are grateful for. Emotion is energy in motion, and as the great scientist and engineer Nicola Tesla said already:

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

When you are in a certain vibrational state it will affect the world around you in the same way.
Being grateful for what you have sends out to the universe that you are wealthy and living in abundance. This will allow the abundance of the universe to flow back and through you in return.

If you, on the other hand, want something badly then it is because you don’t have it yet. This mindset of lack will trigger similar emotions of wanting and longing that prevent abundance flowing into your life. If you focus on what you already have you get into this mindset of abundance. See the subtle but powerful difference.

The world around you did not change, it is your perception that shifted and opened a whole bunch of new opportunities. You have the power to see your life in the right perspective. This is not neglecting anything; it is just stating the facts and appreciating them from another perspective by a simple shift of your focus.

Take action. Write down what you are grateful for and feel that gratitude inside of you. Don’t just think it with your mind but feel it from your heart. Write down every evening before you go to sleep in your journal what you are grateful for. At the end of the week you can reread what you have written down and I can promise you that it will make you smile and feeling much better. Apparently, nothing has changed from the outside. But you have changed inside first and reality will align accordingly after some time.

Seeing it in the light of the Hermetic Principles

You mind has the conscious thought of being grateful. Where does this thought come from? Well, it can be triggered by an external event that you experience at that time or by you consciously imagining something that is tuning you into the state of gratitude. In the end it is just a thought in your mind, it does not matter where it originates from. You don’t need to wait for it to happen in the outside world.

If this thought is powerful enough it creates the emotion of gratitude.

As within so without, so your mental and emotional inner state will change the way you see the world around you. And eventually corresponding events will occur that are in alignment with your inner state. This means that you will be aware of things and events you haven’t seen before although they have been there all the time.

Seeing this while being grateful will alter your vibrational state that has a higher frequency and will make you simply feel good. You will have a good mood and have this “positive vibe”.

You can see that the negative and positive are two sides of the same thing; it just depends on how you see it.

Getting frequently aware of what you can be grateful for will steady your step. Ups and down in the outside world will be balanced and compensated by you walking the golden middle way of towards constant gratitude.

Your inner mindset of constant abundance and wealth towards yourself and your readiness to take action will set the cause for the outer world to follow along and bring abundance and wealth towards you as a reaction, with all of its beneficial effects.

Analyzing your problems (left brain hemisphere, male part) in an emotionally powerful state of bliss and gratitude (right brain hemisphere, female part) will help you creating the most astonishing solutions to your problems.

Being grateful will set the cause for you to receive abundance! It is also a way to express the moment and to delve into the Power of Now. You set yourself in alignment with the flows of abundance because you allow abundance to come into your life by accepting you abundant state. Wealth is a mindset. True wealth is the chance to be what and who you are.

Importance of Being Grateful

Manifesting Your Goals With Gratitude

Gratitude plays an important role in manifesting your goals. Besides being regularly grateful for what you already have, you can also be grateful for what you will have. Take one of the desires you want to achieve the most. This can be a physical product, a country you want to visit, a certain amount of money you want to have, losing weight, smoking cessation or whatever you can think of.

It doesn’t matter if the event is real or not as long as you are thinking it. This is not lying to you but simply imagining that the goal has already been accomplished.

For example, let’s say that you want to lose weight. Write down your dream weight (number) and now imagine having achieved it.

Take your goal and write down what you would do immediately after having achieved your goal. Write down what you see (stepping on the scale and seeing that number), what you hear (people saying how slim you look), what you feel (touching your flat belly with your hands), what you think at that moment and what you are saying to yourself (“Wow, I really did it, this is awesome”). Write it down as detailed as you can get. Read it out loud once a day and really imagine what you are experiencing. After imagining having achieved your goal, go into a state of gratitude for having achieved that goal in your mind and know that this goal will come into existence.

This is kind of the short version how manifestation works. However, you also have to take action towards your goal since we still live in a physical world that requires us to take action.

Rituals of successful people

Notice that many successful people have their own ritual either in the morning or before going to sleep. Most of the times it involves being grateful for what they have achieved.

I will add some examples here of what some people do and say to express their gratitude.

Tasks for Holistic Life Transformers out there

Buy yourself a gratitude journal and write down something you can be grateful for. Do this each day right before going to sleep. Do this at least one week and read at the end of the week all of your statements. Continue to do it as long as you wish but you will realize that it is very powerful and so much fun to do. Whenever you have a bad day just take out your gratitude journal and readjust your focus.

I am very grateful for being able to write and share this post with you and that it is helping you to become your greatest version.

Attidude of gratitude- What is Gratitude about

What are you grateful for? Please share in the comments below.


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  1. Hi,
    Great post! Too funny because I was just sitting here this morning ( not in a great mood ) until I read your post. I broke my right collarbone and I had never had surgery in my life so this is a first for me, anyway I am a person who likes to stay physically active. I can not do certain things now until it heals. Yeah, I’ll whine about it, however, I think to myself that it could have been MUCH worse. Could have broken both my legs and arms and shoulder. Nope just my collarbone, I got lucky that day. I try not to take my body for granted, it carries me many miles in my skates and cycling, everyday life.
    Keep up your great work! Put my mind in a good perspective this morning!

    • Hi Krissy,

      thank you for your comment. When things like this happen in our life their are meant to teach us something. And now you may have more time to think about what that could be. And I think it is a very good start to be grateful for what did not happen. You could even be grateful for that accident to some degree and with it the chance to get reminded of something that may have been hidden to you before or something you may have overlooked.

      Get well soon


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