Quote Of The Week – 34 – 2016

What Is A Holistic Lifestyle?

“Don’t seek for a balanced life. Seek for a balanced day. (over and over again)”

– Unknown

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What It Means For Me

Below you find 40 things that will ensure that you live a holistic lifestyle in the four categories mind, health, wealth, and wisdom. Some of them you might not be able to apply on a daily basis but try to do them as often as you can think of. If it is not possible for you to do these things daily, just try to get them done on a weekly basis.

Now let’s see how to live your day in a holistic style.


  1. Get your mind tuned.  Right after you wake up make sure to focus on the right things. Whatever you focus on grows.
  2. Find peace within your mind. Get aware of the fact that you are not your thoughts. Stop for a moment whenever you notice that all kinds of thoughts are rushing through you. Don’t let yourself get carried away and focus on the present moment. This is how you can find peace in the mind.
  3. Stop comparing yourself with others. This is probably the biggest misunderstanding throughout human history. Everyone is on his own path and needs other lessons than you do right now. Comparing yourself with others only creates the illusion of separation. Although everything is connected, which means that we have all the same origin and qualities, everyone of us has made unique experiences throughout his soul journey. Everyone is “going through something” and whatever you perceive of that person is only a fraction of what is really going on. Don’t be jealous of other people’s accomplishments. Use your time more wisely and work on your own dream
  4. Be the observer of your thoughts and the voice in your head. See your thoughts as the clouds in the sky. They come and go, sometimes they stay longer, are more heavier, darker, or lighter. But you are not your thoughts. You are the sky behind the clouds. You are the observer of the clouds. Change your focus, “zoom out”, and see that you have been identifying yourself with your thoughts.
  5. Become aware of the vast resources that lay within your subconscious mind. Having access to this resources and directing them in the direction that you want is the first step towards anything in life that you want to achieve.
  6. Learn how to let go of bad memories and emotions. Live in the present moment and overcome your worries fears. FEAR is false evidence appearing real. Let love guide you, not your fears. At the end they are just thoughts that are spinning to your head. The problem is that our body doesn’t know the difference between our thoughts and reality. It reacts in the same way depending on the thoughts you have. With your fear you create energy blocks inside of you, those blocks have to seek their reflection in the world around you thus creating all sorts of trouble and occurrences that HAVE to reflect your fears and make them come true. Unless you resolve these issues, you will go through the same stuff over and over again.
  7. Change your habits with powerful techniques such as hypnosis or the emotional freedom techniqueSee that our habits create our reality and how we are. Everyone of us is the product of his or her daily routines and habits. Replacing bad habits with those that are serving directs your life in the way you want. In order to speak to your subconscious mind you have to use a language that it understands. The most powerful tool I have come across is hypnosis. Checkout the hypnosis tools that helped me along my journey to become my greatest version.
  8. Enhance your brain activity. Use your left and right brain hemispheres to unleash your true potential. Live a more balanced life and see that we all have a male and female aspect within us. By accepting and combining both aspects we become whole again.
  9. Stop caring what other people think of you. Don’t let external events guide you. You don’t have to ignore other people’s opinions totally. Just realize this: No matter what you do, you cannot change what other people think of you. Everyone is going through something which you cannot change or influence. But what you can do is to change what YOU think about yourself. This is the power you have. Love yourself 100%. Follow your dreams and be truly authentic about yourself.
  10. Loose your mind and come to your senses. Feel inside of you and try to find out what your emotions, reactions, and thoughts can teach you about yourself and the world around you. Think less and just BE YOU. Our mind is just a very tiny and limited part of us and not who we are! In fact, we are infinite beings. Our mind simply cannot grab this concept and therefore has to keep us limited, small, and disconnected.


  1. Sun – Make sure to get your daily portion of sun. Beside the mere physical exposure try to be like the sun. It is shining for everyone unconditionally at all times. Be the sun in your own life and light up other people’s lives as well.
  2. Eat healthy. Avoid processed food and microwaves. The more fresh and natural our food is, the higher are the benefits for our bodies and our well-being. Realize that food is is energy and carries information and that you make this energy and information part of yourself. You are what you eat. Notice that by eating meat you will store the pain, fear of death, and associated diseases into your body as well. According to the law of cause and effect (karma) this we are creating the same sort of suffering around us by eating this food. Eating animals is not part of our nature and not justified in a world with plenty of other opportunities. In fact, producing meat consumes more food and resources than plant based food does. 65 billion “produced” and killed animals every single year are the outcome of collective social ignorance and suppression. We are trying to give away responsibility by ignoring these facts. I have come a long way to realize that and it can be quite painful at the beginning but it is a fact that we sooner or later have to face. I have never personally killed an animal to eat it and I wouldn’t be able to do it (except maybe for being at the brink of starvation). You can eat what you want but just try to get more conscious about it.
  3. Drink water – Clear fresh water is one of the fundamentals of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Avoid soda, too much coffee, and alcohol. By now, most people should have noticed that the fluoride in the water is not good for us.
  4. Exercise – try to exercise 3-5 times a week. No matter what it is that you are doing, try to make it a routine. I am doing Freeletics, which is a body weight workout program.
  5. Fresh Air – Get into nature and consciously take some deep breaths. If you have no time to do so, just get out in the morning 5 minutes before you go to work. Close your eyes and just breathe.
  6. Be in nature – Try to reconnect to nature as often as you can. This will ground yourself and see your problems as less severe. We can actually learn a lot from nature and the more often we delve into it we can recharge our energy levels.
  7. Hygiene – Give your body the time and respect it deserves. Proper self-care is the foundation for long lasting health and well-being.
  8. Socialize -Spend time with your loved ones. Connect with kindred spirits that lift you up. But also: Socialize with yourself. Seek the silence and just be.
  9. Relaxation – Get into the silence. Meditate. Grant yourself regular breaks, something I easily overlook.
  10. Sleep – Make sure to get enough rest at night, it has been a long day. 🙂


  1. Practice Gratitude about what you have. It helps to have your little gratitude ritual in the morning which sets you into a state if abundance. With this attitude of gratitude you literally attract more abundance.
  2. Vision – Think about your long term vision and what you are going to do about it today. If you don’t have a vision yet, you should sit down for a moment and think about what makes you truly happy. By living this vision you would live a life in wealth and abundance.
  3. Practice Manifestation. Imagine with all of your senses what you would do the moment right after you have achieved your vision or a big goal. Imagine how you experience it with all of your senses and be grateful for it. Gratitude is very important in manifesting your goals, as you can read in “The Science of Getting Rich”.
  4. Set your daily goals. Make a list of all the things that you have to do every day. Do the most important one right at the beginning. Whatever you cannot do at one day, will come at the top of the list for the next day. Don’t just set work goals, but also to have a break, fun and other things that are pleasant to you.
  5. What is the single most important action step to achieve your vision? Visualization alone cannot work unless you get into radical action. Think, act, achieve, this will make you receive. Do at least on thing per day that will get you closer to your vision. Make it a habit to work everyday on your vision.
  6. Work on your online business to create a long term passive income (website, YouTube, novel writing). Help others by sharing your unique skills and experiences. Only you can do what you do. No one else in the entire universe has the same skills, experiences and knowledge that will be just perfect for other people to know. Realize how important you are.
  7. Help at least one person or do something without asking for something in return. Entering the law of exchange is the first step to live a life in wealth and abundance. Currency comes from current, without movement and exchange there is no currency. Money itself is nothing else than energy and has no value unless it is flowing.
  8. Try to save 10% of your daily income to pay back your debts or to build a financial backup. Create an extra account only for this reason. Never ever touch this money, only in extreme emergencies. Try to buy as little stuff as you can afford. Those things that you buy have to be of high quality and preferably some sort of brand name that make you feel wealthy. This in turn will attract more wealth.
  9. Invest in your education and continued development (read a book, attend a course in alignment with your goals).  It is not necessary to accumulate unnecessary knowledge however. Study whatever is in alignment with your goals and APPLY this knowledge. Knowledge itself is useless unless you use it.
  10. Have fun (do at least on thing per day that just makes fun)
    Having fun everyday is fundamental for having a fulfilled life (day after day)


  1. Remember and live the cosmic principles every single day. Make sure you understand how they work. Moreover, see the principle of vibration as your most important tool. Try to get into a high vibrational state as often as possible
  2. Look into the mirror every morning and say that you love your body and yourself 100%. Not feeling confident about yourself for whatever reason creates resistance that has to seek its reflection in the world around you. This way you create unnecessary obstacles over and over again that keep you in a low vibrational state.
    Get in to a state of unconditional love and peace every morning. Try to stay in that state longer and longer. If you get out of it throughout the day, readjust your focus and frequency again.
    This way you will transform the principle of polarity and bring genuine bliss and joy in your life.
  3. Become aware that it is not your body having a soul, but that it is your soul having a body. You are pure spirit and consciousness. You create your reality in every single moment. You are responsible for the daily occurrences in your life and how you perceive them. Remember that nothing happens out of coincidence.
  4. Understand why you are here on this planet and what your higher purpose is. Follow your intuition and step into your full potential to fulfill your task. Connect with others to help the planet to raise its frequency.
  5. Study ancient cultures and their incredible wisdom and power. They were far more advanced than modern history is ready to accept. Learn from their ancient knowledge and apply it to your daily life. Understand that famous people throughout history understood the eternal laws and cosmic principles. One way to do so is reading quotes and biographies of those teacher of humankind.
  6. See the current events on this planet happen because the vibration of the planets is consistently rising and that our planet already has the frequency of the new era. This involves a cleaning process that will increase extreme events and their effects on us. There are two realities present on this moment that are coexisting. One is the new earth at the new frequency were everything is much more LIGHT. Everything we think and feel is manifested much faster. On the other side you have a hologram which resembles the old world. In this hologram all the souls that need further training will remain until they rise to the next level as well. They will continue to go through the process of reincarnation until they learned the lessons that they have to learn
  7. Realize that the planets, our solar system and everything around us was created by a conscious force that followed a predetermined blueprint. This creates the space for us to experience ourselves in this material reality. This happens because in essence, the universe needs our experience of interaction with each other to increase its overall frequency.
  8. Realize that there are forces active that try to keep us small, anxious, fearful, and distracted. “The system” does not want you to wake up, become enlightened and self-dependent. There are entities that feed on our fear and negative emotions. Take back your power, focus on your inner state, and become more LIGHT-er.
  9. Understand that your true and natural state is so powerful that you wouldn’t believe it. Further, once you activate your true power you will realize that it was you that allowed others to take that power away from you and nobody else. The worldwide implementation of free WiFi happens for a reason. The constant electromagnetic fields keep us distracted, make us ill, and avoid that we can receive the new higher frequencies that are send to the planet at the moment.
  10. Work towards your own spiritual enlightenment. See that we have to master the material realm first in order to raise to higher levels of consciousness and enlightenment. Everything is connected with each other, every thing around you is a reflection of your inner self. Changing yourself means changing the world around you.


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