Quote Of The Week – 42 – 2016

Time Management For Success – Schedule It And Make It Real

“If you talk about it, it’s a dream, if you envision it, it’s possible, but if you schedule it, it’s real.” – Anthony Robbins

What It Means For Me

I want to be honest with you, currently I am trying to setup all kinds of schedules and routines that work for me, but I am also failing to achieve all of my daily goals that I schedule. Partly it is because I tend to be over ambitious, but it is also because there is just so much going on for me right now that I don’t know where I should start.

Is it better to do just one big task per day and work all day on it or would it be better to distribute different tasks throughout the day?

This would allow me to focus for a fixed period of time on one task and make it a daily routine. On the other hand you have to stop when you are in the “productivity zone” when everything is just flowing out of you and you simply get things done because you are so focused. So I am still trying to figure out what works best for me. Now I am at a point where I think that it is not good to work on more than two big tasks per day that are part of my weekly goals.

Sometimes I even end up doing something completely different because I just feel inspired to this at that very moment no matter what my schedule tells me.

The main difficulty I have is to catch the moment when I stop being productive and start wasting time.

But what does it mean to waste time? When I work focused for let’s say one hour and then relax by drinking a coffee or just doing something enjoyable it doesn’t mean that I waste my time, right? It is simply a way to recharge and refocus either in order to continue to work on the same task or to do something completely different.

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My Personal Journey

Yesterday, I applied all day long for some jobs that I would be really interested to do, although some of them were also not of that category. Now you might ask why I would apply for jobs if I am running this blog right?

First of all: Everything I say on this blog about achieving your goals is what I truly believe in. I make my research, I apply it to myself, and then I write about it and share my ideas with you.

So is me applying for jobs a sign that the things are not working out as I planned?

Well, there are some things here that I want to mention:

  1. My intention is to run this blog on my own terms without the need to have a job. This is and has been my vision since I started out in March 2016.
  2. I still didn’t achieve all of my goals that I wanted with my previous job. Since I started to think about what I want to work or become, I was thinking about working offshore somehow. So I feel that I have to accomplish this still one way or another. I studied engineering and I still love technology and the offshore industry fascinates me like no other.
  3. As long as my efforts to make a living from my online business are not enough, I need to continue to generate extra income that allows me to run this blog and live my life. But no matter what job I am going to do for the next time, this blog is on top of my priority list.
  4. To be honest, it takes longer than I originally thought but this is just a sign for me to keep going. Every day I learn so many new things that help me see the road that I have to take. And I am going for it, with or without a job. That is for sure.

So where am I know in regard to that quote?

Do I talk about it?

Well, yes, not to everyone all the time but at least to myself and to you here on this blog. On the other hand, you should be careful who you tell about your goals. It can actually be a smarter way to not tell everyone what you are up to for several reasons.

Is it a dream? Yes, it is a dream, and a dream that I dare to have!

Do I envision it?

Sure, I definitely envision how my life would be once I achieved my online business goals. And since this is absolutely awesome, I just keep going to pursue my dreams. It is worth to keep going because I know why I started in the first place.

And here is the thing that keeps me excited every day more and more:

The more I work towards my goals, the more I not only see what is possible, but I realize how to get where I want to be. The “how” is becoming more and more clear to me. It is no longer just a blurry idea and some distant moment in the future that may or may not become a reality.

So now that I start to see my path in front of me and actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, I can see more clearly what is possible.

Is it possible? Yes, it is possible, because I am working on it!

Do I schedule it?

Yes, I DO 🙂 Even though I still have some troubles in making schedules that actually work out 100% for me on a daily basis, I have scheduled the bigger upcoming projects that are in alignment with my vision!

I am aware of the fact that any battle plan lasts only until the battle starts, but it is of course very important to know where you actually want to go, right?

Imagine wanting to go by bus to a city that is 300 miles away. Your initial plan might be to go all the way in one ride. But somehow this may not have worked out, so you have to keep trying another day. Instead you have to get out at every station and continue the next day. You may only make 5 miles a day and it is going to take you 60 days, but eventually you will arrive. This works because you know where you want to go. On the other hand, if you don’t have a plan, vision, or goal, you will still go in circles not only after 60 but 600 days! This will get you nowhere.

Time Management For Success – Schedule It And Make It Real

My Upcoming Schedule To Make It Real

So here is what I have scheduled for the upcoming months:

  1. I am working on an e-book that will give you more in depth knowledge about the topics that I write about in my posts. I plan to finish it before the end of the year.
  2. Further, I intend to setup a free e-course that will give detailed step-by-step instructions to become your greatest version. For now I am still working on the outline of the course but you will learn things such as how to find out what you want in life, how to set your goals, how to get started to achieve them, and much more. I think that an e-course is way more helpful than just another e-book that gets stale beside all the other unread e-books on your computer. I plan to make the e-book and the course part of a comprehensive training that will help you to get started with your dream and help you to become your greatest version.
  3. I have so many topics that I would like to write about at the moment, but I will have to reduce it to an amount that I can handle and that will allow me to work on the above mentioned projects at the same time. Therefore, I will stick to the quote of the week for now. Be ready however, because over the next weeks I will give you my top 10 books for 2017 in the four categories Mind, Health, Wealth, and Wisdom that I can highly recommend you to read. This will get you ready to make 2017 the best year of your life.
  4. I am working to improve myself in many areas of my life right now. This involves training to improve my writing skills, how to make videos with better audio quality, software training for my engineering career, fitness training, my meditation and visualization skills and much more. There are so many things I want and have to learn that I need to force myself to do one thing at a time.  It goes only step by step, one after another. All at once is never going to work. I am also reading as much as I can to improve my skills to write about topics that I have not covered yet.
  5. I am working parallel on a second website that I intend to setup by the end of the year as well beside some other websites that I am working on right now as a favor. I you haven’t done so already, you can start to setup your own website today for free. Choose a domain name and get started today with you own website!
  6. Well, I have a personal life as well, but right now it is hard to distinguish between personal and business activities sometimes. This is also a reason why it is so very important to schedule your life to achieve your dreams and not giving up on what you already have.

So is it real? Although I am still working on it, it is already more real than it has ever been before. One year ago I didn’t even know that I am going to start my own website at all, in March 2016 I actually published my first post, and now I am writing on post number 40 and have so many ideas for the near future. This is a massive change for me and I wonder what is going to happen over the next year. Find out more about Holistic Life Transformation behind the scenes right here.

Change happens all the time, progress is up to you

Change happens all the time but the question you have to ask yourself is this:

Do you actually make any progress as well?

Now that I have told you all my schedule for the next months you may wonder:

Why am I telling you all that? I could simply work it out and announce it when it is done, right? But this quote gives me the great opportunity to talk about my personal endeavors as well.

Furthermore, I have several reasons why I am telling you all of that:

  • Making these statements puts me in a situation where I have to deliver, because I already proclaimed it. This is a huge motivation and confidence builder, because I am ready to be accountable for my statements
  • Sharing my personal progress makes you realize that I am just in the process of working on my goals as well, just like you. I am far from being a success guru who has achieved everything already, right? It is very hard too, isn’t it? But who said it is going to be easy? No one did. That’s right. But I have started on my journey and invite you to accompany me. This is the time of dedicated action for all of us.
  • The process of helping, teaching, and sharing is a necessary exchange between you and me that will enable both of us to become our greatest version.
  • I want you to realize where you are right now in terms of your goals: Talking, envisioning, or scheduling?
  • I am inviting you to tell my about your goals and projects as well. Is there a point where you always get stuck? Ask me and I will write about in one of my posts, the e-book, or the e-course. Leave a comment below or simply write an email to info@holisticlifetransformation.com

To make this even more of a mutual experience, I am going to tell you what tools I use to manage my time.

3 Tools For A Better Time Management

Do you still have troubles in setting up a schedule to work on your dreams?

Here are some useful tools that I use for scheduling my time and tasks:

Google Calendar: I like this free tool because I can easily create new entries that will show up on my phone as well. This schedule is not fully representative as I am still working on setting my personal routine. However, I am experimenting with it and I start to get better results. I also feel happier because I know that I dedicate time to the various things I want to do throughout the week.

My Weekly Google Calendar

WorkFlowy: Free and very intuitive tool to make notes and organize them. I’ve started using WorkFlowy to organize my life, and thought you might like it as well. If you want to check it out then use the invitation link that gets you 2x more free space. I recommend to make a weekly planning for each week. Schedule the three most important tasks as early as possible in your week.

My Weekly Planning Action Steps

To Do List with WorkFlowy

Tell Your Time: This e-book is a great way to get started managing your time. It is a quick read with some basic but very valuable tips. If you have trouble to manage your time and are unwilling to waste your time on reading big time management books, this 52 pages read will definitely be a good start. You do have to find your own way of course and collect bits and pieces here and there that work out for you. There is no right or wrong.

With these helpful tools in hand you can start to get into action.

schedule goals for 2017

Time Management For Success – Step by step out of your comfort zone

Here is what to do for the next week:

  1. Ask yourself where you are right now with respect to your biggest goals in life? Write it down and send me a message or leave a comment below.
  2. Envision how a perfect day and year would look like in your life after you have achieved your goal. Write it down as well.
  3. Set aside 5 to 10 minutes every day to envision your goal.
  4. Schedule your next steps that bring you closer to your goals.
  5. Make it a routine to work daily on your dream, this it how it becomes a reality.

Setting Up A Weekly Plan

  1. Get aware of your big long-term goals for the next three to ten years
  2. Write down ten things you are grateful for and can be proud of. Get into the attitude of gratitude.
  3. Write down what you have learned, what quotes or stories inspired you, and who you have met that inspired you.
  4. Review your previous week and find out what you can do better next time. Be honest to you but don’t blame yourself
  5. Write down at least five to seven big weekly tasks that you want to accomplish this week. They should be in alignment with your big long-term goals.
  6. Schedule the big weekly tasks. Make time for them. Beware that you may not be able to do more than two per of them per day and that most things take longer than we expect.

Make it a habit to do a weekly planning, use WorkFlowy and Google Calendar to schedule everything. You can also use any other app to schedule or make notes.

Well, I think it is about time to get your schedule done.

Now what?

  • Don’t know what is your goal?

Schedule some time to find it out! Only when you HAVE a dream, you can actually DREAM it! Become a dream-achiever.

  • Don’t know how to achieve your goals?

Schedule some time to inform yourself! On this website you find many tools that can help you to get started. Only when you have a VISION, you make it a POSSIBILITY!

  • Don’t know how to setup a schedule that works?

Schedule some time to learn it! I am right in the process as well. Try out various things and don’t be too hard to yourself. When you commit some time daily in your SCHEDULE to work on your goal, you can make it a REALITY! Also, try to get things done early in your day and the rest will take care of itself.

 Check out my favorite goal setting application.

Stay ahead of your schedule with this innovative and easy to use goal setting software. It allows you to set SMART goals and helps you to measure your progress.


Start your holistic life transformation. Change your life today and become your greatest version!

Who Said It

If you are looking for ways to become your greatest version then you probably have heard of Anthony Robbins (1960*) before. In my view he is way more famous in the US than in Europe but this could be my personal perception. Before I started my journey I have never heard of him but once you start you can hardly miss him. Besides all the powerful and helpful quotes and all the free videos on YouTube there are also great books that he wrote that you should not miss. One of his most famous books is probably “Awaken The Giant Within” which will walk you through the process of changing your life in various aspects.

For me he is a great inspiration and I have learnt a lot from him. For more information simply go to his official website.

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