Moral High Ground? What Most People Get Wrong About Being Spiritual

Have you jumped on the spiritual-lifestyle train already? Do you consider yourself to be spiritual? Are you a beginner or a pro or do you even belong to the illustrious circle of light-workers? This is not something you become easily, it is hard work: Meditation, yoga, sun gazing, and daily affirmations just to name a … Read more

Why 24 hours are all you need to master your life

That’s it. It’s gone. Never to return. Another day is over and you wonder: where on earth did the hours go? You feel like you are a juggler. On your juggling balls is written: family, job, finances, friends, and health. Every aspect needs attention but if you focus on one for too long, everything else will … Read more

44 Most Inspirational Posts Ever Written (which you shouldn’t miss)

You have one of those days. Again. You can’t even remember the last time when you truly enjoyed life. The only time you feel at peace are the two seconds between waking up and not remembering the mess that is called life. Your life. You feel desperate, lonely and overwhelmed by your problems. Days are … Read more