Smoking Cessation By Hypnosis – The Easy Way To Stop Smoking

In this post I am going to address

  • Why you should stop smoking
  • What prevents you from smoking cessation
  • The Easy Way To Stop Smoking – Smoking Cessation By Hypnosis

Why You Should Stop Smoking

First thing to do is to ask yourself why it would be good to stop smoking. But many of us are not even aware of what happens to your body when you keep smoking. You probably heard of these negative aspects of smoking on your body and a compiled a short list (which could go on and on) of the most negative aspects

Here are some facts:

  • Smoking causes people to die from heart disease and lung cancer.
  • Smoking a pack of cigarettes a day is the same as taking in a cup of tar.
  • Cigarettes contain harmful chemicals like formaldehyde (used to make explosives), ammonia (used as a fertilizer and household cleaner) and hydrogen cyanide (in large exposures can kill a human being in less than 10 minutes).
  • Smoking can cause erectile dysfunction in men, decreases fertility in women, and cause birth defects in children
  • Second hand smoke takes about 50,000 lives each year
  • Smoking is expensive, calculate how much you spend on average per year
  • Smoking has no health benefits whatsoever
  • Constant coughing, shortness of breath
  • Stinky hair, breath and clothes, your friends and family members may be nagging you to stop
  • If you are smoking, you should seriously consider to quit as soon as possible

So there you have a good number of reasons why you may want to stop smoking, but certainly you heard some of them before, right? You probably wanted to kind of stop before but it still could be too enjoyable, you don’t care, and it is too hard to stop anyway.

Smoking Cessation by Hypnosis - Smoke Free

What Prevents You From Smoking Cessation

Since you are already smoking, it is probably easier to deny the negative effects. You may say it is not proven that you can get cancer and that there are many people who got really old anyway and that some people die of lung cancer without ever smoking.

This might be true for some people and for some it might not be true. But there is not only cancer you need to worry about as you saw above.

But then, as our willpower is limited and our subconscious mind being so powerful we simply end up smoking again and again.

Just another cigarette

First, it is just one cigarette at a party and you tell yourself it is just because your are in a society where people smoke and can’t resist any longer. Then you start to smoke once in a while and every time you go to party. You actually look forward to go to parties to have an excuse to smoke again.

After some weeks you realize that you just had your “first” cigarette after a stressful situation and suddenly you are where you started before, running in circles, and every time it seems more and more unlikely to get out of this vicious routine, so frustrating isn’t it?

You are still smoking, still finding excuses, and disappointed of yourself, unhappy, not in a good shape and having tons of reasons to explain to your family and friends why you had to smoke again. “Damn it. I need a cigarette!”

Smoke Cessation

The Easy Way To Stop Smoking – Smoking Cessation By Hypnosis

Ways to stop smoking could be one of the following:

  • nicotine patches or gums
  • prescription medications
  • behavior modification techniques
  • hypnosis

The problem with patches, gums and medications in my opinion is that they deal only with the symptoms (western medicine always treats only the symptoms) and not with what is causing them. This way you will have to buy those products over and over again whenever you feel the urge to have a cigarette.

Behavior modification techniques are a better approach but require a lot of willpower and effort that you may not have. They require your conscious efforts to change your habits by reprogramming your subconscious mind through repetition.

Now that is why hypnosis is so powerful in my opinion. It literally reprograms your subconscious mind and your inherent beliefs and thought patterns while comfortably sitting on your chair or laying in your bed. With self-hypnosis audio tracks you don’t even need to go to an expensive hypnotherapy session. This way your behavior will change automatically.

The number one reason why you are addicted are your thoughts! You may have some of the following conscious or subconscious thoughts:

  • I am a smoker.
  • I need smoking to relax.
  • I don’t care if it is unhealthy or not.
  • Smoking is cool.
  • I am addicted to smoking.
  • I will never stop smoking.
  • I am actually scared to stop smoking because it is part of my daily routine. What am I going to do all the time?

And the only sustainable way to get rid of any bad habits and addictions is reprogramming your way of thinking by simply doing hypnosis. You are in charge of your mind, you can make a decision and take the necessary steps to change your life.

I understand if you have doubts about hypnosis and want to know more about it. Feel free to inform yourself. The most important thing for you to know is that it is a natural state of your mind and that you can get very easily into a hypnotic brainwave state.

Where to get a hypnotherapy session?

Personally, I use self-hypnosis in other areas of my life to change my belief patterns and routines. I find it especially useful to listen to self-hypnosis tracks before going to sleep because then your subconscious mind has all night to process the information and to rewire your brain.

I can highly recommend the hypnosis tracks of Steve G. Jones who has many years of experience with hypnosis because I tried them by myself.

Best Of All

It costs only $27 and you have 60 days money back guarantee! How many cigarettes would that be?


Smoke free power

What does Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D. say?



Smoke free power

photo credit: Aaron Van Dike, Raxon Rex, Rachel Chapman


If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave a reply below.


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4 thoughts on “Smoking Cessation By Hypnosis – The Easy Way To Stop Smoking”

  1. I smoked for over 10 years and I quit for the last 7. I know exactly how many years it’s been since I last smoked because I quit cold turkey as soon as my son was born. There is really nothing good that comes with smoking and I agree with you here Rene. What I do recommend is hang around less with your friends that smoke as that is probably the hardest way to quit smoking. For me, it was more of a social thing and I could go a whole week without smoking until I met up with my friends that did smoke. Love the advice here, so thanks for sharing such helpful information with everyone. I’m gonna share this with my brother on Facebook so he can see this. lol.

    • Hi John, it is great to hear that you quit smoking because of your son. I know exactly what you mean by hanging around with friends and falling back to old habits. This is always the hardest part when you want to change your habits. You fear to disappoint your friends and family. But then, if they are really your friends they will accept it and even respect you for it. Otherwise you may reconsider if it serves you to stay around with them. This may sound hard, but the alternative would be to keep smoking for the rest of your life and giving your friends the responsibility to do so where in fact it is you who is making the choices.

      Thanks for sharing and hopefully it will help your brother

      Best Regards

  2. It has been 23 years since I stopped smoking and I remember exactly how I went about stopping. I had tried different ways to stop but they didn’t work. Then I made it a point to get myself really sick to my stomach by smoking a bunch of non filtered cigarettes.

    Your first picture in this post reminds me of what I did to force myself mentally and physically to never want to smoke again. I guess you could say it was my way of self hypnosis. No I didn’t smoke more than one cigarette at a time but I came close to doing that.

    Needless to say it worked! I got so sick to my stomach that even today if I am around heavy cigarette smoke or even think about lighting up, it makes me gag. Now that it has been 23 years without a cigarette, any way people can effectively stop, is a good thing!

    • Hi Robert, thank you for sharing your experience and I am glad that it worked for you. And it is interesting that this single event could completely change your attitude towards smoking. So I guess that it has been really distasteful 🙂 But you are right, during the hypnosis sessions the sense of pleasure or satisfaction that you may experience while smoking is reversed so that you actually are repelled by the thought to touch a cigarette again. And it is great to see this disgust has a lasting effect that refrains you from smoking ever again.

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