Manifest Absolutely Anything v2.0

Product: Manifest Absolutely Anything v2.0MAA v2.0

Package Price: $37.00 (access to member area)

Package Content: 

  • 10 Videos,
  • 5 pdf files,
  • 4 audio tracks,Effortless Abundance Innner Cirlce
  • 1 text file,
  • 14 days trial of Effortless Abundance Inner Circle.

Groundbreaking step-by-step blueprint to manifesting absolutely anything you desire, almost overnight.

Guarantee: 60 days 100% money back

Get your package and start today to Manifest Absolutely Anything v2.0!

(Note: You will first have to watch a video for about 10 minutes)

Opional Extra: Effortless Abundance Inner Circle (after getting MAA v2.0)Effortless Abundance

Price: $37.19×6 = $223.14


Graduation from “empowered conscious creator” to “effortless unconscious creator”.

You get access to:

  • 180 day training program “Effortless Living”;
  • 20 private coaching emails per month;
  • An interview with one handpicked expert every two weeks, someone who truly lives the art of “effortless abundance”.

Effortless Living is a 180 day training program, designed to gently guide you into effortless abundance.

It does this by presenting you with just the right information and exercises at just the right time.

The training program is presented in video, including both slideshow and demonstration videos, audio and text to engage all senses.

Guarantee: 30 days 100% money back