Freeletics Starter Kit

Here you find everything you need to start your Freeletics experience.

Before starting it is very important to have the right equipment. Not having it ready will only give you another reason not to make sport. There will be all sorts of excuses in your mind anyway, so make sure to have at least the proper equipment at hand which makes it easier to go for the training.

I made the experience that I just need to wear my sports clothes and I feel suddenly more motivated. If you, on the other hand, cannot find your old shoes, or don’t want to go outside because it is raining, NO PROBLEM, because you can train at home as well having the right equipment, right?

Running Shoes: If you already have sport shoes you can use them of course. However, I do recommend that the soles have sort of a still working cushioning effect. If your shoes are too old, this can be significantly reduced, thus increasing the potential to get harmed at your ankles. You will be required to run and do all sorts of jumps, so make sure to wear proper shoes.

Sport Shoe

I personally use these running shoes which are very comfortable and which I can recommend to use.

Shorts and Shirts: Don’t need to be of any particular quality, however, I do recommend not necessarily wearing cotton, and making sure to stay warm during and after workouts. Especially in winter you may need long sleeves, hat, and gloves

Exercise Mat: Your exercise mat should not be too thin and slip resistant. The following dimensions are recommended:

  • 72″x 24″x 1/2″ (180 cm x 60 x 1.3 cm)
  • 1/2-inch extra thick (at least 1.3 cm recommended)
  • Slip Resistance
  • Carrying strap
  • Light weight and portable

Exercise Mat

Pull-up Bar: You may find a proper bar outside in a park at an (outdoor) gym. If you have a Freeletics group nearby, just ask them where they train normally. Since I don’t always train outside I got my own pull-up bar to train at home to have absolutely no excuses not to train

Pull-up Bar

Train anytime you want comfortably from your home. I made a very good experience with this pull-up bar. You can simply hang it in your door frame and remove it after the training. Various handles allow training different muscles while pulling up.


After doing some pull-ups you may realize that you can get blisters at the palm of your hand, especially when you do them outside at a non-forgiving metal bar. They may also be useful when doing push-ups on harsh ground or when it is getting a bit colder outside.

Freeletics is a way to get in shape by doing various types of workouts. The original bodyweight program can be done in parks, sport fields, at gyms or even at home.  Additional programs are a nutrition guide, a gym coach, and a running coach.

You will get workouts, exercises and runs as three different training types. Workouts consist of different exercises that have to be completed in a particulare order. There are a lot of available exercises to choose from, either as part of the workouts or to do them on their own. Also runs are part of the training.

You can do Freeletics by using the free workouts, exercises and runs. For a personalized training you can get your Training Coach that individually sets up your training program, week after week, based on your feedback you give at the end of each workout and at the end of the week.

You can also read my full review about Freeletics.

For iOS or Android user there is also the Freeletics Training App available


Start your Freeletics Experience

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