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Implications Of Everything Being Connected

“In nature we never see anything isolated, but everything in connection with something else which is before it, beside it, under it and over it.” – Goethe

Did you ever hear someone say that everything is connected and wondered whether this is actually true? The question that came to my mind is what would actually be the implications of that and why we fail to act accordingly with this knowledge?

With our world seemingly falling apart and many of us struggling to get along with it in our daily lives, it can be sometimes hard to remember that everything is connected. We tend to get carried away by the events and find ourselves reflecting about everything only when things calm down for a moment.

Then we read about all kinds of tips on self-help blogs like how to find peace in life and other stuff, where people (like me 🙂 ) don’t stop reminding us that everything is connected and that we create our reality with our own thoughts and so on. In the next instant we get carried away again (myself included) and try to get nowhere fast in a vain attempt to bring happiness into our lives.

Is everything connected?

There are various ways to look at it and each one of these is valid, after all they are also connected right 🙂 ?

Quantum Physics

Let’s hand over to some other people who can explain it much better than I can. Fact is that our consciousness affects reality and that what we perceive as being solid matter is just an illusion.

A great source for this is The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot where you can read more of this in much more detail which I can highly recommend to you.

Our Body

So what about our bodies when they are not just matter?

I found an interesting post by Michael Brown where he says:

At least 98% of the atoms of your body are replaced every year. You have a completely new physical body at least once every two years—including your brain cells. As energy travels in you, it picks up bits of earth—food and water—to replace those you excrete. […]

Our essence is not our bodies. We are the energy of consciousness, wearing our bodies like glove puppets, continuously discarding old parts of the puppet and replacing them with new until we withdraw the hands and move on.

The point is that we are not our bodies and that we have a false identification with it and our thoughts.

The Hermetic Principles

When we look at the Hermetic Principles we see that we could start at the first principle and go down to the seventh one and derive the conclusion that everything has to be connected. This may not serve as any sort of evidence to you but in my opinion the principles align very well with our reality.


Whether you look at neuroscience, mysticism or philosophy, there are countless references that describe the underlying energy field that connects everything and that we all origin from the same source.

Now that we more or less agree on the fact that we are connected, the question is by what?

Energetic connection

First thing coming to my mind is an energetic connection. We are affected by the events around us if we allow them to do so. The way we are reacting determines our energetic level which in turn can have an effect on others.

However, more important to me is the conscious connection of, well, everything.  I am another you in another time and space. Everyone we meet is a reflection of who we are and we are a reflection of who they are.

To who or what are we actually connected?

Now when we are connected to everything it may help to list some of it. This helps increasing our awareness. At the same time denying that connection can cause certain reflections in our perceived reality that is causing an energetic imbalance. You are creating this imbalance with your conscious focus. Shifting your focus and reconnecting to yourself on the other hand can bring your life back to peace and harmony.

Below is a list of some implications of “everything is connected”

Inner connection

  • thoughts
  • body
  • our cells
  • diseases and their symptoms
  • emotions
  • the female and male aspect within each one of us
  • inner observer
  • our dark side, bright side, fears, suppressed feelings

The world around us

  • events
  • people
  • nature (animals, plants)
  • Terra
  • our sun
  • our galaxy
  • the spiritual planes
  • the good old universe.

With us being connected to nature, our planet and the sun, it means that they are also connected to us. This in turn means that they are also conscious! Everything in the universe is conscious creation and follows the same patterns and rules (look for fractals and sacred geometry for more information)

Time – Rhythm – Breath

We are also connected to time, which in fact is an illusion as well. Therefore, we have to be also connected to our past, future, and the present moment! In fact the present moment is the eternal flow of infinite possibilities.

Why do we feel lonely and separated if everything is connected?

This is a good question that I sometimes find hard to answer. I have also times that I feel isolated heavily. For some people this might also be the cause for scaring the darkness, silence, and being alone in general. They always have to do something or talk to someone. They cannot stand to be in silence or sitting alone in a dark room.

We don’t need to get creepy here 🙂 You don’t need to do that but on the other hand there is absolutely nothing wrong about it. Turning of the noise, distractions, electronic devices, light, and WiFi for a while and just sitting there and breathing can be a wonderful source of inspiration and relaxation helping you to recharge your spirit.

In the end it is our decision that prevents us from re-connecting. Our actions and more so, our intention is what determines if we raise or lower our vibration. Lowering your vibration by having bad intentions will make you feel more separate and lonely. As long as you work against others, you work against yourself (Remember: Everything is connected, right?) because they are connected with you. They are you! In denying others you deny yourself, which results in a pretty bad start at your attempts to feel whole again.

Where do we actually find the connection to everything that is?

We feel lonely and separated because we don’t live what we already know. You don’t need to go anywhere, it is all in you already. This has to be a conclusion of everything being said above. You are connected already, so why going anywhere?

If we are constantly connected to everything, what I have mentioned above, then the next question would be what we have to do to get more aware of it and actually feel that connection? First of all, this post should have already increased your awareness about everything being connected (If not then please tell me what I should have done differently).

Now, in order to feel the connection we have to connect to ourselves in deep appreciation and acceptance.  Be grateful for what is and focus on your breathing.

When we look at the principle of correspondence (as within so without, as above so below) we see that by focusing on our internal state of peace, breathing and gratitude we have to automatically connect to everything. We literally are tuning in by focusing on your internal state of vibration. We live in alignment of what is, and thus, make it a part of us, as within so without.

How is that possible? Why would our thoughts actually have such an impact? Because the first Hermetic principle is that of the spirit or mind. This might be a bit confusing because I always say we are not our mind or thoughts. Therefore, a better wording could be consciousness. We are conscious beings. This consciousness is which creates everything. Our conscious presence affects the reality around us before all other things.

We have the power to channel our “conscious force” in form of thoughts and visions upon the energy field around us. This is scientifically proven, taught in many religions, and is the first cosmic principle according to Thoth, or Hermes Trismegistos. We can accept this as a fact. But even if you couldn’t prove it there is a sense of inner knowing that this is a fundamental truth. At least this is what I feel.

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” — Carl Jung

Now by directing our consciousness to our inner being we get in alignment with ourselves and, therefore, are consciously connecting to everything else, because of the principle of correspondence. Our breath is the rhythm, the up and down of the universe, the eternal cycle, birth and death. The more you connect to yourself and the deeper you go within, the more you feel at inner peace, serenity, greatness, and unconditional love. There are no limits!

You will feel a warm sensation in your chest, at least this is what I feel, and the knowing that everything is just right. There is in fact no limit how far you can go within because this is just the beginning of your journey! Within you will find all your answers. The more you raise your vibration by accepting who you are and by focusing on your inner self, the more connected you will feel with everything around you. But it is not “the outside” that is connecting with you, because it has been connected to you all the time. It is you connecting back by raising your vibration.

Why is your vibration being raised?

You cannot force your vibration to get higher. But you can allow it to be raised by accepting yourself. Then you no longer resist what is and let the light and love flow into your life.

Imagine being an eddy in the vast ocean of the universe. You might be deep below the sea level with no light coming to you. By accepting yourself you go in alignment with what already is. You no longer resist the light to get through to you.

By allowing the light to reach you, you automatically raise your vibration, thus, allowing even more light to get in. All you need to do is tuning into the universal broadcast of love and light. This will not only make you receive this information and energy, it will help you to emit it yourself and have a significant impact in your life.

What are the implications of everything being connected?

It means that you have absolute control over your life. You are responsible for your life situation and only you can change it by reconnecting to yourself and unleashing your inner greatness.

We are all source energy an we have to find the way back. But we cannot find the way anywhere outside of us neither can we find it inside of us. Shouldn’t I say that we have to look inside?

Well, yes and no.

If you look only inside then you might lose connection to the world around you. At the same time you lose connection to your inner self if you seek bliss in more material possessions.

Guess what, both of them are the same side of one and the same thing. They are not only connected, but they are the same thing. We don’t only have to find the link between these two but we have to see that we ARE them. You are everything inside and outside of you!

It is crucial to understand the Hermetic principle of polarity and its meaning for our lives and how you can actually escape its rhythmic up and down (see also How To Think Positive And Why You Still Fail).

If we are connected we have access to all information. We are in alignment with the big plan, and the universe, and nature, our individuality, we are an individual unique aspect of everything that is, like an eddy in an infinite ocean.

I AM and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE are the two main implications of everything being connected. This is all we need to be aware of and keep reminding us over and over again. This means being truly connected. You not only know this for a fact but you actually live it. This is what wisdom is all about.

On this website I try to give you all the tools that you need to do so. In helping you to become your greatest version I am becoming my greatest version myself because everything is connected.

Take back your power and start focusing on what you love instead what you fear. Set new goals for this year and let no one and nothing hold you back on your pursuit to inner greatness. Be the change that you want to see in the world by stepping into your true authenticity and becoming whole again.

What are the implications for you of everything being connected? Another thing just coming into my mind is that our bodies are all made of star dust that was created by dying stars… 🙂

Start your holistic life transformation and change your life today!

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