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How To Live In The Now: 11 Ways To Experience Life To Its Fullest

“You can’t think about presence, and the mind can’t understand it. Understanding presence is being present.”

-Eckhart Tolle

In this post I will take you to the present moment which is always now and show you how you can live in the now. So let’s get started right away. There are a lot of things you need to know.

Before you ask why it is so important to live in the now let me tell you first what I mean by “now”:

What Is The Now?

The now is the one everlasting eternal moment that holds an infinite potential of possibilities for each one of us. I wrote a post about this topic where I tried to explain why that is the case and how we observe our reality into existence. I recommend you to read About How To Let Go Of The Past as well before you continue with this post. They may not seem related at first but the knowledge provided will help you to understand this post much better.

Once you realize that you have the power to live a life that is in alignment with who you are then you can start creating a new reality around you.

In order to do this you need to realize that you can only do so in the present moment. Even you keep thinking about past events and have trouble to let go of them you are thinking and re-experiencing these memories always in the now. This prevents you from making new experiences and living life to its fullest. This one timeless moment is all you have to experience whatever you wish. So why should you keep repeating the old stuff that is no longer serving you?

Therefore, the now is the only reality that will ever be. It is you who decides in which way you want to experience this reality. You can experience it deeply by shifting your awareness towards a state of conscious being. Or you can relive memories from the past over and over again that will determine how you react to actual situations and create your own reality. We are all in the habit of being ourselves and have forgotten why we think, feel, and act the way we do.

According to the law of cause and effect, which is one of the 7 Hermetic Principles, you are going to create the same reality again and react in the same ways as before. This is what you call your life and the way you react depends on your personality. Everything is determined by external events and you are nothing but a victim of external circumstances that happen by coincidence.

Let me tell you that nothing happens out of coincidence. At the same time, there is no predefined destiny that you have to face and not everything is predefined by your genes or your intelligence. Modern science reveals more and more that we have to rethink the way we perceive and understand reality. It all starts with our mindset and the belief systems we have.

Here is a good way to start your research by reading some of the best mind-changing books that I could find.

Once you experience the now fully then you will realize that everything is connected and feel a deep peace in your mind. You will see that now is the only time you will ever have to do or feel anything in life.

So what is the now?

I have learned in school that the presence is what happens within 3 seconds. After that, the moment belongs to the past. So we should think of time as a long infinite straight line. There is one spot which is the present moment along this timeline and everything before and after that spot we call past and future.

But we are not living in a one-dimensional world. Think of the present moment as a vertical axis (y-axis) that extends infinitely in two directions with its intersection at the present moment on our timeline. By adding another perpendicular line (z-axis) then you would have an infinite plane which is the present moment. You can add even more dimensions that all intersect in the same present moment.

The more you are in the present moment, the more in depth is your experience of well everything. All you need is the capacity to be aware of all of that. But in order to do that you need to leave your mind behind. You mind works only in the past and in the future, the present moment is simply beyond its dimension.

Who actually said that we are moving through time? Couldn’t it be that time is moving through us?

Think of a tree in the wind. The tree is the conscious being and the wind is the time. By moving the leaves and twigs around it creates the illusion of time. But the tree is actually experiencing various states of being. The illusion of time is created by every changing forms, appearing and disappearing into the quantum field, where no time and space exist in the way we see it in the “real world”.

We are the alert and present conscious observer of forms and shapes that are appearing and disappearing. By observing we also create these shapes and forms, so we need to “see better” to create better. To see better you need to be in the now.

The Present Moment Is Timeless

Let me use just another metaphor to illustrate that the present moment is actually timeless.

Imagine a wave in the ocean. While the wave is moving in one direction the droplets that it is made of stay at the same position, they move only up and down. This is what the illusion of time is all about. It seems to move from one direction to another but actually, it is moving through you. This is what we experience as time whereas it is just the change of form around you which enables you to experience whatever you are creating into existence.

Waves in the ocean

Notice that there are all sorts of waves with different wavelengths on top of each other. So some things pass faster than others or are part of a bigger underlying wave and so on. There are no limits in reality, only to our imagination.

Remember that you observe into existence what is happening to you. Your conscious presence (your focus) influences which waves are coming to you which are the same that you emit. The wave you look at is the one that will come to you because you are in resonance with it. Therefore, you create your own unique experience or reality out of an infinite potential of possibilities. You “observe one particular experience into existence”.

If you focus on the past or future events you are in disharmony to what is happening right now. For you, the wave that has already passed is of major interest and you keep it in your reality by constantly observing it. You keep riding the same wave over and over again.

So the present moment is timeless because our experience of reality creates the illusion of time. We enhance this illusion by living in the past and future instead of now.

Illusion Of Matter And Why It “Matters”

Now, I would like to stretch the ocean example a little bit further. I would like you to focus on the surface of the water. This is where all the action happens. The intersection between the sky and water creates a form which is matter due to its movement and time due to its direction. By focusing on the past and future you stick only to the surface of reality. You miss the sky above and the ocean beneath. Being present means pure expansion into literally everything there is.

The sky and the air represent the conscious presence which brings the water, the quantum field, the “potential of being” into form. One couldn’t exist without the other, active and passive force, Ying and Yang.


Are you still with me?

I hope I haven’t lost you somewhere on the way and that you get what I am trying to communicate.

Sometimes I am writing myself into a frenzy not realizing what is happening to those around me.

For me, it was quite difficult to grasp the concept of an eternal present moment and it helps me to imagine it this way. If you have another way to describe it please share with us.

I often find it helpful to look for analogies in nature.

Now that we tried to grasp the concept of what the present moment is we should be able to understand why we should try to get into that state and live in the now.

Benefits Of Living In The Now

You may say that this sounds all nice but you don’t think that there is a big problem to simply continue with the way you did. So why should we actually live in the now, what are the benefits?

Living your life to the fullest

Only by living in the now you can live your life to the fullest. You cannot be in the present moment and keep thinking at the same time. As long as you keep thinking something, or at least as long as you pay all the time attention to what you think you cannot find peace.

By living in the now you can deal with every situation fully alert and at peace at the same time. Being present and alert to what is happening around you enables you to deal with everything at ease. You have access to your full potential and can experience each situation to its fullest.

Overcoming the ego

The mind always wants something more, compares yourself to other people and will never be satisfied whatever you get or don’t get.

Why do you think you feel happy when you get something you desire? Is it because your mind is actually satisfied or because of something else?

No matter what it is you got or achieved, your mind will sooner or later start to want something else that is yet again in the future. Or it is dwelling on something that was in the past.

Now here comes a little secret:

The satisfaction you feel after getting what you desired is not caused by what is now in your possession. It is caused by the lack of desire.

Your mind simply doesn’t want anything for a short while. You feel at peace because there is nothing you are after for the moment.

This means it doesn’t really matter what you got, the only thing that matters is the lack of desires which enables you to experience the present moment. You are at peace with the situation as it is. You are happy because you live in the now.

Why People Avoid To Live In The Now

People prefer to stay in their comfort zone. This comfort zone is defined by our mindset and our repetitive thinking patterns that form our personalities. We define who we are by what we experienced in the past. Living in the now is uncommon ground for many us. We are unwilling to let go of what is familiar to us and are addicted to think and feel the way we use to do normally.

We rather keep us distracted with TV and video games and other things that help us to avoid the present moment. We spend time at work in exchange for money and the rest of the time we do everything to distract us instead of focusing on our life and living it to its fullest.

You may say that you do enjoy to distracting yourself and I agree with you.

But deep down many of us feel unsatisfied. We live a good life and are still unhappy. And as long as your life situation does not change you may say it is okay. As soon as life events pull you out of your trance you are forced to question your lifestyle.

Then you have the chance to rethink what you are doing or you can continue the way you did before until the next even bigger wake-up call hits you. There might be a point however when it is no longer possible to change anything.

Did you ever hear of the people having a near-death experience where they see their entire life passing by?

What if you see yourself sitting in front of the TV and gaming console for one part and doing a job you don’t like on the other part?

What will be your story?

Thinking about this and asking these questions can be painful, at least when you are truly honest to yourself. It may take a while before you come up with the right answers. You just need to get started in the first place. How meaningful is your life to you?

How do you feel about it? Do you feel you are a victim of your environment and that life is just the way it is? Are you distracting yourself because you scare that you may not like the answers?

The problem is that people scare to lift the veil of unconsciousness because they scare to lose their identity or part of their well-maintained image of themselves they want others to see. But what is the point in keeping it if it is just an empty shell?

How To Live In The Now: 10 Ways To Experience Life To Its Fullest

#1: Be Creative

When you create something or are in a creative process then you live in the moment. I experience this when I am writing my posts or work on other projects that require some creativity and productivity. Once you are in the “zone” you just keep writing/creating and lose any sense for the time.

Many great people like authors, artists, inventors, and scientists throughout history have described this state when they feel that they are guided by a higher force and that the ideas just flow out of them without much involvement on their part.

This is very interesting and evidence for me that the present moment holds the greatest potential for each one of us and that we can do remarkably well once we are in the zone of creative expression in which our mind is still about anything that is not serving us in the now.

#2: Be Grateful

Being grateful and having a general attitude of gratitude towards life is a great way to be in the now. Being grateful is an elevated emotion that you brings you into a state of being that you experience right now. Your conscious presence is in alignment with everything that exists. And everything that exists is always in the now.

You expand your awareness and your entire being and connect to the world around you. You stop feeling disconnected and external events have no longer the power to bring you out of this peaceful state that is not only soothing your inner state but also the world around you. Once you start being more grateful you will see more things to be grateful for. Again, you observe into existence and create your own new reality out of living in the present moment.

#3: Go Into Nature

Going into nature is a great way to decelerate until you arrive in the present moment. Breathing in the fresh air, listening to the birds singing, or feeling the sun or you skin are ways to lose your mind and come to your senses. Once you dive into this awareness expanding the experience with all its colors, smells, flowers, fruits, the beauty, and peace you can’t help but let go and just be.

Just breath and be with nature and there is nothing else to do or say. Lie on the grass and close your eyes. Sit on a bench or hug a tree, or watch a squirrel collecting nuts.

#4: Intensive Workouts Or Physical Activities

When you do sports, tough workouts or any other physical activities you will be so caught up in the moment that you have no time to think about the past and future. You could, of course, go for that easy run of 15 minutes, listening to music, and by the time there might be a slight chance of feeling exhausted you stop and check your smartphone and update your status. This is not the sort of workout I am talking about.

I talk more about those kinds of team sports, fast exercises, or highly intense activities that are not only physically demanding but that need your full attention as well. I believe that one of the main reasons for people to enjoy this kind of activities is because they are actually living in the moment as long as they keep doing it.

This could be also tough physical labor any type of labor that requires your full attention and people enjoy their work because of that peaceful state of mind that they experience. Most people would relate this to the work itself which is probably partly true, but a major part is related to being deeply entranced by the present moment.

#5: Extreme Situations

In extreme situations we are also fully alert and at the moment. These could be negative or positive situations. Also think of extreme sports and activities like skydiving, bungee jumping, of free climbing. People do dangerous stuff because they need the kick.

The kick is not just the released adrenaline in your body that makes you feel awesome long afterward. It is that moment of being in that extreme situation that is described as a feeling of freedom and pure excitement.

This is nothing else than merging and becoming one with the now. You see that you don’t need any extreme situations to get into the present moment. Apart from the experience, you can have the same feeling sitting at home in your chair.

Okay, this is maybe not sound like the best way to approach life, but neither is it to get addicted to extreme life endangering situations for the kick of “now”. There is always the golden middle way that should lead the way. It is just another form of seeking happiness in the external world, which always can be only short-term.

#6: Hiking

Apart from the experience of being in nature, except you are the first person I heard of who only hikes in big cities, hiking can teach us that the journey is the goal. What makes a long hiking trip special is not reaching the goal and the short moment it lasts to be at the goal.

It is to dive in deeply into the experience of the journey itself. I had a couple of hiking experiences and the moment of reaching your goal makes you happy and proud for a while, but you also feel sad that it is over and you worry about going back to your normal daily life.

You see how crazy this is? If we listen to our mind we can never be satisfied because the satisfaction lies always outside of reach. Hiking is a wonderful lesson to experience the now. No matter how far you walk or how difficult it gets. You are always doing this one next step. If you try to think about you realize that you cannot.

I cannot get my head around it and actually grasp it with my mind. You need to feel and experience it, you can only describe your route, the next destination and so on. But you cannot “think the present moment” you can only be in it and take one step after another.

#7: Achieving Your Desires

This is what I described above. By achieving your desires you feel happy. But this does not last very long. You think that you feel happy because of your fulfilled desire whereas it is your absence of desire which makes you happy. You simply stop wanting for a while, your mind has come to rest in this moment.

However, this moment may last an hour or a day. But you probably spend months or even years to get there. So if I don’t need to satisfy my desires to be happy and live in the moment, should I have no more desires?

Well, you could do that, but after all, we still live in a physical world and everyone has desires. So there is nothing wrong to pursue them. However, we should realize that we don’t need the fulfilled desire to be happy. Just like going on a hike it is not the destination that makes us happy but the way to get there.

Whatever desire you fulfill will be experienced in just another present moment.

It is always now that you will experience it. So why wait for that now in the future? Just be present now and experience this fulfilled desire when passing by but don’t rely on it alone and make it your only source of happiness. Until you get there, there is absolutely no reason for you not to feel absolutely awesome.

Why wait for a short moment of glory that will be followed by just another desire that is out of reach if you can have all of that right here, right NOW?

#8: Listening To Music

Listening to music is definitely a way to enjoy the moment. Music is sound, and sound is vibration. Being in a good vibe means being in tune with yourself and your environment (in this case the music).

And as so often with music, we should just shut up and press the play button

Feel the groove baby 🙂


Notice also that music can affect us and our brainwave state as well, so make sure you are aware of what music to listen to.

#9: Having Fun

Well, having fun is definitely the best way to live in the now. And the good news is that you always have fun when you are in the present moment. And you cannot have fun yesterday or tomorrow. Either you have it now or you don’t.

Have fun and stop taking everything too seriously. Enjoy yourself and smile and laugh and be spontaneous.

If you have trouble having fun then ask yourself what is the worst thing that could happen right now and why would it be so bad for you? Is there really no space left for a little bit of fun?

Having fun means also being able to laugh at yourself and taking mistakes as a “mis-take” which can be easily corrected the next time. Nothing to worry about.

#10: Contemplation And Meditation

You can also meditate to be in the moment. This is especially helpful if you want to get aware of your thoughts and your identification with them. Meditating makes you realize that you don’t need anything to live in the moment but that it can be quite hard to not fall back into old habits once you stop meditating.

Many see it as a waste of time or simply as a way to calm down. But there is much more to it and if you think through what I wrote in this and previous posts then you will realize that proper meditation can be your most powerful state of being and creating.

With proper practice, you can overcome the old limiting belief systems and a fixed mindset and transform it in a way that makes you live to your fullest potential in every moment and live your life easily and effortlessly.

#11: Any Action Or State Of Being

In the end you can be in any state of being or doing and always be present, alert, and in the now. Being conscious all the time has become your second nature and you are unconsciously conscious and create with ease the life you most desire and inspire others with who you are.

Now this was quite a bit to read, wasn’t it? I am glad that you made it and appreciate your commitment.

It is actually quite easy to understand and live if you let it happen. Life is great and should be the most awesome experience for everyone on this planet.

Help to make this world a better place by sharing this post with people you care about.

Start your holistic life transformation and change your life today to become your greatest version. Let’s make this world a better place by living in the now and unleashing your full potential and by creating a better experience for you and the people around you. 

Have a wonderful week my friend.

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You cannot think about presence, and the mind cannot understand it - Eckhart Tolle

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