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How To Inspire Others With Who You Are

“What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.” – Albert Pike

In this post we talk about inspiration and how you can give it to others by being yourself. The essence here is to share with others what you are most passionate about

About the quote

Many of us are great at what we do. Many companies, organizations, and families would not function properly without the actions of dedicated individuals. While some of them do this to prove that they are better than others, some might use do it for their personal gains.

Then there are those that really want to push things forward for the greater good. But most of the people are actually unaware of how much they could inspire others by standing out and sharing their knowledge and experience.

You can work 60 hours a week or more for your company but nothing remains of your hard work except the salary at the end of the month and the survival or growth of the company which is great. But what is actually remaining when you are going to leave the company one day? Will anyone remember you? What did you do in order to make a difference?

You can be the best housewife and mother in the world with all kinds of tricks and tips for raising children the right way and keeping everything clean. You know all the traditional recipes, how to sew anything, and keeping everything organized and smooth. But most likely all of your expertise will get lost unless you share it with other people who may have much more trouble doing the same

What is the difference between successful and unsuccessful people?

There are of course many differences and this is just a simplification, but the main difference in my opinion is that successful people do something that lasts by sharing it with others somehow. Sharing is nothing else than giving. And if you want to get more out of your life you have to learn how to give first.

The best way of giving is sharing with as many people as possible. Authors and actors share their work. CEO’s and company founders share their ideas and visions. Singers and musicians share their songs, sportsmen their actions, scientists their research, and so on.

Standing out vs. being indifferent

They all stand out of the crowd somehow by creating value first and adding it by sharing it somehow. This is actually quite obvious, but still most of us are unwilling to give more than we take. We are in a competitive mindset instead of a creative one.

Some people might do just the bare minimum of what they have to do or they could try to push it as hard as they can to gain more benefits. What both kinds of people have in common is their competitive mindset and their unwillingness to give something back on a greater scale and to give more than they receive.

You have to get into the creative mindset and understand what true wealth is about in order to change something in your life for the better. Otherwise you will never understand what is missing in your life or manage to achieve true greatness.

Who are you?

Lifting the veil of unconsciousness may help you to understand better who you are and who not.  In the end we are all creators of our own reality. We determine the reality we live in by the way we think and act, be it consciously or unconsciously.

You are a divine being that is connected to everything that is. This is easily said but the implications of everything being connected are quite interesting as well.

However, most of us don’t realize why they feel so disconnected and how this actually makes it much harder to get into inspired action.

Inspiring others can only happen if you reconnect to yourself!

What does inspiration mean?

Inspiration comes from in + spīrō, which means breathe.

Our breath is the connection to our divine origin.

Giving something breath means bringing it to life.

Are you living to survive or to thrive?

It is linked to taking action that is guided by purpose. In order to stay inspired you need to continue breathing. You cannot just be inspired one day and forget about the other days.

Constant action required

It takes constant action to actually stay inspired. This means you have to breathe in your essence and live your purpose. Your own actions will set the cause for new inspirations. It is therefore not just a temporary state but rather an attitude and way of living and perceiving reality. Inspiration in the end is a decision you make on a daily basis. It is like consciously focusing on your breathing.

What are you doing for your inspiration on a daily basis?

Getting inspired by other people

The first step is to go through life with open senses. Be an observant but don’t judge. Observe everything and everyone with a light heart and open mind. Notice that you are not only the observer but also the creator of your reality. The way how you observe determines not only what you see but what is actually happening.

Everyone is unique and has to learn his own lessons. Seeing other people struggle and eventually succeed should be a source of inspiration to us rather than a reason to feel superior or jealous. Instead of just copying what other people did already you should see their work as an inspiration to go your own unique way. Once you quit talking and start doing, the journey itself will be a source of inspiration to you by meeting new people and growing along the way.

Stop thinking in terms of competition

Competing means judging and is always a sign that your mind or ego is at work. Judging others means focusing on what separates us from them rather than seeing what we have in common. The competitive mindset has led us to better, faster, stronger and is nothing more than us hurrying to get nowhere fast.

This way we are never going to find peace within ourselves and miss the opportunity of thriving co-creation and compelling synergy effects.

Together vs. Against Each Other

Stop being the lonely warrior fighting against the system and injustice. Don’t look down to others because they don’t do a good job. Tell them what you know, help them to get better. Stop wasting time and energy complaining about all kinds of things. This is nothing more than a distraction which leaves you drained and will do nothing to improve your life.

Stop fighting what you hate and start building what you love!

Replace the old ME paradigm with the new WE. Remember that whatever you are sending out has to come back to you.

Being humble and grateful

Allow yourself to take advice from other people that have an uplifting effect on you. Stop asking the wrong people for advice. Recognize that you don’t know anything, neither do I.

And rather than being always right try to be kind. Which one do you think feels better?

Learn the importance of being grateful for what you have.

To be inspired is great, but to inspire is simply incredible.  However, it is difficult to inspire others to accomplish what you haven’t been willing to try.

Inspire others with what you have achieved in life

After getting inspired by others in the first place, you are able to inspire others as well.

The only way to do so is being authentic. You cannot be authentic if you don’t live your purpose and don’t go your own way. It is not sufficient to just talk about stuff, you need to get into radical action
in order to be authentic. You have to live what you are passionate about and be the perfect embodiment of what you do.

In order to inspire others they don’t need to like what you do but they will recognize your passion.

When you can talk about something with shining eyes it is the energy behind your words that inspires them. This could be something like the proper way of boiling tea or the beauty of the excel sheets in your accounting job. It doesn’t matter.

Only you know can do it in your way, which is always the right one!


A part from your knowledge and skills it is also your commitment that is an inspiring aspect. It is about never giving up and keeping doing what you believe despite all odds.

Seeing someone succeed makes us easily forget about the time and effort that was put into it for years and years over and over again. For many of us it is easier to see talent or luck as being the forces behind it. We avoid under all costs the fact that it could actually take daily effort and commitment and a step-by-step improvement process in order to become a high performer.

In the end every seemingly outstanding success is just the accumulation of rather simply actions. Look at scientists who are collecting data or doing experiments over months and years.  Any discovery or improvement seems to be complicated and outstanding. But it is the dedication to do rather simple repetitive work over and over again until yielding the desired result.

It takes a long time to understand the subject on that profound level by reading over and over again. Then it takes more effort to do the research and the commitment to keep going.

Any success is always the result of cumulative dedicated action steps along the way and never happens out of the blue. 

Helping yourself first

Whatever it is that you are passionate about, you cannot inspire anyone if you face a lot of problems yourself. But here comes the thing: You don’t need to be perfect in order to inspire others.

So what you can do is to improve your life and share the process of doing so with others. This in turn will motivate you to follow through. You can see your audience as an accountability partner that keeps you motivated to stay on track.

There are as many problems out there as there a individuals. However, I try to address as many problems and solutions on this website as possible.

A good place to start is probably described in How To Get A Perfect Start For The New Year.

What helps me in terms of overcoming limiting beliefs are hypnosis tracks. Read how this helped me to overcome limiting beliefs in terms of money.

Fulfilling and living your dreams

The final step of inspiring others by what you are doing is simply living your dream. You don’t need to wait until you are living your dream. Whatever it is, you can start the day you decide to make your dream come true and share your story. This is what I am doing with this website. My dream is to make myself independent from others while caring about what I am interested about and not what I have to do in order to make a living.

Going your own way

In the end it is all about going your own way. Stopping to follow the crowd to fit in will make you stand out. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you always have to swim against the mainstream. It can simply mean that you follow your own calling which is entirely independent.

Not caring what other people say is for sure one way to inspire others as long as you are not insulting anyone. Whatever you resist persists. Therefore, it is much more powerful to create something new which is yours. This means that you are in charge and you make the rules. You can create whatever you want and set yourself free of other people’s requirements.

Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in life, it is about what you inspire others to do.

Inspire others with what you are doing for other people

The final step of inspiring others is not only by sharing them what you have achieved but actually showing them how to do the same. This is in fact educating people to help themselves first, and in the next step, showing them how they can help others as well.

Sounds complicated? Well, let me explain:

Helping others to help themselves

In this case you help people with your skills, personal background, and experience and show them how they can become independent. You specifically help them with their problem by providing an individual and customized solution.

Helping others to help others

This is like teaching the teacher. You are getting people to do what you are doing and to spread the message

Everyone is a teacher and a student

Remember that each one of us is teacher and student at the same time. No matter what you are teaching to anyone, you are always learning something for yourself as well. This will help you to continue your journey. There is no final goal to reach, there is just continued flow and growth. Just like life itself.

Practical Implications Of Being An Inspiration

So after everything has been said about getting inspired and inspiring others, how can we actually do so?

How do you create value for others?

You can create a video, book, website, an e-course to get subscribers, podcast, or provide any other sort of service or product that offers real value to other people.

Look at what you are most passionate about and what is easy for you to talk about for hours. Think about who could benefit from your knowledge, skills, and experience.

Create a profile for your ideal candidate that would benefit the most from your service or product.

Do your research on how to start with your product or service. I recommend starting online because the costs are very low and the potential is huge because you can reach literally anyone with an internet connection around the world at any time.

Set your goals! You need to know exactly where you wanna go, when you want to arrive, and why you are going to start. Learn more about setting goals the right way in my Introduction To Goal Setting.

Start creating and inspiring! Be committed and never give up.

My Number one recommendation to learn building your website is Wealthy Affiliate. There I learnt how to create this website to inspire people around the world. 


or read my full Wealthy Affiliate review here

Start your holistic life transformation and change your life today to become your greatest version. Let’s make this world a better place by unleashing our inner greatness and helping others doing the same.

Have a wonderful week my friend.

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