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How To Find Your Purpose In Life

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” – Pablo Picasso

I have been asking myself this questions many times and it can turn out quite difficult to answer, much more than it has to be. The problem may not only be to find a proper answer, at least that is what most people struggle with, but to actually ask the right question.

Is there such a thing as a life purpose and if yes, does it have to be only one? Why do I have to find it in the first place? Shouldn’t it find me instead?

In my point of view there are at least three types of people:

  1. Those who found their passion early in life and live purposefully right from the start.
  2. People who start looking for their life purpose at one or several stages of their life.
  3. People who never think in terms of having a life purpose (or are willing to have one) and just want to live a calm and easy life.

Do you see yourself belonging to one of these three groups, or is there something I have missed out?

The problem is that people from one group may not really be able to help people from another one. And depending on who you ask you may, therefore, get an unsatisfying answer. I would consider myself belonging to the second group. And I am still not quite sure what my life purpose is, but I do know what I like to do and that is for one part being able to write this post and all the others on this website (except for the one that I missed out last week when I was moving to a new location, my apologies for that)

What is my life purpose?

Honestly, I don’t know (anything). This is in fact the only thing I do know and I can live with it quite comfortably.

I love the idea that everything is possible if you can only imagine it and that there are no limits in how much you can grow, achieve, and create. I am passionate about finding out why this is true and how it can be communicated in an understandable and easy to follow way. I love to question the status quo and find the really meaningful answers that are in alignment with the cosmic principles.

Why is this so interesting? 

We are realizing more and more that the things we took for granted turn out to be simply wrong or only half of the truth. This applies to history of mankind, our planet and current events, as well as science and the bigger picture in general where more and more is revealed.

And more and more everything comes to the surface and our old structures and ways of thinking get obsolete and outdated. Therefore, the only thing we know is that we don’t know anything and this is absolutely amazing. It gives space for so much more opportunities, possibilities and life mysteries that are bigger than we ever could have imagined. Isn’t that truly awesome and worth thinking and writing about?

Well, it definitely is for me, and I would love to spend all of my time dealing with it and actually LIVE TO MY FULLEST POTENTIAL. And once I do, I keep growing from there. Bamm! 🙂

You are more than welcome to join in and follow along.

You see, I easily get carried away by talking about it and I could keep doing so for a very long time, until you would start thinking if I am ever going to stop.

Now let’s get back to find out more about this mysterious life purpose everyone keeps talking about.

Why Do I Need A Life Purpose?

What I have noticed is that people have to come to a certain (st)age in their lives when they ask themselves at least one of the following questions:

  • What do I want to do with my life?
  • What am I passionate about?
  • What is my life purpose (Yes, that’s my post, right here…)

Another way to ask is this:

What can I do with my time that is somehow important to me and to others?

We have the feeling that what we are currently doing is not good enough. Growing up we had a certain idea for our life that is still determining our way of thinking. But we end up feeling that something is missing in your life without being able to identify what it actually is that keeps you unfulfilled.

Living in the bubble

Many of us live in our own bubble that represents the personal world which is spinning around us. This is your personal reality or universe with you being the center. You could see it as a metaphor for what I am going to tell you now, but you also could see it as how reality really works.

This is just another implication of everything being connected and the way the cosmic principles work. So thinking it through it is not just a metaphor but more realistic than we are willing to admit.

You have some primary desires that are similar to those of most other people:

  • Personal well-being and pleasures
  • Looking good
  • Success in life
  • Having fun
  • etc.

So everything inside this bubble keeps you comfortable. This actually represents your comfort zone that is predetermined by your subconscious mind. Whenever you reach the limits of this bubble or even step out of it, you feel uncomfortable and have to use your limited willpower. Once you run out of “willpower energy”, you will not be able to continue at that day. You will have to do it again the next day and the one after until it is no longer an effort for you to do that same thing.

This way you rewire your brain and strengthen your willpower.

Our mindset defines our personal bubble and unless we are willing to change it, it will stay the way it is. This in turn means that our personal “internal bubble problems” occupy the majority of our time.

Fear of being uncomfortable

In order to change our comfort zone we need to step out of it continuously over an extended period of time until we establish a new comfort zone.

Many of us scare to actually do it and rather prefer to stay where we are. If we are unwilling to change on our own then only significant life changing events can force us out of it and make us uncomfortable.

These could be events like:

  • finishing school/college/university and not knowing what to do afterwards,
  • starting a new job that you don’t like,
  • moving to a new city/country,
  • losing your job/partner/family member,
  • your children grow up and are moving out,
  • you get ill or into your midlife crisis,
  • news from one of your friends or former class mates being overly successful (They actually did it! Hmph!),
  • and so on.

This is an endless list of what could happen, but any of these events has the power to push you out of our comforting bubble for a while. We are actually scared getting embarrassed and being vulnerable because we are in a situation we haven’t been in before, doing things we have never done before.  Our bubble protects us and anything disturbing it is considered to be a threat.

There are surprisingly many things you can explain with this. The way people act and behave is basically just determined by their individual comforting bubble.

What happens when you are outside of the bubble?

When this happens we are forced to think about our life and see it from another perspective. We start to question the way we live and what we do on a daily basis. This is when you start asking for your life purpose. For some people it starts after they leave school or have to start working. They are losing direction for a while or realize that what they wanted yesterday is not what they want today.

For me it was actually starting my first job and, to a bigger extent, unwillingly losing it a while after. Although I was not very happy with my job, I still felt quite comfortable having it. After all it was what I studied for, and I felt like that I just need to adapt or so.

But once I lost it in the middle of a crisis that hit the entire industry, I was way out of my comfort zone. This is when I had to get creative and think about something that would make me feel fulfilled in the long term.

I sat down and thought about what I wanted in life and how I could achieve it. Then I realized that I could lose any other job at any time again. Therefore, I decided to work on my own online business that would keep me independent from any particular employer or location.

Now, almost one year after I started, I welcome you to Holistic Life Transformation!

I don’t say that this is the end of the journey but it is a rather good start and it is getting better and better. For now, I am not sure where this journey will take me but I am more than happy and ready to just do it.

Growing from ME to WE

Every time we are forced (or force ourselves) out of our comfort zone, we have the chance to realize the following:

  • My problems are unimportant considering the big picture and they are not the center of the universe
  • Other people are trapped in their bubbles as well
  • Whatever people say about us or do to us, is because of their problems in their bubble and not related to us and who we really are
  • Real communication is impossible with everyone being self-centered
  • Wait a minute: They have the same problems that I have, so I could help them to overcome them by creating real value!
  • You are forced to look for creative solutions: You CREATE SOLUTIONS = NEW REALITY
  • Being outside of your comfort zone is actually where the exiting part of life starts, and new life improving opportunities are more likely to happen

This doesn’t mean that it is going to be easy all the time. Having your purpose in life and feeling fulfilled doing it does not mean that you don’t have to put in the effort and do your homework. The only way to get something valuable is to offer something in return.

The alternative would be to go back to normal as fast as possible in an attempt to suppress unwanted emotions and trying to find excuses and some “reasonable” arguments to keep going. I am convinced that many diseases are caused by these unresolved issues such as described in the book Listen to Your Body – Your Best Friend on Earth” from Lise Bourbeau. If you ignore the signs and try to deny what is happening for many years then a lot of unresolved issues accumulate over time that can cause more severe events and diseases that are there to help you to get back on track.

Here comes the Chakra-Activating-Kundalini-Snake

What the heck is this? I ma sorry but I have no idea.

This just came in mind when writing about the bullet points above and I think I should share it here.

Without researching it further for now, I would like to reproduce it straightaway:

Imagine your chakras and how they represent your spiritual journey. Every chakra has its own unique characteristic, purpose, and energetic level. All chakras being activated and connected represents a fully awakened human being. The snake moving ups symbolizes the activation and connection.

Now the first and second chakra represent your physical needs and sexual drive and so on. You go up and get to self-identification and will power or ego (3rd chakra), compassion and love (4th chakra), making yourself heard and communicating ( 5th chakra), intuition/knowing (3rd eye), and spiritual awareness (crown chakra) and so on. This is not about the details here but just the general idea.

Stepping out of your comfort zone or personal bubble is like allowing the snake to continue on its way upwards. I don’t want to scare you here, there is no real snake! But anyone familiar with the topic should understand, and the experts may leave a comment and applaud on what I said or just call me a fool.

Moving out of your comforting bubble, and helping others getting out of their bubble is representing the Hermetic Principle of Correspondence. Your awareness and value creating actions in the “outside world” by helping others, help you to spiritually awake internally and finding your purpose that way. Therefore, not just finding your purpose, but actually living it is in alignment with your spiritual journey. Activating and connecting your chakras causes you to resonate with your own core frequency that is absolutely unique and therefore has to make you fulfill your purpose with your mere presence and being. This is when you tap into your true authenticity and BE YOU. This is your only purpose: I AM – OM – The sound of you!

What about the “life purpose” concept?

Does everyone have a life purpose?

On a “spiritual point of view” and considering that everything is energy and vibration then each one of us has to have his own individual frequency. Everything in the universe is unique. There are no such things as two things being exactly the same. There are underlying principles, self-similarity, the fractal principle and so on but there are simply no copies. This in turn means that everything is unique but connected to everything that is at the same time.

Seeing it this way you can only fulfill your life purpose if you recognize your uniqueness and live it 100%. There is no need to fit in and be like others because it is simply impossible and would in fact oppose the universal order.

Do I need a life purpose?

You don’t need a life purpose or to mysteriously find it somewhere. Your life purpose is being alive and being you. It is as simple as that.

However, I know that this will not satisfy many of you. The next question I hear you asking is: “How can I be me?”

So let’s see how you can find your life purpose or better, rediscover who you are.

How To Find Your Purpose In Life

There are basically two concepts reverberating through the online world after a dedicated search.

Concept 1: Follow your passion

You are passionate about something and just keep doing it no matter what. And when you lead a passionate life you are living your life on purpose.

This may work for some people but not for all. There are certainly some people that know already at a very young age what they are passionate about but for the majority it is more like a life long process. In the end you can start out with something thinking that it is what you want to do only to realize that it is not for you and ending up doing something totally different.

Then again, when you have a dream of doing something it might not be in alignment with your current life situation and the things you have to take care. And the stuff you would like to do may not really generate enough money to life from it or you are not good enough to make money from it.

You will soon end up realizing that you have to put in serious effort in order to make it work even you now what you are passionate about.

Concept 2: Getting good at something makes you passionate about it

The other possibility is that you are already working very hard and know what you are talking about. However, you would never think that you are actually passionate about it. But there is a chance that you still do once you get credited for your good work and solutions.

You may start to see yourself as an expert and wanting to get even better at it. Suddenly you realize that you have become quite passionate about it. Yet again, it requires effort to get there.

The essence of living your life on purpose

You have to step out of your comforting bubble and get a new perspective.

You have to create value to get value back one way or another.

You can set a big goal and (going backwards) derive manageable smaller goals that you intend to achieve. Or you just start where you are right now considering what you did so far in your life and work forward from there, taking small steps that expand your capabilities. Essential is that you get started at all! You can adjust the goals or wherever you are heading to as new opportunities open up but you need to move.

Either you are following your passion in the first place or you discover it on the run, you have to put in daily and consistent effort:

Passion + Daily Action = Purposeful Life

So what is your passion then?

There is certainly at least one thing in your life that keeps you awake in the night. Doing it you easily forget to eat and sleep. You may not realize that this particular thing could be something meaningful or important for others because it comes so naturally and easy to you.

It could be not just a single skill or thing you do but rather a combination of things that allow you to do something out of it which no one else could do like you.

You could be good at putting abstract descriptions into meaningful pictures, designs or logos. Maybe writing a lot and very fast is very easy for you. It could be that you read and analyze large text quickly and thoroughly without even knowing how good you are. Maybe you are a tech geek being always at the forefront of new products and gadgets. It could be that you are very organized and tidy or very untidy but still know where your stuff is. It could be anything that comes very natural to you.

There is already something that you are doing most of your time but you just don’t see it because it is not only right in front of you but it IS YOU. You are doing something all day long which dominates a significant amount of your time, thoughts, conversations or actions.

You may not see it as something valuable at the moment but ask yourself the following three questions:

  1. What do I love?
  2. What am I good at?
  3. What does the world need?

Once you identify what you can do best in these three areay you won’t have just a job or even a career. You’ll have a purpose in life.

If you have to frantically look what you are passionate about, you simply aren’t passionate about it. You are most likely already doing it. You just manage to ignore it or see it as something unimportant because you miss to see outside of your bubble. You don’t see the value it could have for others that may have the same interest, problem, or questions about it. There is absolutely no reason doing something you hate or not doing something you love. There is always a way to create value out of what you are passionate about.

Once you manage to share this value (passionately) you give purpose to what you do. Be creative (outside your bubble), have an impact (creating value), and take back control over your life with a purpose behind it.

What To Do With Your New Found Purpose?

Remember that you have to get good at something? What is the best way to get good at anything?

Teaching, teaching, teaching!

Do you have to become a teacher?


Another form of teaching is sharing with others what you do. Show/share what you do and how you do it and help to make the world a better place.

So the only way to do it is to get out there and say whatever you have to say and continue from there. This is the best way to get good at it. Really learning something means being able to explain it to others. And the easiest way to explain it is to do it over and over again but not for you alone. No, for anyone interested in it to see.

There is a distinction between self-directed learning in which you focus on stuff simply out of interest and self-directed learning in which you learn stuff and then create value out of it for others either by offering them services or products, by showing them how they can help themselves, or all of it together.

Now this is something to be passionate about!

Start your holistic life transformation and change your life today to become your greatest version. Let’s make this world a better place by unleashing our inner greatness and helping others doing the same.

Have a wonderful week my friend.

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