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How To Find Stillness And Solve Your Problems

“The answers you seek never come when the mind is busy. They come when the mind is still.” – Unknown

What It Means For Me

Today, I was looking for a scarf before going outside to do my Freeletics session. I was looking everywhere and was really trying to find it. Then I stopped for one moment thinking about what always helps me when I try to come up with a solution:

I stopped doing what I did.

In this case, I stopped wanting to find the scarf. I cleared my mind and relaxed mentally. It was my conscious decision to do so and what happened is that I saw the scarf suddenly at the exact same location that I was looking before frantically.

How can this happen and what is it teaching us?

In my opinion, it is our mind that is literally blinding us or rather blocking us from receiving the solution. Whereas when we stop wanting then our subconscious mind is able to give us the solution that we were asking for.

This is not the first time that I had a problem and asked my subconscious mind for a solution. All you have to do is to name your request and wait for your subconscious mind to process it. The output will come as an idea or or in my case, I was suddenly seeing what I was asking for. Trust in its vast processing capabilities and that it is not going to disappoint you. It is simply amazing that it seems to always work.

The benefits are that your stress levels stay low, that the outcome tends to be better than we could wish for, and that it is always just the right thing that is happening.

Now, when it is possible to get results for our small daily problems (that can easily add up and ruin our good mood just like the “big ones”) then it will also work for the bigger problems in life.

I remember a big exam that I had back in university. It was about advanced fluid dynamics and I was unable to calculate anything just four days before the exam took place, despite ten days of preparation time. First, I tried to back out and to deregister but it was already too late for this, and I felt desperate. So I asked my subconscious mind for help and not only imagined to pass the exam but to pass it with the best possible grade. I visualized the outcome that I wanted. After this I managed to get some sample calculations that helped me to prepare much better. Finally, I passed the exam with the best possible grade and I was the best student out of 98 participants. This came totally unexpected to me but I don’t believe in coincidence or just luck (and no I wasn’t cheating 🙂 )

How to get still in the mind

How to get there?

Understand that your mind is so much more powerful than you think it is. More so, you are in absolute control of how you use that power and how much power you actually allow yourself to have. This is so crucial! This knowledge alone can have a tremendous influence on your life. If you need some ideas for learning more about it, then I can recommend you my top recommendations for books to read in 2017 that are going to fundamentally change your mind. Once you realize that you simply have to set the bar as high as can. Only when you think that it is possible, it actually becomes possible.

Understand your subconscious mind and learn to communicate with it so that you can access its vast resources. One way is the one described above when you still your mind. Simply ask for a solution to your problem. State it clearly and wait for the solution. Sounds weird, but it works surprisingly well.

What is the best way to still your mind?


This is a great way to stop you mind from thinking. The harder the exercise, or the more you have to focus on what you are doing, the better it is for you to relax mentally. Besides all of the physical benefits that exercising has on your body, it is also a great way to come up with solutions. Just today when I was running, an idea popped up in my head that will benefit me for a meeting that I will have next week.


I have to be honest, but I am not a regular practitioner of meditation. But you don’t need excessive meditation sessions to still your mind. All you need to do is to become aware that you are not your thoughts. Just focus on your breathing and become alert. This means that you are consciously aware of being the observer of your thoughts. You are the being that is beyond your hypnotic self-talk that keeps you trapped in your own story. You are not just the thoughts, memories, and emotions of your life that just exist in your mind. You are the present being that IS in the one eternal moment. Realize that everyone is that eternal being as well, and see the connection to everything that is. Detach yourself from the form and come into the now; this is where all the power of meditation is. Read more about this in the “Power of Now” by E. Tolle, I wrote a review right over here.


When you are sleeping than your mind is actually still, at least you are not aware of what is going on which is actually a lot. What you can do right before sleeping is to provide your mind with the right input that can be processed overnight and produce the right results. You may wake even wake up and have an idea to a problem. Make sure to have a notebook beside you and write it down immediately. When you learn something before going to sleep then it is remembered much better. It is also a great time to think about your goals for the next day, for being grateful, and for visualizing your dreams and long term goals.

The time JUST before fully waking

When I am about to wake up I tend to have great ideas and inspirations for my daily plans. Your mind is not fully awake yet but your subconscious seems to be running on 100%. This is also the time when you have the wildest dreams. But once you get though the dreaming part and are about to actually get up, then you mind is still very clear. Thinking about your daily tasks, you can actually make a conscious statement in your mind that everything is going to be just fine and turn out very smoothly. Allow your thoughts to run loose and just let go. Just enjoy being you and that you can create the day that you want. Get into a positive self-talk rather than worrying about all the daunting tasks that lay in front of you.

Right after you wake up is also a great time to work on your personal dream. Make it part of your morning routine to work on what you are truly passionate about. This should be a scheduled daily activity that helps you to achieve your dreams.

Anytime when you think of it

As described before, you can use every breath to still and clear your mind. Do it whenever you get aware of your thoughts talking to you without you being in control. Be it in the elevator, before a meeting, while you are waiting on the traffic light, or the moment you are picking up your coffee. Just do so while consciously detaching yourself from your stream of endless and useless thoughts and create the space for that stillness. You can learn to get more alert in everything you do. This is how you find peace in the mind.

Reprogramming you mind

I have stated this many times before and I cannot stress enough the importance of actually reprogramming your mind in the long term.

You can do so by using daily affirmations, repeating actions, EFT, and (my personal favorite) self-hypnosis. For me it is simply very relaxing to listen to a self-hypnosis track right before going to sleep. I simply like to imagine myself being in a relaxing location like on a beach and enjoying my time there. As you relax more and more, you get ready for the actual script that is the core part of each hypnosis session. It reprograms your subconscious and can help you to think like a millionaire, stop smoking, lose weight, erase bad memories, and to build confidence and self-belief.

Currently, I am listening to a track to build my self-belief which is very nice. I am actually looking forward to get reassured in what I am doing each time that I am listening to it. This might look like i am depending on hypnosis, but this is not exactly the case because once you have implemented these new beliefs in your daily life then you no longer need these hypnosis tracks. You rather start to see the confirmation and evidence by yourself with your new focus and perception. Things just happen much more effortlessly and with ease. Try it out for yourself and tell me how it went.

How To Find Stillness And Solve Your Problems?

Follow these simple steps that help me with my problems:

  1. Let go of wanting to find a solution.
  2. Try to still your mind in one of the ways described above
  3. Describe your problem as detailed as you can to your subconscious mind and say what you want
  4. Give yourself the time to receive the solution. Be ready to receive hints and ideas
  5. In order to increase your ability to perceive the processed results, you have to be open-minded and as relaxed as possible. Try to reprogram your subconscious mind in the area your life that is most urgent to you. This will help you to find solutions easier in that particular area.
  6. Trust your gut feeling and intuition. Be ready to take action when you feel that you have to. Don’t let your mind interfere and be too “reasonable” because this will lead you nowhere. In hindsight, you will often see that you should have taken action and just trusted your intuition. Furthermore, don’t ask the wrong people to help you with your problem because they might not know the answer you were looking for.

I am still refining the process but I have come a long way since I started to actively “ask” my mind for solutions. In combination with my mind reprogramming efforts I get faster and better results for the problems that I have. The only thing to do is to trust your intuition and to immediately take dedicated action. Although this means to move out of your comfort zone over and over again I have to say that I am enjoying the journey so far. Hopefully, this post helps you in becoming your greatest version.

Leave a comment below and tell us what is working for you. Have a great week and share this post with your friend if you found it to be helpful.

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