How To Find Peace Within Yourself

This post is about how to find peace within yourself. Today I will tell you how a little exercise made me discover the difference between wanting to change something and letting change happen. You may not be aware of it yet, but the difference is huge and I am going to tell you why. Besides that, you can try to make this little exercise by yourself and see what effect it has on you and the insights it may give you. Finally, I share with you why we always want more and why this is equal to literally running away from your inner peace and how you can avoid doing so.

The Importance Of Inner Peace

I think the driving force behind all human behavior, either we are aware of it or not, is to find some sort of bliss, happiness or peace in our lives. To be in peace with yourself and your environment is the highest form of being. Being at peace in every moment, means to be in a constant state of positive emotions like love, gratitude or abundance. Peace occurs when you let go of wanting to change what is. It allows you to enjoy each moment, and creating anything you desire in a harmonious and resitance-free way, while being in a state of effortlessness.How To Find Peace Within Yourself

Emotion is “energy in motion” or vibration, and the higher the frequency of that vibrating energy the better and more powerful it is. At the same time you will attract more of the same vibration into your life.

It is therefore highly desirable to know how to get into this state of being. Most people are not living in a constant state of inner peace. The result of it you can witness every day in the news.

Create anything you desire

Living in a state of inner peace will attract more peace and create anything you desire in a harmonious and resistance-free way. As soon as you are not in inner peace, you start wanting to change what is. Whenever you want something, this inevitably creates resistance and sends out the vibration of “lack”. This resistance actually prevents change from happening and by the cosmic laws you have to remain in lack.


Exercise: How Much At Peace Do You Feel?

Now for this little exercise you need a pen and a sheet of paper. Once you have it, please write down with your hand (not the computer) and answer the following questions:

Q1: How much at peace do you feel? Give a rating from 1 (best) to 10 (worst)

(My answer for this for the first time was a 6)

Q2: In this moment what do you want to change the most? Write it down and try to let go as best as you can.

(My job and financial situation)

Q3: Again, in this moment what do you want to change the most. Write it down and try to let go as best as you can. This can be the same as before or something else.

(I want to have the ease to accept this moment)

Q4: One last time, in this moment what do you want to change the most? Write it down and try to let go as best as you can.

(I want to change that inner tension and pressure that keeps me going but never ever satisfies me. I want to change the feeling of need to do something and to release that energy block)

Q5: At the end ask yourself again how much at peace do you feel after that exercise on a scale from 1 to 10.

(My answer to Q5 was a 1)

At the beginning I was not convinced by this little exercise, but if you try to go inside of you and let go, this can be very powerful. So, after I did this exercise I realized something enormous and I received a picture in my head (Thank you universal intelligence and spiritual guidance for that insight). I had to write down my thoughts which became part of this post.

Difference Between Wanting Change And Letting Change Happen

The very important thing to understand here is the difference between wanting to change something and letting change happen. Allowing something to be as it is in this moment creates the space for it to change. If you always want something you will never find peace.

Inner Peace

To want something equals lacking it

Wanting sends out lacking, and that is what you are going to attract. Your emotion, which is energy in motion (vibration), attracts more of the same emotion or energy. The picture I received is that of a bulb or a sphere that is impermeable to the thing that you want because sending out that emotion of lacking prevents that what you want to get to flow towards you.

The sphere of resistance around you

It is outside of that sphere all the time, you can see it and it is almost within reach. But the more you want it the less you get it and the more impermeable and bigger gets that sphere of lack around you. But in order to allow change to happen you have to let go of the feeling of wanting. The lower vibration of the emotion of lacking and wanting prevents the higher vibration of joy and peace to come into your life, they literally repel the higher vibrations and frequencies.

It is like putting a big tube vertically into a river. You can stand within that tube without getting wet and all the water flows around you. This water symbolizes constant change and all the riches and abundance you can dream of. And you wanting that is exactly what causes the tube to be there. You cannot remove it until you let go of everything that you want in the very present moment. Allow this moment to flow through you and accept whatever it brings. Allow the change to happen by accepting what is! Only then can you get in contact with the stream of life that enables you to alter its course in the direction that you desire by creating out of a state of inner peace.


Allow change to happen

To give you an example, let me tell you of something I just realized doing this exercise. Whenever in the past I wanted something and was literally craving for it, it never came. Only after I let go of wanting it, it finally happened! One of this was to get a girlfriend, and another was to get a job after I finished my studies. In both cases, it felt like the more I wanted, the less successful I was. Only after I accepted the state that I was in things started to flow to me automatically and easily. Back then I didn’t fully understand why it was like this. But doing this little exercise today helped me to realize that.

Accepting the moment is how you get at a state of inner peace.

Why Do We Always Want Something?

Here is another secret that can be unveiled by asking the following question: What is it that we are actually wanting all the time?

The answer is that it does not matter what we want. But what does matter is what happens the moment that we get what we want. Then we are satisfied for a short period of time until the next desire starts to draw attention in the mind until you cannot avoid hearing it and all of a sudden you have that urge again to want something else. But what it is that makes us feeling good ones we get it?

As you can guess it is not the object or the event itself that satisfies us. IT IS THE LACK OF DESIRES in that very moment that makes us peaceful. Look at how important this is!

Our quest for inner peace makes us running away from it

Stop looking for peace. It is already there

The peace is there all the time in the one eternal present moment and we just need to delve into it. But we literally run away from it trying to fulfill just another meaningless desire that will bring us only short satisfaction.

We have to allow ourselves to let go of resistance of the present moment and to let it happen. The moment we are going to fulfill our desire is just another present moment that will change again. We have the power to feel at peace all the time no matter the circumstances. This is truly lived wisdom and will give you everything you asked of the universe.

Cultivate Your Inner Peace

As you may assume, it is not enough to do this once and expect immediate results. There are many blocks and limiting belief systems within us that need to be transformed gradually. This is basically going to rewire your brain, more precisely your subconscious mind. There are different ways to do it, but all of them require commitment, persistence and willpower. This could be to have your individual morning ritual that helps you to energize you for the day. Another method is auto-suggestion, where you try to reprogram your mind through repetition. Other and more efficient ways are brainwave entrainment, hypnosis and EFT. All of them require dedicated and radical action from your part.

Knowing things will not change anything, only applying this knowledge is lived wisdom that can help you transform your life.

Over time I will write about all of these methods on this site and tell you when and how to use them.

Feel free to share your experience with that little exercise or what you are doing to stay in inner peace.




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