How To Find Peace In The Mind

In order to know how to find peace in the mind it is important to understand what the causes are of being not at peace. Only then can you start the healing process which will make you feel at peace in your mind. Looking at our planet you can easily see what happens if most of the people are not at peace in their minds.

To cover all of this I structured the post into three parts

  • Situation on the planet
  • The un-peaceful mind
  • Six ways to find peace in the mind

Situation On The Planet

The current situation on earth could be described in two ways.

On the one side it seems like our world is getting crazier every day and at a faster speed than ever before: Crisis, wars, pollution, fear and terror, diseases, people getting crazy, economic recessions with our financial system about to collapse and so on.

The list could go on and on. You may say there always have been crises before but it can be seen that what once seemed to true is no longer valid. If you can think of the weirdest cruel or unheard of events, probably somewhere in the world something has happened like this. No matter how low you set the level of wickedness or unscrupulousness there is always someone who can easily pass through it. There are actually people that want to create fear and destruction and that try to take over control for whatever reason and to satisfy whatever motivation.

Demonstrators protest against the government of Brazil's President Rousseff in front of the National Congress in Brasilia

But in this dualistic world there is also the other end of people collectively awakening, there is a pole shift of earth’s magnetic field ongoing like never before in recent history, a new time consciousness makes time being experienced very individually, and more people get aware of synchronicity and telepathy and what so ever. Call it nonsense or not, there are changes going on and our materialistic view on the world simply cannot explain them or dismiss them all as coincidence or imagination.

Without going into the numbers here it is quite obvious that our world is facing new and bigger problems at an increasing rate.
The way we used to live and what we believe is our reality seems to be superficial and outdated at times.

How to deal with the negativity?

How can someone deal with all those things going on around the planet be it seemingly positive or negative?

First of all, change always happens. It happened in the past and it will happen in the days to come. Life is about change and there is nothing you can do about it. If something is not changing then it gets brittle over time and finally has to break like a dead twig breaks from the tree while the living one is floating in the wind. So there is nothing you can do about change, right?

But what you can do is progress. No matter what is going on in the world, the question we have to ask ourselves is this: How is what I am doing right now serving me? Will it help me to progress in life or not? What is it that I want to progress towards to?

Did you ever ask yourself those questions? And if so, did you change something about it or do you tell yourself that you still have time and that you intend to do it in ten years when you have to work less, or when the kids leave home, when you retire or when you have enough money?

False Identity

The main reason people don’t want to change anything is because they scare to give up what they created, their self-concept and self-schema, what other people think of them and how they could actually make a living or keep their status. But what are all those things that we scare to loose or don’t want to be changed? It is our identity! It is what we think we are or seem to be: My name, my job, my car, my family, my money, my football team, my nation, my religion, etc.

Is this who we really are or is this just facade? Do you really believe that this is what you are, did you very truly identify yourself whit it? For sure you did as did I. That is why you scare to lose it. And this is the number one reason for all of our conflicts. What remains if you take away all of it?

What happens if you lose your identity, would you feel lost and empty, alone and worthless, or would it actually free yourself?

The caterpillar has to lose its identity to become a butterfly. Each one of us has the power to decide which path he or she wants to go.

Do you live to just survive or do you want to live to thrive?

How To Find Peace In The Mind

The Un-Peaceful Mind

People live in a prison of their own creation. Sometimes they rearrange the furniture in their cell or put the pillow on the other side of the bed and call it freedom. They prefer to live in what they believe is reality instead of reality itself. But where do our beliefs come from? Belief is determined by what is in your mind and the experiences you made in your life, and that of your parents and their parents.

For illustration, read the following story (which I read somewhere). It does not really matter if this story is true or not because it is the essence of it that matters:

A young man is cooking a stew with his wife. He saw her cutting bacon rind into three pieces before putting it into the stew and asked her why she did it. She answered that she does not know and that she saw her mother doing it before. When they visited the mother one day he was reminded of it and asked her about it. She also answered that she learned to do so from her mother but does not know why. So when they finally met the grandma of his wife and he asked her about it, she said: “We were quite poor when I was younger, so we couldn’t afford to buy what we wanted. Therefore, we had just one tiny little pot where the piece of bacon rind wouldn’t fit in, so I had to cut into three pieces that would fit into the pot.”

I don’t know if this story is real or if it even was bacon rind or something else but the point here is that our beliefs determine our actions. Your beliefs are part of your identity and this is also a part of the problem.

Root of suffering #1: Identification with your body

We see ourselves separated from the people, the nature and the world around us. Identification with “I am my body” is a major reason why we fear of being alone; losing our identity and whatever it is we think is ours. Living as an individual, my body, my feelings, my story, my country, my family … creates the ego. If you take away the MY there is no ego, this is how you can free yourself.

Modern science proves that everything around us is energy. Matter is actually not what it seems to be (more on that in another post) which has also been expressed by master mind Nikola Tesla: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

You have to understand that you as a spiritual entity are not your body.

How To Find Peace In The Mind

Root of suffering #2: Identification with your mind

Our mind is a blessing and curse at the same time. It is a wonderful servant that enables us to experience the moment, making decisions, being creative and having phantasy and imagination. At the same time there is a second layer to it

Did you ever hear that voice in your head? I guess so; I even think it is talking to you right now. This is your mind commenting, analyzing, judging, fearing, wishing, remembering, hoping, worrying and longing for something we don’t have. And instead of living in the present moment, the only moment that ever exists and that truly matters, we are caught up in the past or worry about the future. We have to realize that we are not that voice in our head, this is not who we are.

“Freedom starts once you realize that you are not the thinker. As soon as you begin to observe the thinker, a higher consciousness is activated.” Eckhart Tolle

Although the capacity of imagination is a wonderful servant if used properly, we lost the capacity to switch it off. It has become like a disease, like a TV that can’t be switched off and runs all the time. Thoughts are not the problem, they are just thoughts, but our clueing to them and thinking that they are right causes the problem

Six Ways How To Find Peace In The Mind

  • Gratitude for that that is: Sit, relax, think of all the things that you are grateful for, I am thankful for this body, for the breathing flowing through my body, for my relations, for natures prosperity and beauty, the animals living in harmony
  • Accepting other peoples desires: Everyone has the same desires: to live a happy life and to be loved. This is not different to what I want, therefore, they cannot take away anything from me
  • Stop Judging: You mind continuously measures and judges either telling you something is good, bad, greedy, or whatever. This causes us to feel separated. Beware though that everything we experience is a mirror of how we feel inside. You can overcome this separation by adding the phrase “just like me”. “She is beautiful, just like me. You are greedy, just like me …”
  • Emotions: The difference between emotions and a feeling is the attachment of a story. Being angry WITH a story you start to judge and blaming in an endless repetitious way. Therefore, when you feel angry, try to allow yourself to feel the anger thoroughly for a couple of minutes, express the anger but try to feel it without the story. It is liberating to enter anger without any story because this a powerful way to transform that energy in something positive
  • Forgiveness: When you get hurt you shut down, you don’t give anymore, that is when you have to forgive (for-giving). Let go of the personality that you created, let go of the past, then there is nothing left. In this space is where alchemy and creation happens
  • Realize that separation is an illusion and that everything is connected

Should we condemn all the negativity and the people causing it? The question is, how is it serving us?

Making other people responsible for your life, is giving them power over you. Instead of fighting what you hate (which will create ALWAYS resistance and an even bigger enemy) you should create what you love. Whatever we focus on grows.

The “evil forces” have their place too in the world, because they cause people to wake up and think of what is going wrong. Once people wake up and shift their consciousness they truly can find peace in their mind and create it in the world around them.

Peace oof Mind


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4 thoughts on “How To Find Peace In The Mind”

  1. Interesting reading, and lots of food for thought here. I find by staying busy working to accomplish my goals goes a long way in giving me peace of mind. Especially since we have only a limited time on this planet.

    I try to limit watching news, and other sources of bad things going on all around, although we should never put our heads in the sand either. I guess, just not becoming too consumed with negativity, and doing what we can as individuals to make things more positive, goes a long way in maintaining one’s sanity!

    Thanks for the information!


    • Hi Mike,

      working towards your personal goals is something very empowering that can make you work for hours with you still being energized afterwards.

      Staying informed to a certain degree is helpful for sure. At the same time you have to ask yourself what you could have done else in the time watching the news or anything else for that matter. How much is it serving you?

      Stay positive and see you around

  2. Feel a positive energy after reading your post. It also makes me realize that I cannot control everything around me but I can design the direction of life. And I believe I can make it better.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    Like it so much

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