How To Define Wealth? – A Guide To What Truly Matters

Do you wonder why everyone wants to be wealthy but many don’t even bother about how to define wealth? I share with you how I see it and talk about:

  • Different Aspects Of Wealth
  • Wealth Vs. Money
  • How To Become Wealthy

Different Aspects of Wealth

Before we talk about getting wealthy we should think about what it actually means to us. Many definitions relate wealth to some economic value in terms of a accumulation of resources that are available in abundance. You probably could replace wealthy with rich; others may say being rich and wealthy is not the same. I didn’t study economics or philosophy and I don’t want to recite common definitions.

Instead I allow myself to go beyond those overly intellectual definitions and keep it simple. So first of all, wealth is always subjective and each one of us may have a different idea about it.

What makes us wealthy?

Some things that you might relate to being wealthy are:

  • The amount of money and possessions you have
  • Having wonderful relationships or people that surround you like children, partner, family and friends
  • Time to do what you like without the necessity to work
  • Wealth is health. As long as you are healthy you have everything you need
  • All of the above plus anything you can think of as well

Therefore, wealth could be considered as living in a state of abundance in which you don’t lack in anything, be it related to your health, your material possessions, relationships or the time to do what you want.

So whatever physical expression or shape it becomes, it causes us to feel in a certain way. Basically, it can be said that you are free of desires and that you are full of joy and happiness almost all of the time. And as long as you are experiencing wealth in its physical manifestation, you feel in that way. You can live in harmony with yourself and the environment and life your to its fullest potential, in freedom and prosperity. In essence you are free of any desire and living in the present moment.
How to define wealth

Imagine being wealthy

Imagine now being wealthy and living a life in abundance in every aspect of your life. All the aspects that were mentioned before are available; you would have everything you desire. What would you feel like?

When you make this thought experiment you will realize that beside all other positive emotions the governing thought will be gratitude. Feeling simply grateful for everything in your life makes you realize how wealthy you are.

What has Gratitude to do with Wealth? Everything!

As long as you cannot be grateful although you have everything you can ask for, you cannot be wealthy. New desires will create a feeling of lacking, of not having everything you want. The ability to feel gratitude is a condition to become wealthy!

Understanding Desires

When we want something we will be only satisfied the moment we get it. Our satisfaction will last for a short while and we think it is because of the thing we just got and after that a new desire will replace the old one. But what truly happens in the moment of achieving is that simply no desire is running and we feel peace. This peace is there all the time but we simply don’t realize it running after all those desires.

Having more desires sends out energy of lack, of not having enough, and this is exactly what you will receive back. You can only be wealthy in the present moment, not in the past and not in the future, because the future is just another now.

Live in the moment and be grateful of who you are. This is where true wealth begins. This is when you can start to walk like a billionaire, or better like being priceless. Being wealthy means to live in a state of no desire only then can you be truly free. Live in the moment and accept it the way it is, this is true wealth.

So in essence, wealth is actually an emotion or a state of mind. You can become wealthy just by changing your mind. Being wealthy is not something you need to move towards, it is something that comes to you and you have the power to decide.

Wealth vs. Money

Now you can say: But what about the money? I still need to pay those bills. I will lie to myself saying that I am wealthy. And my imagination today will not help to erase my debts by tomorrow.

No matter what your situation is, it is the result of your decisions from the past and it is an exact reflection of your inner state of mind. If you cannot change the situation you are in right now, you have to change yourself first. Inside-out is the way it goes not the other way round.

Money is just a tool, a common belief system that everyone agrees on. It is a sort of energy exchange. Currency comes from current. Money needs to flow in order to be of value. If you store your money you cannot receive an exchange for it. On the other hand, if you spend all your money you get literally drained. Money itself is neutral and only the way we use it makes it seemingly good or bad. Now ask yourself, are you just running after the money alone and once you have it, what would you do with it?

Do you know that there are actually millionaires that are depressed because they feel like they don’t know what to do all day long? There are only so many drinks, parties and pleasure you can have but at some point you need to do something that fulfills you. Having money alone cannot do that.

Thought Experiment: A world without money

Why do we need money if we are so smart? Nature doesn’t need money and it works just so well. Now let us imagine that our world would stop using money from one day to another.

Are you doing what you truly like or are you doing what you do because you have to in order to get some money. But wait a minute, there is no money, what would you do then instead? Still up for that career?

Doing the same job because this is what you truly want? Great! But if no, take this little thought experiment to think of something in alignment with you innermost desires. And then you can start to step into your true authenticity. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to just do what you want? Or maybe you don’t even know what you want to do because there was no opportunity.

When you can answer these questions for you, then you take a big step towards being wealthy. Even in a world without money some people can be wealthier than others.

Start to dream

How To Become Wealthy

Go for what you truly like and the money will come as a byproduct. Many people go for the money and not for what they like to do. And that makes them unhappy. When you go for the money all of your life and you take the money away, what is it that remains? Your money will be taken away from you latest at the moment you take your very last breath. What will be your story to be told?

Strip away all the money, titles, positions, the status, your personality and the roles you represent. All that remains, after you fall out of your role, is simply yourself. See yourself, your true self! Feel within and step into being you. That is where wealth starts.

There is no more luxury for anyone than the ability to be you in space and time, anytime. This is what wealth is about. And this is how you can achieve it.

So there you have it. Wealth is just a state of mind that you can achieve anytime and is related to being grateful for what you already have. Starting within yourself will eventually change your environment. Doing what you came here to do in this life will make you feel happy and wealth will come as a byproduct.

If you need information of how you can start to become more wealthy and which tools to use you will find all of it on this website very soon as I am uploading more and more content.

What is wealth for you? Feel free to leave a comment below or to send me a message.


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How To Define Wealth? A Guide To What Truly Matters

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