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To Holistic Life Transformation

This website is all about changing your life to become your greatest version. There are many aspects in life that need to be balanced and harmonized for each one of us in order to be happy and fulfilled. To cover all these areas I am going to add more topics over time that cover different aspects like wealth, health, the mind and how we can reprogram it and so on. At this early stage you might not be able to see all yet but as I am adding more and more content, this will change over time.

Get the knowledge you need

Many of us don’t live their life to the fullest. Only because we are not ill, doesn’t mean that we are truly healthy and thriving, doing just fine is not living in abundance and achieving your innermost desires, being ok with your life doesn’t mean you are full of bliss in every moment. In order to become your greatest version, there is some fundamental knowledge that you need to know first. Knowledge is power and applied knowledge is wisdom. So applying these principles, ideas and laws of nature into your life requires you to understand them first.

Think as big as you can

Becoming aware of the underlying forces that shape our reality and universe is the first step towards your own development that will unfold your true potential and make you realize that the only purpose to be on earth is to have the most wonderful experience you ever can imagine. Can you even imagine that? Did you ever allow yourself to think as big as you want? Or did you back out at some point fearing that you might get disappointed or being seen as naive?

Change your life the way you want

I am not in possession of the Philosopher’s stone or anything like that. I simply collected more and more bits and pieces over the years and at increased speed over the last months that are adding to a bigger picture and that help me to lift the veil of unconscious delusion and separation that is clouding our vision and the way we see and understand reality. But this is not the end; it is just the beginning of continuous growth and development.

Getting Aware

Can you see the beauty and wisdom of an ant scuttling on the ground? Are you hearing the symphony of joy the birds are orchestring each and every day? Do you understand what your biggest opponent or your worst experience is trying to teach you? If you are asking yourself what this is all about then you found the right place. It is no coincidence that you are reading this now.

Start to question everything

You probably have been starting to ask questions we normally have no time to ask and you were looking for answers supposedly nobody can give you. Maybe I cannot answer your questions, but I dedicate my efforts to make you find your answers within yourself, basically the only place you need to look at. But many of us don’t even know how to ask the right questions anymore at the first place!

Can you see the wisdom of a child playing, not noticing anything around it, and being in the present moment? How much wiser it is just asking innocent questions that are sometimes too simple for us to answer straight forward? We then give all sorts of complicated explanations trying to simplify them in a way a child can understand, instead we are the ones who over complicate things. It is asking that makes us starting to think and stop lying to ourselves.

  • Why do people fight each other?
  • Why do people get ill?
  • Does life have to be hard?
  • Why animals don’t need to go to work?
  • What is money?

These are question that came just in my head and are not necessarily questions asked by children. But you can see that simply asking the right question can shift your focus and the way you see the world. If nothing is shifting inside of you right now, don’t worry 🙂
Let’s start this wonderful journey and find out together.

Begin your journey

How my example can help you

Everyone is unique, there won’t be anyone anytime that has exact the same life, the same experiences or the same view on the world. Many of us know this fact, but still we are comparing ourselves to others trying to either look better than we are or to downplay others achievements. That is one of the fundamental reasons of all our conflicts inside and around us.
Why can’t we see our own divine nature and fully accept it and those of others as well? Why we are competing against each other instead of creating together? Feel how powerful these questions are.

The only way to change the world is to start to change you first. This way others can see your example, start asking the right questions and find out what is right for them. This is what I did and what I will continue to do, just not alone anymore. Sharing my story with you is part of my learning process as well and will therefore help me to help you even more (you may want to read that again).

I feel a deep gratitude to be able to write this right now at the beginning of this wonderful project. And I have a vision for this website (why it is that important to have a vision, I will tell you here as well). My vision is that this website will reach as many people and help them as much as possible. The more leverage this gets the stronger the momentum will be that supports the ongoing shift in human consciousness.

Feel free to share your story and inspire others. Discuss and leave comments whenever you feel that you have to say something.


photo credit: jung-ming wang; luzzelmann