Holistic Life Transformation Is Now One Year Old

Exactly one year ago, Holistic Life Transformation went live. The idea was born at the beginning of 2016 when I was sitting in a bus towards my hometown.

I had the idea of creating a website that uses an holistic approach to help people change their lives in every aspect to become their greatest version.

If you wish to have a look at the very beginning then you can get an impression right here or read my first post:

What Is “The Science Of Getting Rich” About? – Book by Wallace D. Wattles

Now, after 61 posts, more than 20 pages, and even a few videos, I can say that it has been an amazing journey so far. This is just the beginning and the website will continue to grow, change and reach out.

It is the first time in my life that I created something with the intention to share my thoughts with others and actually help them.

And you know what my biggest reward is?

Every time someone visits my website, comments, likes, shares, or subscribes to my content. It is the most incredible feeling that I can make people interact with things and ideas that I have initiated.

It just makes me feel very humble and grateful.

I am starting to express myself more and hopefully better with every post and while doing so I get inspired with new ideas and new knowledge.

In case you are interested in creating your own blog, you can read here where I have learnt everything I need to build a successful website.

What can you expect from the year ahead?

Well, it is not easy to commit to something when you cannot see the outcome yet. But I keep saying that we all need to move out of our comfort zone and do new things to see new results.

So here is my commitment:

I plan to create a course about goal setting which will provide you with all necessary tools to set, follow, and eventually achieve your goals.

For me, it is my fist course and a big personal lesson about goal setting as well. The best way to learn is to teach. And this is what I am basically doing with this course.

And there are more specials planned that will follow after the roll out of this first course. Further, I plan to do a little re-organization of the website to make it leaner and easier and somehow lighter.

If you want to know what you can expect from my goal setting course then you may have a first glimpse at the goal setting post series. There you can get started already and set your goals right away:

  1. Introduction To Goal Setting – 8 Steps To Achieve Your Goals
  2. How To Set Goals And How To Achieve Them
  3. How To Stay Motivated To Reach Your Personal Goals
  4. About How To Learn From Your Mistakes – Make Them Count!

Let’s make this year the best we ever had.

In any case, feel free to send me questions or feedback to


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Feel free to share and like.

Enjoy reading and have a wonderful time my friend


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