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What is Health About

In the Health category I am going to address all issues related to the health of us individually, as a society, but also of our brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom and our planet in general. There can be no doubt that our current way of living is not always healthy despite the advances in medicine and medical treatments. But before we start complaining about how bad everything is and getting into “paralysis through analysis” we should simplify the process and start to look at ourselves first.

Getting Started with Health

As described in the Welcome page and by quoting Mr. Gandhi: “Be the change that you want to see in the world”; it is of paramount importance to start with yourself first and know where you want to go. Once you are on your way towards personal health, you can inspire others to do the same.

So here are the four most important reasons in my opinion that affect our health:

  • Our Thoughts: Number one reason why we are or become ill is our thinking. Our thoughts create our reality and thinking of ourselves in a certain way might be either beneficial or not.
  • Our Food: You are what you eat. As you know, our food is made of matter, and matter is nothing else than energy and information which becomes a part of our body. Our very cells are literally built by the stuff that we eat.
  • The Way We Treat Our Body has a big impact on our health. Do you sleep enough, make sport and avoid addicting unhealthy substances or do you not pay so much attention to this?
  • Our Environment: Staying in nature and in an environment that is lifting us up can have a positive impact on our health

Over time I try to tell you step by step what helped me along my way to become healthier and why I think that this is the right way for me more so, why it can be beneficial for you to do the same.

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2 thoughts on “Getting started with Health”

  1. Dear Rene,

    I totally agree with you especially on the part “Our Thoughts”. What we believe make us stronger or weaker.

    I personally experienced my thought influencing my health dramatically. Therefore, I never tell to myself that I am sick and I need a medicine. When I start to feel not good with my body, I am rather ignore it and somehow it automatically disappears.

    Keep continuing Rene, like to read your posts. Can I share it?

    Thank you and regards

    • Hi Rungthip,

      Thanks for commenting and I will post more over time especially in this category. It is good to stay positive with your thoughts and to avoid talking about diseases and negative topics because when someone tells you about his or her problems this can actually drain your energy level while the other person starts to feel better because they literally dispose their negative energy on you.

      However, I don’t think that you should ignore your feelings because this may cause new energy blocks. Rather try to accept them and feel them as intensely as you can and give them space to be felled, and then let them go.

      A trick that helps me to let go of emotions and bad feelings is to accept that emotion while disconnecting it from the story or the event that caused it.

      If you are really sick, you should always go to a medical doctor and take medicine. But at the same time you should realize that this can cure only the symptoms temporarily and not the underlying cause which is you have to discover by yourself.

      Feel free to share


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