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Does Freeletics work? What is Freeletics?

Does Freeletics Work - Freeletics Review

For me and for many Free-athletes it is not just a sport, it is a lifestyle. Besides helping you to get in shape, you will get a tremendous boost in your willpower.

Officially Freeletics is the name of a company that offers different software applications that are set out to help you get in shape.

As you may know, each one of us has a limited amount of willpower per day. By forcing ourselves to do things that require our willpower over and over again we:

  1. train our willpower in general, which helps us also for other areas of our life and in becoming more successful
  2. make the action that requires our willpower become a routine, thus requiring no more or at least much less willpower after a certain period of time

– Freeletics starts at the end of your comfort zone –

The original Freeletics started as a training that focuses on exercising by using only your body weight. Later on there have been more programs added that extended the original idea.

In this review, I am focusing on the body-weight-training and Coach, because this is what I am using.

Currently available are:

  • Body-weight Coach
  • Running Coach
  • Gym Coach
  • Nutrition Coach

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Important Change! (Updated on January 17, 2017)

Recently, there has been an update to Freeletics. It is no longer possible to use the web-based version of Freeletics! From now on you need to download the application on devices using either on iOS or Android.

The version that I have presented in the video is no longer available as they stopped supporting the website. If you use a Windows Phone (or a good ol’ Nokia) then you cannot use Freeletics. That’s it. For now, it is still possible to see and use all exercises and workouts, but the Coach has left the place. So either keep training without the coach or better get the right mobile device.

Special Tip: If you use a tablet then don’t use the running app or those super large smartphones. It is obviously not very convenient 🙂 What happened to those days when newer phones tended to get smaller and not larger?

Download Freeletics

Freeletics Workouts and Training (referral link)


Is this review now obsolete?

No, it is not. You can still read my review and get a better idea of what to expect from the bodyweight training that I prefer. The training itself has not changed. So go ahead and enjoy reading.

Already A Free-Athlete? Get Your Freeletics Starter Kit!

You can do Freeletics anywhere, but you still need some basic equipment to get started!

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This is what I use for my regular training to be absolutely flexible to train anywhere I want.

Changing Your Routine

Although I am not using the Nutrition Coach, I can highly recommend anyone starting out to pay more attention to what you eat. Assuming that you eat quite healthy and fresh foods already it might be enough to eat a little bit less bread and no more (daily) sweets.

You may also consider reducing the daily beer after work to one beer per week after successfully finishing your training schedule.

There might be more involved for those that like eating a lot of fast food, processed food, smoking and having other unhealthy habits. You don’t need to change all at the same time (or at all if you don’t want), because this will reduce the likelihood of your success.

But I just want to make you aware of the fact that no matter how much you train, your results will depend also on what you eat and whether you give your body the chance to regenerate properly.

Reward yourself

You still love fast food and don’t want to miss it? Fine, why not rewarding you after a tough training week and making this your motivation to keep training? No training, no fast food! As time progresses you may eventually come to a point where you don’t need this sort of motivation anymore and even see it as something that even impedes your desired training outcome.

Start with one thing at a time and then move forward step by step.


There are a number of exercises that build the core of the Freeletics training. Detailed video tutorials show you exactly how you have to do them.

Below are 10 common standard exercises that you probably will meet on a weekly basis once you get started:

  • Burpees
  • Climbers
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Jumps
  • Lunges
  • Pullups
  • Pushups
  • Situps
  • Squats
  • Straight Leg Lever

Workout Examples

Workouts consist of certain exercises that have to be done in the same amount and order as instructed. Below there are three workout examples in standard mode.


Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6
2x20m Lunge Walk 2x20m Lunge Walk 2x20m Lunge Walk 2x20m Lunge Walk 2x20m Lunge Walk 2x20m Lunge Walk
10 Jumps 10 Jumps 10 Jumps 10 Jumps 10 Jumps 10 Jumps
2x20m Burpee Frogs 2x20m Burpee Frogs 2x20m Burpee Frogs 2x20m Burpee Frogs 2x20m Burpee Frogs 2x20m Burpee Frogs
10 Jumps 10 Jumps 10 Jumps 10 Jumps 10 Jumps 10 Jumps


Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
10 Burpees 25 Burpees 10 Burpees
10 Climbers 25 Climbers 10 Climbers
10 Jumps 25 Jumps 10 Jumps


Round 1
50 Burpees
50 Pullups
100 Pushups
150 Squats
50 Burpees

Workout Modifications

Endurance, Standard, Strength

There is also the possibility to train in endurance or strength mode which you can decide if you do the free training. Endurance workouts consist of less demanding exercises that you can do faster, while the strength workouts use elements that are more exhausting.

Example: High Knees (Endurance) – Jumps (Standard) – High Jumps (Strength)


Workouts that include running or moving along a certain distance like Kentauros are available in the 2×2 version, where you simply do alternative exercises that do not require you to use more space than 2×2 m. If you are a very tall guy you may adjust to 2.5 x 2.5 m 🙂


You can do a workout multiple times or only partly, let’s say 2/6 Kentauros would be the first two rounds only. But trust me, when I did Kentauros the first time I barely could get enough breath to do the first 20 m. And 20 m can be very long.

Some Numbers

Here is what you get

  • 29 workouts x 3 modes (Strength, Standard, Endurance) = 87 Workouts
  • Workouts that include some sort of distance have the option to be done 2×2 m which allows you to always train wherever you are
  • 14 exercises x 3 modes (Strength, Standard, Endurance) + 6 Special Skills =  48 Exercises
  • 12 predefined running distances + free run (can be anything) = 13 Running Options
  • Warm-up and Stretching routine

Free Freeletics Workout plan

Performance Tracking

To measure your performance and, hence, your progress over time will motivate you to continue your training even in tough times. For each workout, exercise or run you get a certain amount of points.

You can increase the number of points you get for one session by

  1. Beating your personal best time. You want to get faster
  2. Doing the stern version. You will get a star if you do each and every move exactly as shown in the tutorials

Further, you are encouraged to do a photo of yourself every week to document your progress.

The Coach

With so many training variations it only makes sense to get some sort of guidance according to your skill and fitness level.

The virtual “Coach” sets up the training schedule for you. In the free trial version, you don’t have a coach yet but at least some exercises and workouts to choose from. This helps you to get acquainted with the type of workouts so you can decide if this is something for you or not.

I remember my first Metis which took me 12:06 min. I couldn’t give me the star because I wasn’t able to do the last jumps properly getting my knees high enough. I was totally wasted, although at that time I was running several times a week already.

Beware though that the workouts can be quite hard at the beginning which might discourage you easily. Therefore, I recommend going for the paid version after trying the free version for 2-3 weeks. Your first challenge: Finish your first workout! And after that try to get the star and beat your personal best time.

Fitness Test

At the beginning, you will have a fitness test and some questions to evaluate where you are at the moment and to provide you with the right exercises. It doesn’t matter where you are at the moment, you can start from there and move on.

The coach will provide you with an individual training plan that is customized to your fitness level, so it will be easier for you to not give up before even starting.

You can choose to train 3 to 5 times a weeks and whether you want to focus more on cardio, strength, or both. I started with four times a week and strength and cardio at the same time and you may want to do the same at the beginning. Now I am doing 5 times a week with the focus on strength.


After every workout, you give a feedback. Further, you enter the time it took you to finish the workout and whether you give yourself a star for doing the stern version or not.

At the end of each week, you give another feedback where you say if you have any limitations for some body parts, how many days you want to train and if you want to focus on cardio, strength or both.

Does Freeletics Work

Hell Week

Once in a while, I am not sure after how many weeks there is a so-called hell week. As you may guess, this is not for the faint of heart. I observed that there are two types of hell weeks. One with 3 days training and 2 workouts (or workout plus extra exercises) and the other one with 7 days training and 2 workouts per day (or workout plus extra exercises). This is to test your willpower and to boost your performance. I feel whenever I just got used to the training schedule there will be a hell week to eliminate the slightest signs of a new comfort zone.

Transformational Video

There are many transformational videos out there that really can motivate you. I picked out just one for you to get a feeling

The Community

Another important aspect is the community. You will soon realize that you are not alone. Many other Freeletics enthusiasts fight every day to become their greatest version. If you are lucky you will even find a group in your area, so that you can train with others. No group yet? No problem, just create your own group and inspire others with your story.

Whenever you see someone that you follow finishing a workout you can give him or her a #ClapClap that helps them to stay motivated. On the other hand, you will feel motivated as well when others respect your efforts

Where to do freeletics

My Personal Story

Before I started

I started out with 74 kg at 179 cm height, so relatively skinny. Before that, I tried to implement doing push-ups and other stuff during running. This I tried for quite a while. Then I saw a friend doing Freeletics and I bookmarked it but forgot about it again. After a while when I got stuck in my office job and felt powerless, I remembered and signed up for the free trial version first. After maybe two or three weeks I stopped doing it again because I was still busy with moving to my new flat and also preparing for a relay marathon, so I basically was just running.

Then again, I didn’t start in a “normal” way. First I didn’t make any picture of myself. Second, I didn’t start out as hard as others. And after an initial trial period, I went back to running for a while.

Freeletics Review

I would say that I started to do it more seriously in May 2015. However,  I have to admit that times when I did it more frequently alternated with times when I did it less frequently. It is not that I stopped completely, but I just went at my own pace. So I got better and better but not as fast as others in there 15 weeks transformational videos.

Why? Because I simply did less then I should but also felt no urge to do more. I also had times when I went to a holiday, on a business trip or other stuff where I simply missed 3 or 4 days before I continued. Furthermore, I continued to go running from time to time, and I have to run about 2 km to the place where I can do the training. So I kind of mixed Freeletics with continued running exercises.

Anyway, this is what I achieved after about 9 months of training which is still not bad but not even close to what is possible if you really keep training hard. In 2016 I started to do it more rigorous and the results start to show already.

Freeletics workout plan

So if you decide to join you can visit my profile and follow me. And I will make sure to follow you back. And who knows until then I might finally have my own transformational video in place. Never say never!


Below I created a walk-through to my account so that you can get an even better understanding of what I tried to write about in this post.


If this motivates you to join Freeletics, you can do so here:

Freeletics Workouts and Training

Whatever you decide, choose wisely and move ahead with confidence.

If you want to share your Freeletics story or have any question about it, do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

Already A Free-Athlete? Get Your Freeletics Starter Kit!

You can do Freeletics anywhere, but you still need some basic equipment to get started!

==> Get your Freeletics Starter Kit here <==

This is what I use for my regular training to be absolutely flexible to train anywhere I want.

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  1. Wow this is pretty cool actually. Finally everything about fitness all in one place. I like what you said about willpower and how it is depleted throughout the day and that you can also train willpower just like a muscle. Have you read the Willpower Instinct? That is a great book on Willpower and gives you practical ways to build willpower.

    • Hi Matt,

      thank you for your comment. I think that willpower is one of the most important things when you want to change your habits or in this case, your exercise routine. Willpower instinct I didn’t read yet, but thank you for the hint. I will keep it in mind and add it to my ever growing “To-Read-List” 🙂

  2. This has been a really helpful post Rene

    I’m recovering from a broken ankle at the moment so unfortunately I can’t implement all of your tips and suggestions, but there certainly are a few I can do to help me on my road to recovery. Thank you

  3. Hi Rene,
    I have a couple of questions about Freeletics:
    1. You said that you had began with the ‘free’ version. Which trainigs did you do then? Because I want to have a good impression about the exercises, before I start with this.
    2. And how long do you had a coach (3 months, 6 months or 1 year)?

    • Hi Michelle,

      thank you for your comment. I try to answer your questions as best as I can, if my memory is correct:

      When I used the free version I had access to all exercises if I remember correctly but only some workouts where available like Metis, Aphrodite, and Dione and maybe another one.

      At that time I tried to do all the available workouts and some exercises here and then. This gave me a good impression about Freeletics. Then I realized that I wanted to give it a more structured approach and decided to go for the coach.

      2) The first year I paid each time for 3 months for four times. The second year I paid directly for one year.

      There also has been an important change! I will write an update about it as soon as possible:

      Right now the coach is only available if you use an iOS or Android mobile device and install the application. You cannot use the coach as a web-based application anymore, like I still did in the video.

      All the best with your training if you decide to go for it.

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