21 Upgraded Life Challenge Review – Does it work?

Watch this review about the 21 Day Upgraded Life Challenge by Jesse Elder. In this video you will learn:

– What the challenge is about

– If it is worth the investment (time, effort, money)

– Does it deliver what it promises?


7 Compelling Results I Get from Daily Meditation – Living from the inside out

Meditation allows us to directly participate in our lives instead of living life as an afterthought. -Stephen Levine You probably know about the benefits meditation can have. You might even have given it a try. And for a while you might have done it on a regular basis. But life had different plans for you. … Read more

7 Secrets To Become Unstoppable (with a smile on your face)

You look around you and see people all eagerly proclaiming their new year’s resolutions. You wouldn’t care, but you thought about your own progress since last year. You are not too impressed about yourself. Somehow you always get a good start but as the year unfolds and the weeks fly by, you get carried away … Read more

Ancient Manifesting Ritual Review – What is the Ancient Manifesting Ritual About?

Watch this review about the Ancient Manifesting Ritual by Sarah Prout. In this video you will learn:

– 3 Steps to find the right course for you (no matter which area of your life you want to improve)
– Insight into the Manifesting Academy
– What you are getting for your money
– And is it worth to join?

Moral High Ground? What Most People Get Wrong About Being Spiritual

Have you jumped on the spiritual-lifestyle train already? Do you consider yourself to be spiritual? Are you a beginner or a pro or do you even belong to the illustrious circle of light-workers? This is not something you become easily, it is hard work: Meditation, yoga, sun gazing, and daily affirmations just to name a … Read more

7 Hidden Forces That Rule Your Life — Unless You Learn to Master Them

7 Hidden Forces That Rule Your Life — Unless You Learn to Master Them Life has always been tough for you. You needed to fight harder than others. You never seem to get what you want. And the harder you try, the worse it gets. But sometimes you wonder if it has to be this way. … Read more