Best Answers To What Is Hypnosis For

Talking to a friend about my hypnosis experience I have been asked: But what is hypnosis for? Not being able to give a full answer I set up this post with the intention to do so.

In order to answer this question I made up this post of five parts:

  1. What is hypnosis?
  2. What happens during hypnotherapy?
  3. How hypnosis can improve your life
  4. My personal experience with hypnosis
  5. Can Everyone Do Hypnosis?

What is Hypnosis For

What is Hypnosis

Basically it is a state of mind that is commonly referred to as trance at which your body is in a state of deep relaxation but your mind is fully awake. There are however different levels of trance that can be reached and the deeper you go the easier it is to reprogram your subconscious mind because then our conscious mind does not interfere all the time.

How your mind is setup

The two basic things you have to understand about your mind is that it consists of the conscious and the subconscious mind.

Your consciousness is the component that is in control when you are awake, allowing you to think and analyze. It is the controlling part as long as you are awake

The sub consciousness stores and records all your memories, beliefs and skills but does not think reasonably. It is like a machine or computer that is waiting for input and functions as programmed before. This input is you and your conscious mind giving commands that will be received and put into action.

Now here comes the problem:

Your current commands may contradict formerly saved thoughts that have been taken root long time ago and grown ever since.

These older thoughts form your habits, belief systems and even your personality or the way you react to certain situations.

And as we all know that human tend to be naturally lazy and unwilling to move out of there comfort zone you will subconsciously oppose change of status quo.

This goes along with emotions such as disbelief, discomfort and fear that are intended to keep you within the self-set boundaries of our internal program. See it as an error response of a computer program which is caused by overstepping the capabilities of the underlying code.

But what if your “code” is toxic and keeping you blocked to move forward in life and achieve what you want? There are all sorts of blocks and beliefs that prevent us from unleashing our full potential.

But there is a chance to change this situation:


You got it:


During Hypnosis you rewrite (and upgrade) the program

When you are in trance, your conscious mind is asleep which forces your subconscious mind into obedience and follow whatever message it is that you want it to receive. This is an absolute game changer in all of your efforts to heal, explore and change yourself in countless ways and possibilities. You name it, and you can work on it, there is almost nothing you cannot address during a hypnotherapy.

What Is Hypnosis For

What Happens During Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis comes from the Greek word hypnos which means sleep but it is not the same at all. In both cases your body is in a relaxed state but during hypnosis you have a higher level of awareness with focused attention and an increased suggestibility.

You basically enter a different state of mind that is totally natural. You have to see the hypnotist as a door opener to your inner self. It is not the hypnotist that has the answers but it is you. All answers and all your potential is already within you. Hypnosis just helps you to uncover and activate it.

Basic Steps

Here are the basic parts of any hypnotherapy session although this has not to be in this order but it is what I have been using so far most of the time.

It may take 20 min to 1 hour for one session. The tracks I am listening to are in the range of 30 to 40 minutes which are well invested.

The Induction

Getting relaxed and your mind into state of hypnosis most often in a relaxing scenario like imagining laying on a beach. This will bring you into a hypnotic state called “Alpha” where you become less aware of your surroundings and more of your thoughts with your subconscious mind becoming 200 times more suggestible. If you do not know what the Alpha state is, you may want to read more about what brainwaves are.

The Deepening

Going into a deeper trance state of “Theta” or even “Delta”. From outside you look like you are asleep but your mind will be completely zoned into the messages you are listening to. This state of trance is what makes hypnosis so powerful because you cannot achieve this state by “convincing yourself throughout your daily life”

Customized Script to your problem

Erase negative beliefs, break destructive patterns, reprogram positive affirmations and thoughts, and so on


Intended to make your conscious mind forget what has been said or at least not remembering the exact details because it is part of the problem. When you let’s say imagine that you already stopped smoking and how good it feels then your subconscious mind will remember this feeling and help you to achieve it. But then your mind could say: “Wait a minute, I still like smoking, where is the lighter?”, and therefore contradict your efforts. Therefore it is better to “forget”, even it will be still stored in your brain.

Trance Termination

Being brought out of hypnosis in a gentle process.

Note that you can end the hypnosis at any time by yourself because you are always in control.

Hypnosis 3

How Hypnosis Can Improve Your Life?

Since hypnosis is a treatment that directly affects and reprograms your subconscious mind. You can access the root cause of your problems. These changes you could not achieve with pure will power, this simply does not work.

You can treat literally anything with hypnotherapy like:

  • weight loss
  • smoking cessation
  • treatment of stress
  • anxiety
  • pain and depressions

Beside treating illnesses or bad habits it can also be used to set up your mind more positively about learning, wealth generation, memory improvement and your psychology and behavior.

Who did hypnosis?

Did you know that it is a common thing among athletes, film stars and other successful people to use hypnosis to improve whatever they need in order to become more successful?

Stop Smoking – Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Aaron Eckhart, Mark Knopfler, Drew Barrymore, Ashton Kutcher, Charlize Theron

Weight Loss – Orlando Bloom

Overcoming Stuttering – Bruce Willis

Overcoming Insecurities – Reese Witherspoon

Almost everything what you can think of being a problem that you have or something that you want to achieve can be overcome or at least improved by hypnosis:

Fears, anxiety, learning, memory, individual abilities, stress, depression, habit disorders, physiology, perception, etc..

My Personal Experience With Hypnosis

I came across hypnosis just recently. My goal was to get a change in my belief systems and belief patterns concerning money and wealth generation. I realized that I was conditioned in a way that made me believe that making money has to be related to hard work.

Conditioned to work hard

And the truth is that I worked very hard for my money all the time since I was 12 years old. I started to distribute newspapers and advertisement every Saturday for six years until the age of 18 when I finished school. Except for a few times (single digit number) I never missed it. And to be honest, the money was bad, but it was money after all. But unfortunately I didn’t save any of it.

I started to work at the age of seventeen at a beer garden after school until past midnight with next day going to school again to finance my first vacation without parents. During military service I always carried the MG because it was too heavy for the other guys and I could endure it better.

After that I worked in a club as dish washer and bar assistant and even cleaning toilets and working 10 to 18 hours over night at the weekend or public holidays. To university I commuted by bike and train for about 1 hour one direction every day for 4 years straight until I had no more lectures.

Summer breaks I spent either in a mine, on the drilling rig or on a four weeks hiking trip (voluntarily to relax from university). For my thesis I fell into kind of a depressive state doubting everything and my work at the company got me nowhere.

I think you get my point, whatever happened to me is no coincidence and it felt always kind of hard and requesting so much willpower and endurance of me that I don’t like to look back and wonder how I could do all of this.Working in a Coal Mine

Changing my beliefs about money and hard work

I always wondered how others could get along seemingly easily, not needing to care so much for money and being more relaxed at the same time. And losing my job drove me over the edge. I felt like I had to do something to change my inner beliefs because I was kind of attracting these situations.

I realized that the problem lies within the subconscious mind and that I had to find ways to reprogram it unless I just wanted to work harder and harder. That is when I found Dr. Steve G. Jones and Total Money Magnetism (See also “Is Total Money Magnetism a Scam?”).

Although there is apparently no outward change so far, I feel much different within, which is being more at ease and peace. Further, I am much more creative and have a different perspective of the things happening around me.

I get hunches and ideas every day on how to generate an income and even how to implement them. For now it is too early to pinpoint down hard evidence but I am convinced that I simply need to move on the new path that I took and that it will lead me to new levels of abundance and inner satisfaction.

Why hypnosis works for me

Right now I am more than half through the hypnosis tracks that were part of the package and I feel that many doors have opened where I could see only closed ones before. And seeing what I achieved in the past two months makes me very hopeful for the time to come.

Don’t get me wrong, hypnosis alone will not change anything unless you commit yourself to radical action to change whatever it is you desire.

But it is the reprogramming of your subconscious mind that will tremendously support you in changing your focus, noticing things you never saw before (like the cat down the road) and follow your plans with more determination.

For the future I will definitely consider other hypnosis tracks in other areas of my life like being more self-confident and also in doing presentations and so on.

Can Everyone Do Hypnosis?

About 85% of people can go at least into a light state of trance.

But even those who cannot reach this level may still benefit from it, because it may assist their relaxation and improve their suggestibility to constructive suggestions and comments

Children can do hypnosis as well because they are naturally more imaginative which will help them to naturally and easily benefit from it.

Where to do hypnosis?

You can either go to a certified clinical hypnotherapist in person or download a self-hypnosis track which you can listen with your headphones before going to sleep or after you wake up.

I hope that you enjoyed reading. Please feel free to ask your questions or share your experience with hypnosis.

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Hypnosis works


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12 thoughts on “Best Answers To What Is Hypnosis For”

  1. Thank you, Rene, this is a very thorough article on hypnosis. I was not fully aware of how it works and it helps to understand this side of it. I have had good and bad experiences with hypnosis, so I guess it depends on who is performing the treatment and, maybe, your mindset and receptiveness at the time?

    • Hi David, I think it is very important to let only people guide you into a hypnotic state if you can trust them. They have the power to tell you what they want after all, however, it is always possible to wake up if you want to do so. And as you can use hypnosis to improve yourself there are certainly also ways to make it worse. Best is probably to trust a certified clinical hypnotherapist with good reputation.

      It is also right that people who think that they cannot be hypnotized or resist it will not get the full benefit. But even when you fall to sleep during a session, your subconscious mind will store and perceive the message. I think the best way to see if it works for you is to give it a try and see how you feel afterwards. The changes might be subtle at first but will get stronger the more you do because the brain simply needs time to “rewire”

  2. It sounds like there are a lot of ways that hypnosis and can be beneficial. I really enjoyed reading your article and especially your own experience with hypnosis. I have tried doing self-hypnosis using guided meditations and have found those to be helpful. But I’ve never been hypnotized by a hypnotherapist.

    • Hi Ian, thank you for sharing your experience with hypnosis. I never went to hypnotherapist either. However, when I listen to it on my headphones it feels like it is a real session and I think that it can be as effective, especially because you can listen to it multiple times over time

  3. Hi Rene,

    That was really an interesting article. It got me hooked on reading. I have never tried it yet but was considering on doing so sometime soon. I always thought that to be able to do that you need to have someone to be with you, I never knew that ‘self-hypnosis’ can be done. Life can really be messy at some point and basing from your experience, we might actually benefit from it.

    I hope your journey to progression succeed and continue to share it with us. Stay positive.


    • Hey Rocky,

      I am glad that you liked reading and I will keep sharing.

      It is true that life can be messy but we have the power to decide how we react on it. And hypnosis can actually help you significantly in the process of changing even your oldest and most resistant habits.

      When I did it the first time I was really excited and I actually tried to resist and “stay on top”. But together with the hypnosis track I got an e-book which explained what is going to happen during the session which made me feel more at ease. In this particular case it was related to money issues and fear of success etc.. So I had to write down some goals on which I could focus on during the session. However, I think that for most issues you may not have to do it.

      All the best


  4. Hi Rene,

    Thank you for sharing a very interesting topic with us.
    Even though I’ve never experienced hypnotizing but I would like to try at leaste once.
    I personally do not believe that one person can be hypnotized by the other person.
    I reason my argument by the fact that the human mind cannot be taken over in just minutes of hypnotizing process. I assumed that the ones who got hypnotized are whom believed that their mind were controled by somebody’s.

    I do believe that one behaves as per what they believe it is good for them based upon their own perceptions to interacting with a specific situation in that time. The nature behavioral of human being is created to adapt to changes of the volatile environments. Therefore, human will have to always embrace the changes over their lifetime.

    In my opinion, peaceful mind is what one creates in their own perspective, in their imagination, and in their perception in that time they seek for it. I’m not in any mean against the hypnotizing practices. Having said that I am really curious about it and I will keep questioning if this practice is for real.

    Peaceful mind to me is when my mind awakes to sound of silience deep within my soul. I’ve been practicing Yoga and I found it very helpful in term of improving healthy lifestyle as well as deep mind calming controling. And again, this is my perception of seeking a peaceful mind in my own world.

    Please for ‘Win’ and ‘Fear’ for lose. This is what we all have in common.

    Best regards,

    • Hey Inthan,

      Thank you for your very detailed and thorough comment. I try to address all of your points and hopefully answer them.

      I think first of all we should have the same definition of what hypnosis is. It is basically nothing else than a state of trance, which is totally natural. There are of course different levels of hypnosis which have a different effect. A lighter state has less effect on your subconsious mind than a deeper one, but this does not mean that it doesn’t work in the lighter state.

      During the introduction of your hypnosis session you get into the so called Alpha state of your mind. I may write a post about different brainwaves soon to explain better what is happening there. As the session continues you may get into other brainwave states of your mind such as theta and delta.

      This has nothing to do with believing in hypnosis or not. You can reach these states also by meditation or with the help of so called binaural music which can be used to support hypnosis and its effects.

      The Alpha state is when our body is relaxed but our mind is focused on something which could be a book or the TV or even daydreaming. You may not pay attention to what is going on around while you are focusing on something else. Although I don’t watch TV (“Tell-Lie-Vision”) anymore, when I used to do, I sometimes decided that I want to turn it off and do something else. Instead I continued watching for another hour or two. In this case the mind is kind of controlled by the TV Program, which programs your mind to buy this or do that. You could call this a form of hypnosis as well.

      I agree when you say that people behave according to what they believe and think is best. But what if these beliefs are not serving you? You may believe that money is bad and people with money are bad people. You probably think so because you were taught so as a child. Until the age of 7 we download everything that is said to us on our “hard drive” the subconscious mind. There it will stay for the rest of our life if we don’t change it.

      That is exactly where hypnosis comes into place. It helps you to change beliefs and habits that may no longer be serving you and replace them by different thoughts that my help you to find your inner peace. Simply saying I want to change this or that will not affect the subconscious mind because this is not how it works. It can be reprogrammed by repetition, auto-suggestion and hypnosis.

      You are absolutely right about the peace of mind and that this is what makes us healthy and Yoga is certainly a way to help to achieve this. Being at peace with yourself and the world around you is the highest state of living. A reason why I set up this site is to help people to get a higher state of awareness and to find that peace. And by doing so, I try to more and more achieve the same for me.

      Thanks for commenting and stay in touch

  5. Hey, before reading this post I have had minimal experience with hypnosis, but I am extremely intrigued. I find it extremely interesting how all these famous celebrities used it to overcome problems and how Bruce Willis overcame stuttering! Thats amazing, very neat post you have here keep doing you 🙂

  6. Didn’t think that there was so much to hypnosis!

    I always thought it was some sort of a gimmick, but apparently, there’s a whole science around this!

    Thanks for introducing me to the topic, I’ll be sure to read up on it a bit more in the future.
    Your data was really well put together, too!

    Cheers, Vlad!

    • Hi Vlad, thank you for stopping by. I think many people have a misconception about hypnosis as something obscure. In the end it is something absolutely natural and nothing to be worried about.

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