About What To Do If You Hate Your Job

If everybody loved their job, they wouldn’t call it work.

In this post I try to help you to see your situation from another perspective. Besides having all sorts of issues with your job and your life that make you unhappy, you might as well be up to something bigger. What if you want to change your life fundamentally and step into your true nature? Why build someone else’s dream if you could work on your own instead?

Stay with me and I walk you through to help you finding your answers.


The first thing to do when you realize that you hate your job is to understand how you feel and why. It is possible that you actually don’t hate your job but that something else in your life is not going the way you want. This could be issues in your relationship, your finances, your health, or in another area of your life. Important is to see how these issues affect you when you go to work. Don’t neglect your emotions and try to solve them. Find out what is bothering you and work on it.

Reasons for being unhappy

When you hate your job you are unhappy about something, there could be all sorts of reasons that can be related to your job or something else in your life.

Something in yourself is not at peace and you may want to know how to find peace within yourself. Whatever it is, face it and let go.


Try not to see external events as something random or coincidental. Everything is connected and happens for a reason. There are no such things as coincidences. This does not mean that everything is predetermined. But the reason why things happen to us in a certain way always lies within us.

You won’t be able to change others, the way they see you or what they might think of you. Stop caring what other people think of you.

The only thing you can change is yourself and the way you perceive the world. This in turn will change the world around you. And this is on of the most important insight in life that you can get.

You are 100% responsible for your life and the way you feel about it, no one else. Becoming aware of this power and using it wisely for yourself and others is the way to achieve mastery in this life and those to come.

Become the master of your life. This is the only thing each one of us should truly care about. All the rest is distraction, creating the illusion of separation and finding excuses for all sorts of things.

Understand why you hate your job

What to do if you hate your job

So, after being certain that it is your job that makes you unhappy, it is time to find out why.

Let me repeat what I wrote at the top of this post:

If everybody would love their job, they wouldn’t call it work.

If you would truly love what you do, then you would not care about your colleagues, your boss or the workload. You would be so inspired by what you do that you would energize others by your ACTIONS.

You would have no time or interest to do any of the subsequent actions that drain your energy levels:

  • forcing yourself out of bed every morning unwillingI hate this job to go to work
  • all sorts of gossip about others (like not cleaning the coffee machine)
  • finding excuses to extend your breaks and delay your work (even though the coffee is an insult to your taste buds)
  • complain about colleagues, your boss, the management, the company, etc.
  • half-heartedly do your work due to lack of motivation
  • complaining about the lousy paychecks
  • you feel that you have to work so very hard all of your life
  • did I mention the horrible coffee?
  • feeling of being a victim of the circumstances
  • and all sorts of other ways to give away responsibility

What you have to ask yourself is this:

Is this job serving you in becoming your greatest version? What would be the job that would get you excited like no others where all of these things would just be of minor relevance?

Now, before condemning your job further, let’s practice a little gratitude.

Be grateful for what you have

Try to be more grateful for what you have. Having an attitude of gratitude might sound hard but will help you to see your situation in a new perspective.

Maybe you just complain out of habit and now you start to belief in it. You may have forgotten that this job and the company you work for provided you with a steady income for many years. Now might be the time to move on and look for a new opportunity. But you still could be grateful for all those years and for what you got back.

Maybe it is not as much as you wished for but what did you do to get more of it or to even change the situation?

Remember that you can get back only what you are ready to give in the first place. Ask yourself honestly, what did you do to create VALUE? Do you just sit at your desk and wait for the time to pass? Do you care about the well-being of the company you work for? What is your attitude towards work and why?

This is not to judge you but to make you realize that you have to take back responsibility and be more grateful for the way it is.

Again, you get what you are ready to give, this is a cosmic principle.

Now that you are more at peace with your job, let’s see how we can improve the situation for the future.

Set new goals in your job

Everyone needs development to be happy.

This is true for all areas of our lives. If something is stagnating it is literally dead. So welcome change and progress. Become flexible and set new goals for your personal and professional career.

Where do you want to be in your job in 6 months from now? 

Here are some ideas:

  • Being at the same position because you really love what you do
  • Getting a new certification or training
  • Moving to a new position/location within the company
  • Being promoted because you deserve it

Now if one of those points appeals to you then set yourself a goal and work for it. You will see that you will be much more motivated to go to work.

If you still hate your job then you might consider one of the subsequent options for you:

  • Working for another company
  • Starting your own business

It is never too late for a change. You can always move into another direction. Don’t fight what you hate. Create what you love.

What would be a better option to do so if not starting your own business?

Maybe you hate your job because this is not what you came here to do:

Is your Higher Self calling you?

Another reason for being unhappy could be that your Higher Self is calling you.

What do I mean by that?

Notice that each one of us is on this planet for a reason. Everyone is unique and cannot be found again anywhere in the universe. Did you know that each snow flake is one of a kind? So are you. And with that comes your very individual skill set and talents.

This is probably something you have been good at or passionate about for all of your life time.

Do you have an idea that has been spinning through your head for while? This could be your Higher Self trying to tell you that it is time to move on to unleash your true potential.

Do you have the feeling that you are at the wrong place and should do something else instead? If so, you probably know what that could be.

Now why don’t you just stop dreaming and start creating instead?

Start dreaming. Live dream

Job vs. Your True Potential

So you still have a job but hate it at the same time?

You feel ready to move into a totally new direction with your life, away from 9 to 5 and towards a new start?


But before you quit your job there are a few things to consider. Stick with your job until you sorted things out and then move ahead.

You should have a goal in mind and how you intend to get there.

Before you start make sure you have the right mindset:

Here are three things that you have to keep in mind when you are looking for new job or ways to make money:

  1. Don’t just follow the money. What goals you have in life? What would you do if it wasn’t for the money? What would make you feel excited to work on the moment you wake up? Answer these questions as best as you can by writing them down!
  2. Learn how to change your beliefs and get rid of bad habits when dealing with money. This might be a reason why you keep attracting jobs that you hate. Understand that creating a passive income is the best way to become financially free.
  3. Do what you truly like and success will come automatically, because this is what true wealth is about: Being yourself anywhere at any time. Do what you are passionate about and you will never hate your job again. The most important thing to do is to create some sort of lasting VALUE for others first.

By now you should be certain that you no longer want to stick to your job no matter the circumstances. And you know what you always wanted to do and that you don’t necessarily have to work hard to make money but to offering value instead.

Now let me show you how you can get started with doing what you love.

Get Active And Change Your Life Today

I will give you a task at the end of this post. Of course, I cannot force you to follow along, but I can only try to help you to make the first step. I have gone the same way before and here I sit and do what I love. I am helping you to become your greatest version. This is what I truly want to do because it feels so VERY RIGHT to me that I simply have to do it, and I never have been happier before. So please, try to follow along and I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

If you don’t like what I am going to tell you, I still ask to give it a try at least. After that you are ready to go. Only then you can be sure that it won’t work for you.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Thomas Edison

-Thank you Ed.

So that being said, here we go:

My tip on how to get started

Start your own online business by building your own website!


I am glad that you ask.

Here are the benefits:

  • It has never been easier for anyone to create a website than these days
  • It is way cheaper than starting an offline business
  • You can do whatever you like and are passionate about
  • Create some real value for others
  • Make money without having your own products
  • Start to generate a passive income that works for you
  • Invest your time and efforts to CREATE something that is YOURS

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing - Walt Disney

How to do it

Plan for your own business and create a passive income:

Bring your ideas to life, no more procrastination and doubting.

Allow yourself to think bigger than ever. Research for business opportunities but be careful, don’t fall for the get rich overnight schemes. There are many so called niches that you could be interesting for you. How to select your niche and how you get started you will learn in the free training.

What I give you here, I personally tested and I can recommend to you. With the reputation of this website at stake I wouldn’t make such statements easily.

Here is what I did:

  • Type in your website name and get yourself going. Don’t know how to do? There is a training that will help you to get started. Don’t worry, there are no hidden costs and no risks.
  • Give yourself a chance to create your personal online business and to share your personal gift with the world. You can start to inspire others. The first step is always the hardest.

Simply think of a name that you would like to give your website and check for availability.

This is what happens: You have to enter your name, user name and e-mail address. That’s it! Below I entered a fake domain name. Finally I didn’t chose it, just in case you are interested 🙂

You join Wealthy Affiliate community in the starter membership. Joining is for free and you can be a starter as long as you want and start to build your two websites for free, introductory training included. I will write a full review soon but rest assured that this is totally safe.

==> Read my full review of the Wealthy Affiliate University <==


I use it by myself and this very website (Holistic Life Transformation) is the result. You can find me there as MisterReen. I decided to go for the Premium Membership but this is optional and by no means obligatory. You can use and build your websites without it.


So stop procrastinating

Creating your own website is the first step towards your personal and financial freedom. It will not make you rich overnight. It will require your commitment and your continuous work and efforts over an extended period of time. But it is a chance to lay the foundation of your future business. If you don’t know yet how you can make money with your website, just follow the training and everything will be explained. I plan to write a post about it as well.

And here is the good thing:

As long as you have your job you have all the time you need to get started. This actually motivates you to do your job better because then you have more time for your website. Once you are good to go, you can say goodbye to your job.

Stop complaining, start creating. It is for free, there are no hidden costs. The Premium Membership is not mandatory for you. So there is nothing to lose right?

I would be very happy to meet you on the other site.

So here is what you do:

  1. Go up again and create your free website and account
  2. Have a look around “on the other side” and get started
  3. If you have any questions or want to give some feedback, leave a comment below or send me a message at info@holisticlifetransformation.com

So there you have it.

In this post I told you what to do if you hate your job and I hope that you don’t do so anymore. If you still do so then it is probably time to move on for you and to start living your dream. Create your own website now. It has never been easier and it is a chance for you to get yourself where you want to be.

Stop being a consumer and become a creator. Your ideas are worthy for others. Allow yourself to think bigger and step into your true potential.

Furthermore, stay with me on this website and learn how you can start your holistic life transformation. Share this post with others if you find it helpful and subscribe if you want to always stay informed.

No matter how you decide, chose wisely and move ahead with confidence.

Love and Peace

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