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Quote Of The Week – 30 – 2016

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What it means for me

In order to explain the meaning of this quote there is something I have to tell you before:

Despite the fact that more and more people are starting to see through the veil, I think that many are still not aware of the effects that sound and music have on us. For me it was the same until some weeks ago.

Did you ever wonder how our music is influencing us? You may have noticed that depending on our mood we listen to different type of music as well.

But this is not only about the genre of the music and what type of music you like, it is also the frequency at which that music is played at.

Effect of music on our bodies and society – the message of the song

Many international songs have English lyrics. Being a non-native English speaker I was barely able to understand what they actually sing about early on. And even now that I understand better, I often don’t pay attention.

And this is what sometimes happens to me when I pay attention: It strikes me what people tend to sing about, how they phrase it, and what kind of messages they actually hide. I don’t want to blame any particular songs here, but you just need to look what is on top of the charts. So ask yourself what those songs tell you on a subliminal level and how this is going to influence your belief systems and how you see the world. Generally speaking I would say that they do not tend to lift our spirits.

My experience

It is hard to put it in a few phrases, and there might be exemptions, but generally I would say that those songs do not bring you into a state of peace, but rather support inner distraction and noise. You may like the melody at the beginning, then you listen to the lyrics which often demystify the song, and after a short while you get annoyed by the song when others still can’t get enough of it. So this is the time when I go back to listen to the music that I like and not to what society wants me to hear.

Each one may have a different experience here, and this is totally fine. But I realized that the music that resonates within me, is not the one that you would expect to hear in a club or on the radio.

At the end this is totally subjective, but what is much more important is the frequency of the music:


Currently, the contemporary concert pitch standard is at A=440 Hz. It is possible that this generates unhealthy effect and anti-social behavior in the consciousness of humans. Further, it is possible that this has been introduced intentionally to create disharmony and to keep us at unease. There is a lot of controversy going on about 440 Hz vs. 432 Hz and I don’t want to say you can’t have beautiful music with 440 Hz. However, I think that 432 Hz is definitely the way to go if you look for harmonious and even healing effects. There was a study that showed that listening to 432 Hz music for one week has healing effects on the listeners.

At the same time, I am not sure if changing an 440 Hz file to 432 Hz has the same effect as playing with respectively pitched instruments from the very beginning. I assume that it the latter one is more beneficial.

“Frequency patrols”

Back in the days of Confucius in old China the emperor would send out teams that controlled the frequencies of the instruments. They have been aware of the fact that different frequencies could cause disharmony in the realm. They may not have been able to measure frequency like we do nowadays, but they used to naturally feel what sounds good and what not and this happened to be 432 Hz.

So for thousands of years instruments would be pitched to a frequency of 432 Hz. Now why would this be changed after such a long time and what are the consequences of it?

Confucius knew the influence music can have on people. Isn’t it possible that this knowledge is still used today to achieve certain results that might not be in alignment with our own?

Why 432 Hz?

There is a lot to talk about in terms of numerology, geometry, ancient wisdom and how it all works together. Throughout centuries, and dating back to Khemet and before certain patterns, geometrical forms and numbers have been repetitively used in an astonishing accuracy and consistency.

I am going to talk about it at another time because all of this is HUGE. For now, I feel that it is way more important to focus on actual problems and transform them HERE and NOW.

There are many videos on YouTube about ancient wisdom, geometry and new scientific discoveries that can change the way you see the world. Knowledge is power but the question remains: How does all of this knowledge help you here and now?

So always bear in mind what you are going to do with all of this knowledge and how you are going to apply it to change your life.

At the bottom of this post, you find the video that inspired me to write this post and which I can recommend to watch.

For the next week try, to pay attention to what kind of music you hear and if you would like to try something new. I compiled a playlist of some 432 Hz music that I found on YouTube so you can find out for yourself if something feels different for you or not.

At the end of the day, listen to the music that you want and enjoy, this is all that matters, but beware of the probable subliminal effects it may have on you without you being aware of it.

Enjoy your week. If you want to stay up to date you can also sign up for the newsletter.

Who said it


So who is this Confu-sed-cius one? Despite his name, Confucius (551 – 479 BC) was a Chinese philosopher and teacher and is probably one of them most quoted
individuals throughout human history, which is kind of evidence enough for me that he “knew something”. This is like an everlasting tweet with thousands of followers over the centuries and whoever wants to say something smart, simply cites good ol’ Confu.

However, when I first read this quote I didn’t understand it. With delving more into music and sound I think that I understand it better now and I will continue to educate myself about it. And in the meantime I try to use the benefits of the 432 Hz music to think more positive.


If you interested in the teachings of Confucius that are indeed very powerful, then I can recommend to read the book on the right. It nicely describes the ancient wisdom of Confucius and can help you to obtain spiritual happiness in the modern world.

Don’t forget to watch the video below and to change your awareness about music and the frequencies your ears “consume” every day.


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