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About What Is Missing In Your Life And How You Can Find It

“The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.” – Bob Marley

Many of us live very good lives. Basically, we have most of the things that one could wish for. However, there is a void within us that is never going to be filled if we fail to take the right steps into the right direction. We are all heading nowhere fast to get what we don’t need in a foolish attempt to find happiness where we can never find it (something like that, right? 😉 ).

Despite all of our knowledge and experience, we not only fail to reach a peaceful state of mind, but we miss to go for what is hidden deep within us. Unless we can bring it to the surface, it will make us feel uneasy about our own lives.

What Is Missing In Your Life And How You Can Find It

Let’s start with what you have:

Imagine that you achieved everything you ever dreamed of but at the end of your life you realize that nobody is actually going to notice when you are gone. Imagine all the hours spent at work on a job you didn’t like, all the stuff you bought that you didn’t really need, and all the things you have achieved that kept you unsatisfied and burned out.

There are certainly big achievements in your life and you and your family can be proud of you. But there might be a slight feeling that you missed a great opportunity in this life, something that is hard to grasp.

What is it that you have missed and who am I to say something like that?

I am actually just writing down what I am observing within me but also in other people. Some might not even be aware of anything like that and they just keep living their lives. But with the recent and upcoming events in the world more and more people are going to wake up.

They suddenly will feel an inner calling and that the things around them seem kind of weird or actually unreal. People are pushed out of their comfort zones by external events in order to wake them up.

The point is that many of us simply go through life unconsciously most of the time. We do things because we have always done them that way. But right now things are changing and we have to decide if we allow new perspectives into our lives as well or if we oppose further progress and development.

Remember that anything you resist will persist. It will get stronger the more you try to fight it, this is a cosmic principle and the reason why you try to be positive but still fail anyway.

Even so, there is something that only a minority of humanity is capable of achieving.

What could that be?

It is to bring greatness into their life!

What is greatness?

Let me explain:

How to bring greatness into your life

Greatness can be many things in my opinion, but first of all it is recognizing that you have a task in this life and that you came here for a reason. You are here for your personal (soul) development, yes, but you also have to bring something to the world that only you have and that the world needs you to do. This will not only make your life truly meaningful but it will bring greatness into your life and in those of other people!

This is not about getting famous and being remembered for generations to come, although this can be an aspect as well. It is certainly not about winning any prizes or awards. This is not related at all to the wildest fantasies of your ego that only compares you to other people and wants you to become better than them. Greatness starts inside of you!

Bringing greatness into your life means first of all being at peace with yourself and the people around you. Further, you have to get into a state of gratitude and an inner awareness and alertness in order to lift the veil of unconsciousness that is clouding your perception and thoughts.

Bringing greatness into your life means stepping into who you really are and acting in alignment with your soul plan. You can even accelerate your soul growth to some extent if you are listening to your intuition and your inner voice. If you are able to read the signs along the way you can avoid getting into the big trouble because certain things will simply continue to happen to us with increasing intensity until we finally learned our lesson.

Greatness is related to your spiritual growth

You are neither here to just accumulate riches nor are you here to suffer or fight for survival. You are here for a greater reason. Living in abundance is your birthright, so is being free. But you have to give abundance to others and allow freedom of thinking in order to bring these aspects into your life as well.

A good way to start is understanding better what you are truly capable of achieving with your mind. Finding out what that is should be the very first goal for each one of us. Our entire education system should be designed to find and nurture our greatest strengths, gifts, and talents. Doing what we are most passionate about will bring greatness into our lives if you are willing to share it!

Your talents, skills, and experience will make other people stop in awe and admiration.

Birthright to be free

Our birthright is to be free. And with this freedom comes greatness.

How to become great?

Sharing your greatest gift with others will bring greatness into your and their life!

Don’t just take advantage of what you are good at and use it for your personal gains. Help people that struggle with that and help them become their greatest version. This will not only improve your life but those of so many others as well. This in turn will have a direct influence on the world we live in.

But the question remains how our actions can actually have a meaningful impact? How can we reach out to other people helping them and improve our own life while doing so?

I am going to answer these questions in more detail very soon in the next post, so stay around.

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