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About How To Let Go Of The Past

“If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.” –Lao Tzu

I want you to read the quote above at least one more time. Think about how you think of your past and how you cannot let go of what happened back then.

Your thoughts and emotions are whirling around a couple of experiences that have become more than a memory. They have become who you are and are governing your daily actions and routines. You run on autopilot even you may not be aware of it at the moment.

I am going to show you that many of us think that they are in charge over their body and their thoughts. Normally this would be correct but most of us are living in our past all the time without even noticing it.

Whether you have good or bad experiences does not even matter so much. Whether you are stuck in the good old days that keep you excited or those bad memories that keep you depressed is not important.

What is important is the fact that you keep repeating over and over again the past which makes it impossible to live your life NOW and to create something new for the future.

Same input for years means same output as always. You cannot expect to change your life if you don’t change yourself and the way you see your life. You need to understand that you are more than your thoughts, emotions, and memories and that they will have a subtle but strong power over your life as long as you continue sleepwalking your life.

Your past is just that, your past

You had these experiences in the past, yes. And you learned and grew from them but that should be it. There is no need to live through them over and over again and make them a part of your present and future life. You may not be able to forget them and that is fine. But eventually, you may realize that everything that happened was just the right thing to occur in hindsight.

You see, every moment holds an infinite potential of possibilities, and by living in the past you neglect all other possibilities except the one that keeps the past alive.

Your consciousness, which is an inseparable part of the energy field around you, is actually influencing the shapes and forms around you as well.

It is not only influencing them, it is actually creating them by its mere presence and focus.

In quantum physics, there is something called the observer effect, which describes what is happening on a subatomic level when consciousness is present.

Let me explain that a bit more.

The Observer Effect

The subjective mind has an effect on the objective world. The observer effect says that where you direct your focus is where you place your energy. Therefore, you affect the material world which in essence is made mostly of energy.

With an atom being 99.9999 percent made of energy it is clear that we are in fact energy as well. With our consciousness altering the energy level we are indeed very powerful.

Quantum physicists discovered that electrons exist in an infinite array of possibilities and probabilities simultaneously in a field of energy. An electron appears only when an observer focuses attention on any location. You could, therefore, say that a particle does not manifest in ordinary space-time until we observe it.

This phenomenon is called the collapse of the wave function or the observer effect. Any moment the observer looks at an electron, there is a specific point in time and space when all probabilities collapse into a physical event.

Mind rules over matter

The conclusion out of this is that mind and matter are not separated but intrinsically related. Your mind produces measurable changes on the physical world. Energy responds to your attention on a subatomic level and becomes matter.

Now guess what you have been focusing on most of the time in your life up to this date?

You may object that this works only on a subatomic level and may not affect the real world.

But the real world is made up of the subatomic level, isn’t it? And the majority of reality is made up of energy and your mind has the power to direct this energy wherever it is directing its attention. Everything is connected and, therefore, an infinite number of probable and possible realities are awaiting the observer.

I am going to address this topic in more detail in another post.

For now, I would like to focus more on the mind-body relation as this is more important for your understanding of how you can let go of the past.

Your mind is not only affecting the world around you but also your body. This happens each time you have a thought.

The Thinking And Feeling Loop

As long as you keep thinking and feeling about the past, you are continuously creating similar circumstances that are in alignment with these thoughts and feelings. Those “new” circumstances have necessarily the same quality of your memories from the past and will, therefore, create new thoughts and feelings that confirm your thoughts and feelings.

Here is what happens in your brain and body when you have a thought:

Every time you have a thought the brain emits chemical signals to the body. The body reacts to these transmitters and performs accordingly. This, in turn, causes the body to send a confirmation to the brain which makes you now feel in exactly the same way you are thinking.

Every cell is able to receive information outside their boundaries via receptors on their surface membrane. Each time it receives a signal it gets activated to perform accordingly. Those chemical messengers are neurotransmitters, neuropeptides, and hormones.

When you have a thought the neurotransmitters activate certain neuronal networks that could create a picture in your mind. This will cause neuropeptides to be released into your bloodstream which in turn will activate certain glands to release specific hormones.

When your body takes over control

Be it negative or positive thinking, you will eventually start to feel the way you think. And since the brain is in constant communication with the body, we will think the way we feel.  This, in turn, will produce more corresponding thoughts and so on. We first feel the way we think and then we think the way we feel.

This alignment causes the body and mind to work in unison resulting in a state of being. This state of creating our reality, because then we are focused and broadcast coherent waves into the quantum field that will make reality align to it.

It gets problematic when we start to make this state of being part of our self-identity. This occurs when we keep thinking and feeling the same experiences over and over again. The body is the servant of the mind but is running the show.

Unless we start to awake from this state and take back control we are not going to change anything. However, with only 5% percent is conscious mind and 95% being subconscious you better learn how to communicate to your body and your subconscious mind in ways it understands.

The Body – Your Subconscious Mind

You need to be aware of the way how your subconscious mind works and how you need to communicate with it. As you know it is not easy to change habits and there is a very good reason for that.

Once you have your brain hardwired to perform certain routines over and over again, you release the same chemical transmitters over and over again. These transmitters are like stimuli for your cells. They will increase the number of receptors on their surface membrane.

This, in turn, increases the number of necessary transmitters to activate the requested cell response. Holding up to the same thoughts, and feelings, and memorized emotions for years have literally defined your personality, what you like, what you are afraid of, how you think about yourself and so forth.

Your body is addicted to the old routine

Your body has fully adapted to your mindset and is prepared to handle the same processes over and over again. It is almost like an addict of your repetitive and predictable behavior and mindset.

By changing your thoughts, you suddenly change the input and your body is absolutely not prepared for that. It needs more of the old stuff. Everything new will create some turmoil and will make you feel uncomfortable. This is when you move out of your personal comfort zone or bubble to do something meaningful for you.

Your body is going to rebel because it has adapted to the same input for years and is not going to change very quickly. This takes time, willpower, and perseverance until your brain is rewired and your body has adapted to the new situation.

Living In The Past

No matter how many times you live through a past experience you have to accept that it is over. You can review, re-live, regret, analyze, or sweat over it. The past is over and cannot hurt you anymore unless you allow this memorized emotion to stay alive by living it through over and over again and thus, creating and attracting situations that are the exact reflection of your inner state of being.

With your new knowledge about the quantum field and the observer effect, you will realize that you are the creator of your own suffering. The illusion of the world around you stops in the moment you realize that you are creating it.

Living In The Future

Referring to the quote above it is also very common that we are anxious about a possible future event. I have made the experience that the actual event we keep worrying about is most of the time much less dramatic as we imagine. However, we may not only make this a self-fulfilling prophecy but also make its effects much worse by living through it several times in our mind and body.

By imagining this future event vividly we are living in the past which may become our future.


Because you relate your worries or anxiety to negative experiences from the past. These experiences have become memorized emotions that condition you to expect similar negative experiences.

Again, you are living in the past and create your future by making it your future. You are the victim of your own thinking and will be directed in your behavior unless you start thinking bigger than your emotions and make your emotions independent of your body, your environment, and time.

You have the power to think and feel different and live (think and feel) the life you desire in the actual present moment. You are making it happening by entering this state of elevated being that broadcasts the same energy into the quantum field which will then, in turn, produce the exact reflection of your new altered state of consciousness.

How To Let Go Of The Past

Any intentional thought needs and energizer or a catalyst. This catalyst is an elevated emotion such as gratitude, love, or happiness. With the heart and mind working together you can produce the most remarkable results for your life. You cannot just wish or want something.

Only by unifying mind and heart in a state of being that is elevating you, you can form your new life. You need to be aware of the present moment and make the experience you wish for a vivid and enhanced imaginary experience as if that event or situation already happened. The more vivid you imagine the better it is. Don’t worry about the how.

Ask yourself this: What have you been broadcasting into the world up to this date?

The results tell you that it is working this way and that it has been you creating who is creating your reality.

Once you can truly accept this as a truth you can start to implement this knowledge in your daily life.

Life is not what it seemed to be and what has been taught to us in the past is no longer true. By accepting this you can start to overcome your own past by creating out of the present moment the future you want to have.

Elevated emotional state of being

Simply imagine what you want to experience and get into an elevated emotional state of being. This way you broadcast a certain powerful frequency into the quantum field that needs to find its reflection, that will appear into your life as a surprise.

We basically have to break through our feelings, body reactions, and thoughts that have become nothing but subconscious routines. When these feelings become the means of thinking and if we cannot think greater than we feel then we can never change.

In order to transform yourself, you have to let go of who you used to be. This is the false identification with your memorized emotions that became your personality. It all has started with a thought and it continued with more thoughts and feelings of the same sort.

Overcome your memorized self

The only way to change is to think greater than we feel in our memorized self. All you need is a new thought in combination with an elevated emotion. This could be creating a vision for your life and identifying your purpose in life. And with an attitude of gratitude, you shift your focus from wanting to giving, from lack to abundance. Holding this elevated emotion and using it to work on your goals will work wonders.

You won’t have the time to think about the past anymore because you realize that it is no longer serving you and consuming valuable energy.

However, by itself, conscious positive thinking cannot overcome negative memorized feelings. As described above, your body needs time to change and you your thinking and feeling need to be in alignment for change to occur. It is not sufficient just trying to think positive unless you also feel it.

By living your desired new future in the present moment you overcome the past. You no longer focus on what is holding you back but you focus on what is serving you instead.

Start your holistic life transformation and change your life today to become your greatest version. Let’s make this world a better place by seeing through the illusion, letting go of the old and welcoming the new while becoming happier than we ever could imagine.

Have a wonderful week my friend.

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If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present. - Lao Tzu

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