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About How To Learn From Your Mistakes – Make Them Count!

“How much you can learn when you fail determines how far you will go into achieving your goals.” – Roy Bennett

About The Quote

Everyone makes mistakes, everyone fails at some point in his life. The question is what you think about making mistakes and how you finally react. A mistake repeated more than once is a decision but making no mistakes by not even trying means stagnation. Life is about change, progress, and growth. Get into action first and adjust your course on the way. Do not over-analyze all the time or blame yourself for not being perfect. Letting go of perfection is where perfection begins.

At the same time, try to improve and learn continuously and be ready to change yourself as well. Letting go of old beliefs and habits that are no longer serving you is essential to grow into your goal and becoming who you want to be. Your current mindset has brought you where you are right now, but it will not help you to bring you where you want to be if you are unwilling to change your perspective.

What is failure, what is a mistake?

Imagine a rocket starting from a space port. It not only needs specific coordinates in time and space as a target, but it needs to adjust its course thousands of times on the way. Varying wind conditions, air pressure differences, and unequally burning fuel may cause the rocket to slightly change its speed and direction. What may sound acceptable can quickly add up to more severe problems. Early course corrections (at low speed and altitude) set the basic course whereas the final ones are comparably small adjustment (at very high speed and altitude) but necessary to reach the exact destination.

A “miss-take” is nothing more than something that sets you off the original planned course which is to be followed by a course correction that brings you back on track. You might not be able to get ever back on the original path right away, because you cannot change what happened but you easily can walk the new one while still having the same target.

The question is if you are actually realizing whether you are off the track and if you are ready to admit it and adjust accordingly. Like the rocket you need to know where you want to go and record all data on your way. You need to constantly adjust your course to approximate the ideal path, and you need someone who can objectively tell you if you are still on track (ground control).

Change your path if you have to but never your goal

Keep this little metaphor and the quote above in your mind when going through the final three steps on the way to reach your goals.

Goal Setting Series: Step 6 to Step 8

This is the final part of the Holistic Life Transformation goal setting series. If you haven’t done so already, please start with Introduction To Goal Setting – 8 Steps To Achieve Your Goals and move on from there before continuing with this post.

In this post I walk you through #6, #7, and #8 of the 8 steps to achieve your goals.

In the last post we covered how you are going to stay motivated once you have set your goals. The essential steps were:

  • Tracking your time and action to compare you against your own performance to increase your awareness about your own progress
  • Seeing the big picture and visualizing the reason why you started and how your goal is going to look like once it is achieved
  • Getting aware of the habits you have and analyzing which habits are supportive in reaching your goals and which are not.
  • Getting an understanding of other types of habits that are affecting our behavior and thoughts and how you can change them
  • The best way to change beliefs habits and how (more) new habits can help you to achieve your goals faster (by making it a habit to work on your goals)

Now it is time to move on and making sure you are not getting too ambitious or lose track. In this post we cover the next steps which are all about making your goals your best friend by talking to them and asking for advice, taking responsibility, and being prepared to adjust the course but never the target:

  • Step #6: Keep a goal journal
  • Step #7: Hold yourself accountable
  • Step #8: Review your goals and stay on track

Step #6: Keep a goal journal

Use this opportunity to reflect about your achievements and what you are grateful for (get into an attitude of gratitude). See the value of what you are doing and write down the things you are struggling with, but also things that inspire you such as quotes, meetings with persons, and helpful resources.

Benefits of journaling are:

  • Document goal journey
  • Identify problems
  • Gain insights
  • Generate new ideas

Sometimes the mere process of writing down what you are struggling with will help you to find a solution. Other times it is hard to actually put it into words and we just have a feeling. In either way, just write down what is bothering you.

Task 10: If you haven’t done so yet, get a notebook that you use to document your journey towards your goals. You can also use the free application WorkFlowy which is a web-based tool to take notes and keeping them organized.

Explanation: While working on your goal you probably need to take some sort of notes. This can be anything from useful resources like websites, videos or quotes to actually personal thoughts, to-do lists, or problems that you face. Sometimes we have dreams or other sorts of inspiration. If I wouldn’t write them down I would forget them easily, so make sure to have your notebook always around.


  • You should place your notebook somewhere where it is very easy to be accessed to take notes whenever you need to
  • You could review your notes and goals on a weekly basis and try to implement them in the future
  • Make it a habit to write into your journal to document your progress on a daily or at least weekly basis. You can also use it to brainstorm new ideas

My Weekly Planning Action Steps

In the video below you can see how you can use WorkFlowy to organize your to-do list. It is a very powerful tool no matter what you want to write down or how you want to use it.


Step #7: Hold yourself accountable

No matter what goals you want to achieve, having an accountability partner or joining in an accountability group or program can help you accelerate your performance, keep you engaged and responsible for your actions, and provide you with valuable feedback and constructive advice.

You could setup a weekly call with your accountability partner and tell him how many times you worked or failed to work on your goal. Each time you miss it you have to pay $20 to that guy. This could be your  brother, sister, or best friend. This will definitely keep you working on your goal.

Task 11: Choose someone that is close to you and agree with them that you are going to send a weekly progress report of what you have accomplished that week. This can be in form of a phone call, e-mail, or a personal meeting.


Besides achieving more by writing down their goals, people who sent weekly progress reports to their friends or accountability partners tend to accomplish significantly more than those who don’t do it. Also very helpful could be a public commitment to do something. Having an accountability partner is comparable to do something for your boss or manager. You are accountable for what you do or want to do. The same woks for you goals.


You have one accountability partner for each goal and report one time per week your progress.

Example: You are writing a book and send one chapter each week to your accountability partner.

Step #8: Review your goals and stay on track

Visualize both the outcome and the process. People stop reaching their goals because they stop thinking about them. Make it a habit to review your goals regularly. I recommend to review your goals weekly when you are setting up your weekly schedule and at least two times per year for your yearly goal.

Task 12: Use your goal journal, the feedback of your accountability partner, and the measurable progress you are making towards your goals and milestones and review them on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Ask yourself what went well and what not and set corrective action steps

Explanation: Just like the rocket on the way to its target, we need to take corrective steps to reach our goals. Don’t be afraid making mistakes but instead see them as an opportunity to improve yourself and to keep going. Never forget about the big picture and why you started in the first place. When you face an obstacle or realize that you are moving away from your target then don’t just keep going. Review what has happened and accept your failure. Then correct it and do it better the next time.


  • You are reviewing your progress, mistakes, but also your achievements on a regular basis and never lose sight of the big goal

Congratulations! By following all steps you will very likely achieve all of your goals. If for some reason you cannot or don’t want to do some of the steps here, then this fine as well. Don’t think that you cannot reach your goal because you don’t have a vision board or don’t know how to measure your progress. Don’t get lured by some lame excuses here! In my opinion the most important thing about achieving your goal is having one in the first place! After  that you need to work every day towards your goal because you will always have only today. With that it is only a matter of time for you to get what you want or become who you want to be.

However, each one of these steps is very powerful on its own for achieving your goals but only combining all of them will will boost your productivity, motivation, and success to reach your goals as best as possible.

Check out my favorite goal setting application.

Stay ahead of your schedule with this innovative and easy to use goal setting software. It allows you to set SMART goals and helps you to measure your progress.


What did you today to bring you one step closer to your goal?

Leave a comment below and tell us what is working for you. Have a great week and share this post with your friend if you found it to be helpful.

Start your holistic life transformation. Change your life today and become your greatest version!

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