Quote Of The Week – 35 – 2016

About How To Deal With Bad People

“Our reaction to a situation literally has the power to change the situation itself.” -Unknown

With the world seemingly getting crazier every day, I was thinking on how we can deal with bad people and events. All the negativity and madness that you see when you follow the news and in daily life pull us down and keeps us in a dense frequency level. I sometimes feel lost and hopeless and I wonder why all of this has to happen. Wars, disease, terror, killing, deception, corruption, intentional malice and whatever you can or cannot think of.

Why all of this has to happen and how can we deal with it? Should we ignore it, focus on it or even fight it? Neither one of it is correct on its own.

Ignoring things means running away from them, and thus, making them stronger, according to the hermetic principle of polarity. This is what keeps us failing over and over again, when we try to think positive.

Focusing on the negative and crazy news all the time will only make it worse. Whatever we focus on grows. So thinking, talking, or gossiping about it over and over again, will keep us distracted and in a low vibrational state. We give away our power, feel hopeless, depressed, and helpless.

Fighting it will not help us either. To fight something means resisting it, and whatever you resist persists. In fact, the more you fight it the stronger it gets. Fighting one enemy will create even more enemies.

In theory, the solution is relatively easy but we tend to overly complicate things. We need to embrace the situation for what it is and accept it as a part of the whole. Our emotional evaluation of a situation makes it effects only stronger and has to create more reflections of it. In order to achieve mastery in our lives we need to see that everything is connected and that we enhance negativity by reacting to it. We need to stay focused on our center and our frequency level.

Below are seven steps that help me to deal with bad events and people

Step 1: Understand

First of all you have to see that everyone is going through something. Most of them time, someone is bad to you because he is just caught up in his own reality and its problems.

Try to put yourself in the shoes of those doing bad things. This will help you to understand their point of view. You don’t necessarily need to agree on their actions or interpretations but you may be able to change your perspective.

Most reactions people have towards you, have to do with them feeling inadequate, not loved, or understood. You very appearance can trigger some emotions that make them feel negative towards you without you even doing anything or knowing what is going on. Most often, those people don’t even know by themselves. The underlying cause for almost any problem is the feeling of no being loved. You can overcome this by loving yourself 100%.

Step 2: Stop Judging

Judging others is always done by your mind which is not who you are. It simply creates the illusion of separation and gives away your power and the responsibility you have over your own life. Nobody is responsible for your current life situation except you. The moment you stop judging you will feel a state of peace in your mind

Whenever you judge someone you show that you do not love yourself 100%. You try to put yourself in a superior position in order to increase your value. By simply loving yourself 100% you don’t need to do that anymore. No matter how bad someone seems to be, he is always connected with you. Judging others means judging yourself. Hurting others means hurting yourself. Instead of judging others, and thus, giving away your power, try to perceive the events around you with full conscious awareness while staying in a state of inner peace and love. It is at us to learn how to keep that state throughout the day, every day, in order to evolve spiritually.

Step 3: Self-Reflection and the 7 Hermetic Principles

In every interaction with someone we are always teacher and student at the same time. Whenever something bad is happening, ask yourself what it has to do with you. If you experience certain things over and over again it certainly should teach you something about yourself.

You are creating your own reality by attracting certain people and events in your life that you are in resonance with. Get aware of the fact that you can live your life more consciously by applying the 7 Hermetic Principles into your daily life. Realize that it is your vibrational state that determines how you perceive and experience life.

Step 4: Start Your Transformation

You cannot change what is happening to you, but you can change the way you feel about it.

Once you know the most pressing issues that you want to change for your life, start your transformation process. This is the best way to deal with negativity: Change yourself.

Our habits and thoughts dictate and create our reality, either you are aware of it or not. Change the way how you react and feel about certain events by changing your daily routine. Get into an attitude of gratitude and use the power of your subconscious mind in a way that is serving your development in the best possible way.

On this website you will find all necessary tools that help you to start your holistic life transformation.

Step 5: Inspire

Suffering with others will only add to the suffering. Be a light for others and let love guide you. By transforming yourself you can inspire others in doing the same, like creating your own website. Negative events can actually be the cause for us to change our lives and to start over.

Step 6: Re-Connect

Connect with the people that inspire and teach you instead of those that are pulling you down. Go to places that lift you up and make you happy. So stop consuming the news and watching TV. Focus on the things and people that you love and that help you in becoming your greatest version.

Working together and sharing is always more powerful than working alone. You can start connecting with others on Facebook or Google Plus in one of the Holistic Life Transformation groups.

Step 7: The Bigger Picture – Worldwide Ascension Process

Currently the world is undergoing an ascension process. More love and light is sent to us and our planet. This brings all unsolved issues to surface that we will have to face sooner or later. With this the amplitude of positive and negative events gets higher on our planet. Things have to get more extreme first. Therefore, really bad things are going to happen that have the power to wake up more people that eventually help to raise the vibration of the planet.

In this way the “bad people” and “bad events” set the cause for the worldwide ascension process because people cannot deny the facts any longer. Change has to start from within, and by changing ourselves, we do an invaluable service to us and the world around us.

So see and accept the negativity for what it is: It is just one aspect of one and the same thing. Embrace it and dissolve it. Let go of holding on to it. Focus on your personal transformation and growth. Get into a constant state of inner peace and love. Be grateful for every single day because this is all what you have, make the most out of it and have fun.

Being free is your birthright and only you can allow yourself to bring this freedom back into your life.

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