About Me

Welcome to Holistic Life Transformation!

My name is René and I am on a quest to become my greatest version. 

Over the last years I have undergone a transformation process that affects all areas of my life. 

I am driven by the idea of living a fully self-authorized life that allows me to experience ultimate freedom, peace, happiness, abundance, and radiant health.

The hardest part was to accept that I deserve all of it and that it does not cost anything. Being alive is the only requirement to experience and manifest all of our dreams.

All that is required is to be in alignment with your own frequency. Being fully yourself and your own source of love and light is the key to anything you want in your life. 

By the time of writing this, I have travelled to more than 35 countries and met people of all walks of life.

I experience an inherent feeling of joy and adventure every time I go somewhere. At the same time, I noticed that no matter what I do or where I go, the true reality is another one.

There is always the inner ME, the ever observing presence and creator of my life’s experiences. And unless I learn to surrender to my true self and trust it fully, I will always try to find answers, happiness, success, and meaning elswhere. 

And let me tell you this: It does not work!

Anything we experience in life is only as good as our capacity to be in the present moment. 

Life is not happening to us, it is flowing through us, from the inside out!

To have full access to life means to have full access to your inner self. 

This is an inner path, and all answers to your questions can be found within you. 

The more aligned your are with who and what you are the more powerful you become at designing the life that you want. 

Our experience here on our beautiful planet is meant to be full of joy and love. It is meant to remind us of our divine origin.

And we are meant to express and experience our own unique frequency and all the wonderful and magical experiences that we are able to create for ourselves and others. 

Life is constantly expanding and evolving into always new shapes and forms. Ultimately this leads to higher levels of existence and to new qualities of consciousnouss. 

We are all on the leading edge of our own life. We are at the forefront of creative manifestaiton. 

You are the creator of your reality in each and every moment. 

And nobody needs to become better at creating because everyone is already a powerful creator. 

However, we don’t always feel like being in charge or very much happy with the reality we find ourselves in every day. 

The key is to understand how creation works and what we can do each day to access that power on a conscious level.

I am on a journey to become a conscious creator in every aspect of my life and will be happy to share all the tools that help me to get real results while doing nothing more than enjoying life.