About Me

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My name is Rene, I was born in Germany and after I studied engineering at the university I worked for one year in my first job in Austria. After I was told that my one-year work contract won’t be extended I started to think what I am going to do.

Losing my job now what?

I had several options like applying for another job again with the risk of not doing what I like, getting less money and getting laid off any time again. Or I could try something new and let everything else behind, something that would be in alignment with my true self and my deepest wishes.

But what could that be? How can I find out what I truly want and more so, how can I be financially independent at the same time? Is it ok to get more money and to be rich? Is it ok to have higher ambitions, to allow myself to think big like having more spare time, do what I truly like and making a living of it at the same time? Is it ok to think bigger and break free of old conventions? And what if I fail and don’t get where I want? What if it is just a big dream that turns into a nightmare eventually?

To be honest, I don’t really know, but what I do know is that it is worth trying it. I am worth trying it because if I don’t even start, I already failed. If I don’t make the first step, I already lost. I couldn’t walk right now if I wouldn’t have made the first step. And failed! And failed again! Failures are important until we eventually overcome them and become a greater version of ourselves than before.

Changing focus

Whatever you focus on grows. So I just have to focus on the things that truly matter to me.

Life means change, but change happens all the time with or without us. The question is: Can we progress at the same time?  The good news: Yes, we can, but many of us have lost their compass and are navigating rough seas without even knowing where they are heading to or even why. If you step into your car you have to know where you want to go. The navigation system could not help you if you have no goal. Otherwise you would just drive around and change directions all the time without making any progress towards your goal, because you have no goal! I felt more or less like that when I lost my job. It is not just about that job, it is about studying for five years and dedicating all my life towards it. But once I had lost it just after one year I knew it would be hard to get something similar, especially within that particular industry in its worst crisis for decades and me having just one year of work experience. I keep going with it, but I will not depend on it alone anymore.

So change happens all the time but progress depends on us.

Transformation begins…

The transformation of the caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly can only succeed undergoing a thorough metamorphosis and the final struggle of the butterfly forcing its way out of the cocoon. This is kind of a hassle for the butterfly (or the caterpillar in the first place) and it takes some time until it is finally flying. But if you would help the butterfly out of the cocoon it couldn’t finish the metamorphosis completely and might therefore not be able to fly. So in order to become your greatest version you need to change yourself. You will have to stop eating the green leaves and stop the easy life and go for that transformation. But you have to stop eating first, you have to make a decision if you want to continue to live like a caterpillar and eating and consuming all that you like and what you always did since you were born just because it is the way it is and it is what you have done ever since. So why change, eh? Ask the butterfly and see its wisdom (and don’t get stuck in the cocoon)!



This Website

Now let me get to the reason why I started this website. I am going to share with you my transformation process from the start until the moment that you stumble across this website and walk along with me from then on. I will share with you what helped me along my way and is still helping me to make my visions become true and what that visions are and why it is so important to have them. This is just my way to do things but hopefully it can inspire you as well.

I will report to you all the steps that I take from the humble beginning until the moment I step out of the cocoon (still humble). Not because I want to show off (and in the moment of writing this, there is not much to show with no job, no car, sitting alone in my room etc.) but in order to inspire you and help you to achieve the same. This is what I call the holistic life transformation.
I will share with you a set of skills, principles and rules that need to be understood and put into action to make them work, and they will work! See my story as an evidence that this “theoretical or spiritual stuff” actually works. And there are many stories of other people out there that are proof as well, you just need to know where to look at and surround yourself with the right people. You don’t need to do what I am doing, you can do whatever you like but doing it in the right way will lift you to levels you wouldn’t even dare to think that they were possible. My experiences and teachings will make you achieving your innermost desires. Let them guide you to walk your own way, which is the way to your true authenticity. Only this can unleash your true potential and inner power.

Are you striving to just survive or to thrive and to achieve your highest goals?

The choice is yours! Choose wisely and move ahead with confidence.