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8 Ways To Make The World A Better Place

“You make the world a better place by making yourself a better person.” – Scott Sorrell

Have you ever been in a situation where you said:

“Well, if you ask me then this and that should be done.”

And got an answer similar to this one:

“But no one is asking you! Now stop daydreaming and do something reasonable.”

If no one is asking you then why don’t you make them listen to you in the first place? Speak up for what you think is important and matters to you. Rise up and shine.

This is the only way to have an impact on our own life and on the people around us. In this post I am going to address eight ways that can help you to bring your inspirational and valuable ideas into reality.

(Note: This list contains affiliate links, which means when you click on a link that we recommend, we may receive a commission. Of course, this is at no extra cost to you, but it does help running this website. I truly appreciate your support in this way. Thank you.)

Take responsibility for your actions

You have full responsibility of the situation you are in right now and only you have the power to change it again if you think that is necessary.

Every one of us is an individual with unique capabilities, insights and visions. We have the responsibility to bring these personal traits to surface to help us standing out. We are tapping into our full potential when we do what comes easy and natural to us.

We don’t just need to be better than others but we need to be different.

And we are!

But instead we have been programmed at a younger age to fit into society. Up to this day our childhood determines who we have become. We suppress our needs and desires in order to fit into preset lifestyles that often oppose what we really want to do.

You can call this living by default.

You can only expect a different outcome when you change the settings and redefine what “default” means for you.

Inspire others with the things you do

If you have an idea or vision like a business idea or are very excited about something then you can easily inspire other people with your passion.

Whether this is a particular service or product, special skills or just your personal story that you are thinking of then sharing this idea with others will create value in their life, and thus, in yours as well.

Making the world a better place means that you first of all improve your own life in a way that makes you more positive and grateful.

You have to begin with realizing why you feel unhappy although you have a good life and see that something is missing in your life even you may not know yet what it actually is.

Many of us run our lives on autopilot and wonder why everything feels boring to us.

Finding out how you can inspire others with who you are makes you find your purpose in life.

This in turn will improve the life of other people in a way that not only makes your personal world a better place but also for those around you that are benefiting from your actions.

Does the world need to get better?

Don’t get me wrong, I really like our world but there are certainly a lot of things (and people) that haven’t developed yet to what is actually possible. And since anything is possible there is always room for improvement for each one of us. So what are we waiting for?

First of all it, is us that needs to awake to what we are truly capable of. Only then should we look around us and inspire others with our light. There is really no point in fighting the old system and trying to force our “improvement” on it. Whatever you fight against gets stronger (also “winning” will cause new and bigger problems), therefore there is no point in doing that.

Instead of fighting what you hate (in order to make the world better) you should create what you love.

This is so important that I want to write “so” with then o’s (like soooooooooo).

And what you love is what you are passionate about.  You can do things that no one else can do like you. Doing what is easy for you and getting so good at it that you simply inspire others with who you are should be what you are striving for. Only then are you living your life on purpose. This is actually what we should learn at school and the true meaning of education.

Now I need you to make a commitment. If you have had an idea or vision for a while but kept procrastinating for whatever reason then NOW you have the chance to change that. Stop dreaming and start planning.

Your commitment: After reading the list you decide to choose one point that fits best to your idea and take action. Then leave a comment and tell us about your intention.

 8 Ways To Make The World A Better Place

Note that I didn’t follow any particular order and that you can do one or several of these things at the same time. They are not depending on each other but could be combined if necessary.

1) Start A Website

Starting a website is a great way to do what you are interested about while reaching out to a lot of people. There are billions of people with an internet access that are just one click away from your ideas and services. Whether you run a blog, podcast, or simply need an online address for your business, it is almost inevitable to have a website these days.

You can also start with a business profile on a social media platform but then you only reach people with an account there and depend on the success of this particular platform.

There are endless possibilities for topics and ways to present them to your readers.

You simply have to see the huge potential and that there is always something that you can do better and different than those before you. So don’t be afraid of that.

Further, it is very easy to setup a website these days without needing any programming skills. Anyway, it can be a bit confusing when you are just starting out. Therefore, it would be very handy to have everything you need in one place. I have found and use Wealthy Affiliate for this and wrote a review about it right here.

And to be honest, without this support I wouldn’t have this website in place right now.

Have a look at an earlier version of Holistic Life Transformation (video) if you want to see how it has changed.

Recommended Resources:

Wealthy Affiliate: Here you get everything in one place: Hosting, domains, WordPress training, tutorials, live video classes, SEO tips and tools, a huge community of more than 500k people, technical support, etc. It is free to join and there is no time limit for you to keep it that way but also a paid membership (–> read my review)

Get A Domain (free): You can start today with your own domain, it is free after all. A domain is basically the virtual address of your website that you type in at the top of your browser. So once you have your own address people can actually find you.

2) Make Videos

Just like with a website, you can present literally anything in a video. And it probably is a bit faster and more user friendly, as more and more people like watching videos more than reading. Creating a video can be done either with a camera, your smartphone, or a screen capture software that is showing what is happening on your computer.

You can also make your own movies, animations, or upload music or documentaries. Think about it: How many times have you been looking for a tutorial or video and found quite a lot of helpful and interesting stuff?

Now start to look how many people are watching these videos and how many subscribers some people have. This is an awesome way to make the world better place because you can make yourself noticed and gather a huge audience and make a living from it as well.

And don’t be afraid to get started. Look at the first videos of some guys and you see that they also had to learn and just got better over time. This is the way it goes, but you have to get stared and stick to it. Start setting your goals and off you go 🙂

Recommended Resources: 

YouTube Creator Academy (free): Learn how to setup a YouTube channel and how you create powerful videos.

YouTube Marketing – Start Your Own YouTube Channel!: Take your efforts to the next level and get professional.

Screen-O-Matic: Online screen capture and editing software that I use in order to make video tutorials.

3) Write A Book

If you are reading this I would assume that you probably had an idea of writing a book at least one time in your life and that you also know some people who talked about doing that as well. But how many of them actually finished writing one or even started in the first place?

There are many types of books but the two main categories are fiction and non-fiction. Whether it is a fictional story idea that you have or any particular knowledge or experience that you want to share, there are for sure many people out there who would love to read it about it.

Further, if you cannot find a publisher, self-publishing is not a big deal these days.

The biggest issue with writing books was and will be to actually write them! This is what each author before you had to do and none of them knew whether someone will read their work or not, and still they wrote it and succeeded. This is the risk you have to take. The only thing certain is that nobody is going to read your unwritten book.

Writing a book definitely is way to have an impact in your life and those of many others.

Recommended Resources: 

Learn how to write, market, and publish your first book: This book contains some good advice that I am using right now to write my own book. For more information have a look at the Self-Publishing School (free).

The Hurricane Method – How To Write A Novel In 14 Days: If you would like to focus only on fictional writing, then this simple method will probably benefit you best.

4) Create A Course

When you are more into the teaching side of things then you should consider to create an online course.

What if you think that you are not a good teacher or have nothing to say? Think about it again. You probably have some sort of expert knowledge that only you can have.

After all you are the expert of your own life and setting up a course will not only improve your own skills at what you are doing but also inspire other people. Whether you have a hobby, are a technical expert, unemployed, retired or just living your life day in and out, there are people out there that would love to know how to you do what you do.

Creating courses will also increase your reputation as an expert and may serve you in other areas of your life as well.

There are various ways to set up a course like embedding it in your website, sending it as an e-mail course with links to separately hosted videos, or uploading it on an online learning platform and much more.

Recommended Resources: 

Create an Udemy Course In 8 hours

Build a Successful Creative Blog Course at CreativeLive

Complete Guide to Email Marketing (free): The way this works is to create courses and distribute them via e-mail. You can set up a landing page and offer your readers a course or e-book in return for their e-mail. You can invite people to join your course through social media or by simply sending out e-mails to people you know.

5) Fundraising

Another way of having a positive impact is through fundraising. You can do it for your own projects and even business ideas or simply support others that want to run a fundraising campaign to realize their project. This is a great way of mobilizing a lot of people for a good cause. There are basically no limits for your ideas as long as you can find people that are willing to support you.

If you see a problem in the world then probably other people see that problem too and are willing to support your efforts of solving it.

Recommended Resource

Fundraising Coach (free): There are some things that you have to know about fundraising that can all be found right here.

6) Invent Something Or Start Your Own Business

Well, this may sound a bit stupid, and you probably won’t be able to invent something only because you read this.

Anyway, many people have actually quite good ideas but they have never the courage to take the next step. And later they see someone else being very successful with the same idea. This is when you aim too low in life and (unfortunately) hit your target.

If you have an idea for some product that could revolutionize the way we live but don’t know how to create it then think about getting a 3D printer. With this and a proper toolbox and a garage you are ready to go 🙂 This is a bit of an investment but it will help you to set up your own company and get started from there.

This depends on the type of product you want to create but it certainly helps to repetitively produce the same results and parts for your new product/robot/drone/machine/gimmick/etc.

Of course you can also offer a service, create an app, or anything else that you think of that adds value other people’s life, so basically starting your own business.

Recommended Resources: Well, be creative. Sometimes it helps to use stillness for inspiration and problem solving.

10 Best Wealth Creating Books For 2017: These books are a good starting point for any business aspiration you have.

10 Best Mind Changing Books For 2017: If you want to change your mindset and understand what each one of us is capable of then here you could find what you need.

7) Learn to give

Give always more than you would have to and you will receive more than you would need (kind of like the “Star Money Principle“). This not just about money but about realizing how much you can give to others.

Another way of helping is loaning small funds (e.g. 25$) to people in countries where this is actually quite a lot of money. This way you help them with starting their business. And who knows, maybe you get some inspiration for your own business ideas or even a future partner.

This is just another form of giving.

If you don’t know how to give then you won’t be able to receive. You don’t have anything to give? What about a smile here and there and overall more kindness.

Recommended Resource:

Kiva: This is a place where you can fund a loan to someone and get repaid later. This is a great way to help people who want to get things done. This is a very direct form to help people that actually want to change something but need some help to do so.

8) Sending Love

This is probably the least considered but most powerful way of making the world a better place, which has even been proven in an experiment.

Being in a constant frequency of unconditional love has a very positive effect on you and the world around you. Create a mental vision of a situation or person and simply send all the love that you can to a situation, fighting parties, suffering animals, or just anywhere where it is most needed (word it this way is enough) and then just feel it flowing.

Considering the implications of everything being connected this is working 100% as long as your intentions are clear. You don’t need to go anywhere or do anything except sending your positive intention and love. It looks like you do nothing but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Recommended Resource:


For all kind of other products and business aspirations I can recommend you to have a look at the 10 Best Wealth Building Books For 2017 that contain some very helpful information for becoming your greatest version and inspiring others while doing so.

Your ideas are important and do matter. You are worthy and so are your ideas. The world needs your help. More so, it needs you to become your greatest version and let your light illuminate those around you. Just like a lighthouse. 

Do you remember your commitment? So please let me know what you would like to do or if there is anything else you prefer to make this world a better place.

Have a wonderful week my friend!

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