What Are The Universal Laws About? The 7 Hermetic Principles and what you need to know about them.


Origin Of The 7 Hermetic Principles

Although the principles are universal and are found in many teachings they are mostly related to Hermes, the Greek god of Wisdom, also called Hermes Trismegistos (Tris-megistos = threefold master), the Master of the Masters, or simply Thoth, who lived in Atlantis and Egypt for several thousand years.

In The Kybalion: Hermetic Pholosophy, that was published in 1912, the 7 Hermetic Principles have been written down by “the Three Initates”.

The 7 Hermetic Principles

1. Principle Of Spirit (Mind)

Principle of the Mentalism: The All is MIND. The universe is mental.

Everything is spiritual; the source of life is creative spirit. There are no limitations or boundaries. Spirit or mind stands above matter and rules it. You can say that our substantial reality, the phenomenon of life, matter and energy, so everything that is a part of our physical reality is in fact spirit.

Consciousness creates form into being; therefore thoughts are creative and changing forces and the means of creation. Thoughts can create and destroy. You are in charge of your thoughts and, thus, are 100% responsible for them and their creation. You create your life and are responsible for it, no one else.

Beware of your thoughts. Thoughts become words, words become action, and your actions become your habits and who you are.

The mind or consciousness is the underlying energy that transforms being into creative form.


2. Principle Of Correspondence

Everything there is in the world has an analogy. The great is in the smallest, and the smallest is in the greatest, as above so below, as within so without.

The way you are within yourself determines the way you experience the world around. You are like a mirror projecting your inner state into its outer reflection. Change yourself, to change the world around you.


3. Principle Of Vibration

Nothing rests; everything moves and vibrates, nothing is static. Whatever is static becomes rigid and must break. Everything around us is vibrating. You can have different vibrational states that determine how you feel and how you interact with your environment. Matter and spirit are all vibrating just at different frequency. The higher the frequency the more powerful it is.

Spirit has a higher frequency than matter, therefore, spirit rules matter and has the power to transform and create. It is actually scientifically proven that the presence of a conscious being nearby a physical experiment affects its outcome. If this is possible instantly, it also possible to consciously create your own reality. It is happening all the time anyway whether you want or not, so why not taking back control?


4. Principle Of Polarity

Everything is dual, and has a poles and its pair of opposites. Like and unlike are the same, opposites are identical in nature and are really only the two extremes of the same thing, and all paradoxes can be reconciled.


5. Principle Of Rhythm

Everything ebbs and flows, goes up and comes down. The swing of the pendulum is present in everything and the swing to the one side is equal to the swing to the other side. Rhythm is the compensation.


6. Principle Of Cause And Effect

Each cause has an effect, an each effect has a cause, and this is the principle of karma. Action equals reaction, equal creates equal. The cause can originate on many different planes. Every thought, every feeling, every action is a cause which has an effect. There is no sin, no blame, no guilt, no fault and no chance, or luck, there is no such a thing as coincidence. There is only cause and effect. Everything happens according to this law, nothing can escape it.

#31 - Fire Martini


7. Principle Of Gender

Gender is in everything because everything has a male and female principle, gender manifests on all planes. It is also the principle of sexuality, the impulse of life which is originated by the presence of the positive and the negative pole. It is transformation and creation out of the opposing poles. Out of the apparent duality of the poles something new is created. In nature it is the ritual of life creation, continued repetition, yet always unique form of life creation.


Applying the Principles in Daily Life

It is important to know and internalize these principles. However, it is even more important to apply the essence of this knowledge in your daily life and make it an integral part of your thoughts and actions. Understand the inherent tools of these principles that can help you to change your life. Knowledge itself is useless.

The mere accumulation of knowledge of all kinds of subjects and topics can become useless if it is not essential for your personal development and if you do not apply, internalize and LIVE it. Wisdom is applied knowledge, and mastery can only be achieved by continuous application of the principles

What does Thoth say?

Why not ask the Thoth himself? In the book “Thoth im All-Tag” (Thoth in Daily-Life) by Kerstin Simoné who claims to be in contact with Thoth who spreads his message through her, he talks about these principles.

The subsequent passage corresponds to what is said in the book:

It is stated that it is not only important to be aware of the principles but also to derive the most useful tools out of them in order to apply them wisely in your daily life and to work with them.

  • Principle Of Mentalism: This is important and fundamental knowledge that you should be aware of. It is not a tool
  • Principle Of Correspondence: This is important and fundamental knowledge that you should be aware of. It is not a tool.
  • Principle Of Gender: This is important and fundamental knowledge that you should be aware of. It is not a tool.
  • Principle Of Rhythm: This is important and fundamental knowledge that you should be aware of. It is not a tool

Only the following three principles can be used to achieve mastery and creativity in the realm of matter.

  • Principle Of Polarity: This is important and fundamental knowledge and tool for creativity
  • Principle Of Cause And Effect: This is important and fundamental knowledge and tool for creativity
  • Principle Of Vibration: This is important and fundamental knowledge and tool for creativity

If you study these last three principles while being aware of the other ones as a fundamental knowledge within yourself you may be able to realize that these principles can be minimized to a single applicable principle which is an inherent part of all others.

The insight that you might get is that after pondering is seeing the principle of polarity and of cause and effect as transformed tools. So, only one tool is left that you need to master.

  • With these insights the principle of vibration is the quintessence of all cosmic principles.

Don’t see this as neglecting the other principles or as an attempt to confuse you, simply see it as a way to help you focus on the tool that can help you here and now to become your greatest version.

See that you can feel and control your state of vibration. By mastering your personal vibrational state you can change all other aspects in your life. With your conscious thought and the principle of correspondence working for you, it is your inner vibrational state or frequency that can transform your inner and outer world.

You can actively go into resonance to unconditional love and peace and feel this vibration within yourself and thus, transforming the world around you.

It is very important to understand ALL of the principles and the way they work. And, in the next step, it is even more important to use the principle of vibration as your most powerful tool on your way to mastery in the physical realm of matter.

Each insight that is not lived and applied is just another possibility to recede from the truth and the path to achieve mastery. Therefore, radical action is required on your way to become your greatest version.

I hope this overview of the 7 Hermetic Principles helped you to understand their importance for our daily lives. With this in mind we should focus on the principle of vibration as a tool to feel and alter our conscious awareness of our inner vibrational state. Applying this knowledge wisely will help us on our way to achieve mastery in this physical reality.

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8 thoughts on “7 Hermetic Principles – What Are The Universal Laws About?”

  1. MisterReen,

    Interesting article. Wouldn’t the Principle of Polarity be similar or at least close to that of Principle of Gender? The genders are opposites are they not? I was just curious since these are all universal principles and them haven’t similarities and relations wouldn’t surprise me. Thanks for the article!

    • Hi Wing,

      This is a great question. In the Hermetic principles you have kind of a hierarchy, so the principles on the top can affect the ones below but not the other way round. They don’t need to be necessarily different from each other, but they more kind of complement each other. Also the original source text is from more than 100 years ago, and so maybe the wording might be not what we would use today and should not be seen too strict.

      So you can say that without the principle of polarity you couldn’t have gender polarity. For the word gender you could also say male and female principle or yin and yang. They are the same energy in different forms.

      Everything has a male and female aspect. This is true for the physical, mental and spirtitual plane. You might be a man in your physical body but you have male and female qualities on mental and spiritual level. So this principle goes beyond man and woman. In polarity you have either positive or negative in gender you have “positive” and “negative” within each.

      The masculine principle is giving, expression, doing and will, or the active part, on a mental part it is also logic and analysis.

      The feminine principle is the passive part, being, receiving, but also imagination, intuition, emotion.

      The list could go on depending on which plane you refer to.

      It is also the principle of creation. This again goes for physical, mental and spiritual creation.

      Important is that there has to be a balance between these two. You will reach your full brain capacity if your left and right brain hemispheres work together and that is when you can create the most marvelous things

      An analogy could be the example of the dance and the dancer. One couldn’t be without the other. The dance is the passive (female) part and the dancer is the active (male) principle that activates the dance. Together they come into existance and are insaparable. But they are not opposing each other, right? The dancer is not necessarily the opposite of the dance, they are just the male and female principle of the same thing.

      I hope that clarifies things a bit

  2. first off, let me say that i really love the nature of your website. It makes me happy to see that more people are becoming interested in spirituality, ideas of creation and laws of universe etc. I could disagree a little bit with the article as i think more principles could be used as tools. For example, principle of mentalism – as i know everything around me is created by consciousness and are pieces of it, I know I am a consciousness also that took a physical form. Knowing that i am a part of that universal consciousness gives me a power to co-create with the help of intention (consistent predominant thought dressed in emotion). How i apply it every day- i choose to think good thoughts, eliminate doubts and negative beliefs, i stay away from negative conversations (unless they are a must) and complaining, because i know my thoughts create a future reality. How i use principle of correspondence. As I understand ‘as within so without’ principle, i stay away from judging others as much as i can, and instead trying to analyze why i am bothered by certain their quality and in what part of my life i tend to show the same qualities. Also if i see a lot of angry or stressed people around me i realize that i need to come down and brighten up, because they are mere reflection of my inner state at the time…what do you think of that, sorry for a long message lol

    • Hi Irina, thank you for your comment. And I very much appreciate your effort and time to write it.

      Basically, I agree with everything you said 🙂

      I understand your point and it was not intended to neglect anything. And all principles are valid. You are right about everything being consciousness and about applying the principle of correspondence. They are valid and you can act accordingly.

      But what was said in this book is that it boils down to the principle of vibration and that by mastering this principle you will master all other things as well. The main difference here is moving from the knowing to applying. Know the principle and how they work and be aware of that but focus on what you do to implement them. This doesn’t neglect the validity of the principles. And this is what was meant by tool and intended to simplify as much as possible to make it easier to focus on one thing at a time and act accordingly.

      Thinking good thoughts, eliminating doubts and beliefs and so on is in essence to stay in a higher vibrational state. You can literally feel your vibrational state and by adjusting it you adjust your thoughts and emotions

      I totally agree that people around you are the reflection of your inner state and that this can help you to analyze yourself. You attract what you are resonating with, so it boils down again to your state of vibration you are in.

      So you have very good points and are doing very well to be in such a state of high awareness. I think it is normal to have all kinds of emotions (energy in motion) and that you should not suppress them but instead become aware of them (your vibrational state) and transform them to positive energy.

      Have a great day and thanks again for taking your time to comment.


  3. Hey Rene:

    Thanks for the interesting read. I have not seen a more succinct and clear explanation of the Hermetic Principles than yours. It was lovely.

    Often when I try to read about the more esoteric wisdoms I get overwhelmed by all of the information that is presented all at once. Your post is much easier to take in and it leaves room to ponder.

    It’s hard to think on something when you can’t wrap your head around it….

    • Thank you Netta for your comment. There is indeed a lot of information that can be confusing sometimes. What I found out for me is that the truth most often tends to be simple. We like to complicate things more than necessary. Furthermore, the genuine truth causes a sense of knowing that sometimes is hard to explain.

      When we try to explain something complicated to a child we say that the child is too young to understand. On the other hand we have troubles to answer seemingly very simple questions. If we cannot explain something in a way a child can understand, it is us to blame and not the child. We forgot to ask the right questions and get distracted by complicating our lives over things that don’t matter after all.

  4. This was awesome to read, cause and effect is that a lot like what people call now as the law of attraction? It was very interesting to read, with vibration, i tend to struggle with it and try and force my vibration up so much that it doesnt happen, when i am in a rut or have negative thoughts i find it hard to change my vibratoral frequency, at the minute i am struggling a little with self love and its hard to alter my state of frequency. any tips?

    • Hi Matthew, I think that it is true what you said because you can only get when you give, so you are setting the cause to receive something. You can not only give material things, but also knowledge and service. But I think that it is even more important why you give and what your intention is. You can spend money thinking that you actually cannot afford it or that it is too expensive. Or you spend money with the intention and vision that those who created that product or service and their families will benefit from you buying this right now.

      The intention behind your action alters your vibrational state and you can only attract into your life something that has the same frequency that you have. So I think it is hard to say where the law of attraction begins or stops because everything is connected.

      If you feel in a bad mood then I recommend you to read these tips that help me to stay positive. I hop this is helpful for you

      Thanks for stopping by and taking your time to leave a comment

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