7 Compelling Results I Get from Daily Meditation – Living from the inside out

Meditation allows us to directly participate in our lives instead of living life as an afterthought. -Stephen Levine

You probably know about the benefits meditation can have. You might even have given it a try. And for a while you might have done it on a regular basis.

But life had different plans for you.

Somehow along the way you stopped doing it.

Maybe you had the wrong expectations:

  • Enlightenment?

Hearing a monkey talking in your head doesn’t count.

  • Ascension?

…no, also not when you see him eating a banana at the speed of light…

  • Getting into that meditation position with the knot in your legs?

Stop it, I need a banana.

If you feel anything like this, don’t worry about it. Everybody who is not used to it struggles at the beginning.

And meditation doesn’t need to be any of this.

Meditation can be a door opener to a world most people are completely unfamiliar with:

The inner world.

And experiencing, perceiving, and feeling that inner world through meditations make it more tangible.

Have you ever wondered why you could never find the answers inside of you?

Maybe because you never took the time to look, to listen, to wait.

What if meditation helps you to grow more than anything you could do during the same amount of time?

What if you could live from the inside out and see powerful results in your life?

What if that means that you no longer rely on others to really feel good?

And what if it takes only 20 minutes a day?

Would it be worth a try?

Let’s have a look at some of the upgrades you can expect to see if it is all worth it for you.

Then you can make a decision that feels right to you. For good.

1) Awareness

The first thing I noticed was a shift in my awareness. If all you achieve is an increased awareness than your daily meditation practice is all worth it.

I don’t believe that it stops there for anyone, but this alone is awesome.

Why is awareness so important?

Think about it.

Awareness is the ability to fully embrace the present moment, to dive deep right into it.

Awareness is the opposite of distraction. The more aware you become the more you can dive into the present moment.

Since the present moment is all there is, you upgrade your life experience. Life happens now, and the more aware of it you are, the better you can engage in life.

Soon you will wonder why you kept thinking about the past and future so much.

You notice that doing so distracts you from the experiencing life fully, which is unfolding in front of you every single second.

2) Clarity

With awareness comes clarity. Presence and thinking are not the best friends. So they won’t stick around together for very long.

As you become more present, your hypnotizing stream of erratic thinking subsides and makes space for some clarity. Even a tiny bit of less thinking can make a huge difference.

During meditation, you put your sensory perceptions on a standby position. But according to the old Egyptians, your thoughts are part of your senses too.

This is an interesting perspective because it sees thoughts as something you perceive from the outside.

In other words, you are not your thoughts. They are coming to you, in front of your lens of focused consciousness.

You are the observer of your thoughts.

And once your sensory perceptions including your thoughts are reduced to a minimum, you have, maybe the first time in your life, the chance to see what is beneath your thoughts.

Just like clouds are hiding the sun, your thoughts are clouding your inner clarity.

The more you practice, the more your inner true self can shine through you, from the inside to the outside.

And with it comes a clarity that is in alignment with your true self, which brings us to the next point.

3) Inspiration

If you got this far, then true inspiration is the next logical step.

All great minds throughout history had access to the inspiration that came through them, just like a download.

You can’t teach anybody anything, only make them realize the answers are already inside them.

-Galileo Galilei

Many times, famous authors, engineers, scientist, or artists mention that they are in a state of flow and that ideas are just coming to them.

No great idea was ever derived through analytical thinking alone. To get started to solve any problem you need an IN-SIGHT.

Meditation can help you to get constant access to your inspiration.

If you for example imprint the vision of a desirable situation in your life, and you give it all your attention for a while, the way it feels, that way you react, you send out a request.

And if you do so during meditation you will receive feedback in form of inspiration.

This can be a feeling, an idea, a word, or a desire to do something.

And before you know you see all kinds of “coincidences” and “synchronicities” happening around you.

Inspired Action Example

Back in university, there was a topic I couldn’t get my head around (advanced fluid dynamics).

I was so desperate that I wanted to sign out four days before the exam, but that was not possible anymore.

What I would normally do is to hope to reach the pass mark somehow.

However, I wanted more. So I sat down in meditation and imagined getting the best grade possible (1 out of 5 grades in my case).

It was very unlikely at that moment.

But here is the thing:

If you can’t imagine it, it won’t happen.

So I imagined going to the board where the results list would be displayed and I vividly imagined how it would feel to see a number 1 there (Grade A)

I felt the excitement, the surprise, and how my friends would cheer me up.

Here is what happened next:

During the final days, things started to unfold. I got a bunch of example calculations which helped me to get through the material.

During the exam, I don’t remember how I got through the theoretical questions, but I remember feeling very clear and aware of what I was doing in the calculation part.

In the end, I got the grade I have imagined and was the best of 98 students in a topic I wanted to give up only 4 days earlier.

So if anyone tells you that mediation is impractical, you might give it another try and make your own experience.

4) Abundance

Abundance is nothing you receive from the outside, it is a state of being you have to reach from the inside.

Meditation itself or the regular practice of it can help to get into an abundance mindset.

Either during or after meditation you can focus on all the things you appreciate in your life.

Things you achieved, joyful experiences you had, or people you love, these are all aspects in your life that you can appreciate.

Ideally, you want to write these things down in your journal. Meditation and journaling are a very powerful connection. So if you don’t have one yet, I recommend you to get one (affiliate link).

Now with your new level of awareness, you can perceive this more and more. If you keep your focus directed on this you will become more abundant.

5) Connectedness

The feeling of connectedness comes in many ways.

The more time you spend with yourself in meditation, the more you will feel into the real you.

You see the beauty in just being you.

And the more you feel connected to your own self, the more you get connected to the reality around you.

Remember the Second Universal Principle!

Feeling the connection to the people, to nature, and the animals, to the sun, to the earth, to the stars (your macro-cosmos), but also to your body, your cells, the universe inside of you (your micro-cosmos).

And there is no limit to how deep you can go, to how connected you can feel.

Everything is connected and you are connected to everything.

This means, that everything you see is part of you too. And you realize: You are what you see, and what you see is what you are.

6) Healing

There are many studies that explain the health benefits of regular meditation.

A remarkable example is Wim Hof. If you haven’t heard about him yet, you better have a look.

What the studies do not talk about is the relationship you can develop with your body.

Once you feel the connection to your body you can actually use that connection as a means of communication.

That is right.

Have you ever tried to talk to your body, have you appreciated your body cells for the amazing job they are doing each and every day?

Have you started the dialogue about how you served your body and asked what else it needs from you?

Have you asked your body to support you and give you that little extra power and clarity that you need for the next day?

You can talk to your body and treat it like your best friend.

Do that before going to sleep and see what amazing results you can get out of this experience.

7) Focus

I got to a level where I see meditation as a retreat from the life around me.

Instead of complaining and moaning about my day, my colleagues, politics, the weather, and all the other problems I do something different now.

Whenever I feel down, I do a meditation session that helps me to focus on what I want and can change, instead of the things I don’t want and cannot change.

It allows me to recalibrate, recharge, and refocus in as little as 5 minutes of presence if time is short.

I prefer 20 minutes but I am really looking forward to it because I do feel better every single time. And it doesn’t cost anything.

What meditation practice should you start with?

You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes a day, unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour. -Zen saying

Here I will give you a short description of the meditation practice I do most of the time.

However, I am also doing guided meditations from time to time or experiment with different styles.

I guess it is best to have something you consistently do and experiment along the way.

My daily meditation practice

No special breathing technique is required. Just let it come and go naturally.
I learned this meditation from Jesse Elder. It is similar to the one Joe Dispenza teaches just shorter (If you have questions about the differences I will share with you in the comments)

  1. Presence (5 min): Sit absolutely still and become present. Thoughts can come and go, try not to attach to them. If so, return to your breath. For more advanced practitioners the complete absence of thinking should be the goal.
  2. Appreciation (5 min): Think about the things in your life you appreciate. People, situations whether good or bad and what they have taught you, your skills, your wins, all the things you have in your life no matter how small.
  3. Envisioning (5 min): Think about what you want. Envision it with all your senses as if it is happening right now. The point is that you approach this from a place of appreciation (Step 2) and not from a place of lack. Believe this vision of yours to be the timeline of another version of you. And that future version is having a memory about you in the here and now. Accept this reality to be true and lock it in!
  4. Receiving: Ask your future self (the universe, etc.) about the best next step or thing you should do to move towards that vision of yours. Then be present and wait for answers which might show up as a feeling, an image, a word, or the inspiration to do something.

Write your ideas in your journal as soon as you come out of your meditation.

Practice the first phase for 5 to 7 days and then add the second phase.

So within 3 to 4 weeks, you should have that practice in place.

Then just keep doing it. Ideally in the morning or any time of the day you feel like doing it.

There is no need to meditate longer than 20 minutes. You can play around with the phases (longer session) or leaving some elements out as you get more advanced.

But the most important step is to get this routine in place. And experience shows that less is more in this regard.

Free Meditation App

I use Insight Timer to stopp the time intervals. Every 5 minutes you will hear a nice bell or wooden sound to move on to the next phase.

You can check for my real name Rene Kammel in there and say Hello if you decide to use it.

If not, a normal timer on your phone should do the job too.


Meditation is more than waiting for the time to pass.

It is a way to learn living again.

If you can do any of the above throughout the day without any problems, then meditation practice is nothing you need to worry about.

Meditation is a way to get access to what has been lost to most of us, that which every child can do with ease.

By reconnecting to your true nature you will act more in alignment with your inner self and things will feel more beautiful, more special, more peaceful.

This is by no means an illusion.

The illusion is that life means struggle, stress, or fighting.

Meditation helps you to get back into your elevated state of being which is your natural state. From there, life unfolds in a completely different way.

You can live from the inside out and see powerful results in your life.

All it takes is 20 minutes a day.

Breathe. And Be.

Be You.

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