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5 Simple Reasons You Should Stop Caring About Politics

“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.”

Groucho Marx

Let’s face it, we all have blamed politicians at some point in our life. If you never have I beg my pardon and would like you to let us know down in the comments. We get frustrated about their arrogance, ignorance, and incompetence.

They are corrupted and don’t do what they have promised. We voted for them but our life hasn’t improved for the better.

For them, it does not matter what they do because it’s the tax payer’s money they spend. Their immunity allows them to straight out lie and smile to you at the same time, declare you incompetent, and even get away with all of it.

The worst consequences they face is to “humbly” resign from their position while still receiving generous lump sum settlements and getting a new job as a consultant or “expert”.

They have no honor, no conscience, and no respect for normal people.

Now, this might be true or not and trust me, I have felt several times that way myself.

Just ask yourself why you need any politician to take care of your life and how likely it is that it is ever going to happen? How much energy did you spend already on thinking and complaining about it?

How much more energy and time are you willing to spend on it right now and in the future? How does it make you feel? Do you feel drained, frustrated, helpless, and simply angry about it and if yes, what is the point to make you feel like that?

Not the politicians or their actions make you feel that way, it is how you interpret and see their actions. It is also how you relate their actions to your own expectations.

No politician is responsible for your life or how you feel about it, only you are (Click to Tweet!)

You want the impossible: The politicians have to change your life and make you happy.

Now, this is crazy!

So here are five reasons why should stop caring about politics:

1) It keeps you frustrated and sick

The feeling of frustration comes as a result of not being able to satisfy your needs, wants, or desires through your own actions and efforts.

That your needs and desires are never going to be fully met by any party, politician or agenda should be very obvious.

Your own actions and efforts consist of you waiting for politicians to change something in your life. As you can see this has to lead to frustration.

This frustration is not something that occurs only once. By consuming the news on a daily basis we get constantly frustrated by things we cannot change and that make us unhappy.

Over time this can cause all sorts of diseases because we are at dis-ease all the time. Why are we repeatedly doing something that is not good for us?

First of all, we have become addicted to this daily dose of negative emotions that stimulates our body and brain.

I would say that I always feel worse after reading the news than I did before. There is literally an energy drop I can feel each time.

The biggest problem is that we are not even aware of our own behavior and don’t realize why we are feeling down all the time.

Ask yourself this: How much is it serving you to care about politics in becoming your greatest version?

As long as we are unable to resolve the causes for our anger within our subconscious mind, we should try to reduce any negative input to the absolute minimum.

This is not about walking through life without knowing what is going on but about not getting emotionally drained each time we feed ourselves with negativity.

Try to make your mind reflecting anything it perceives without judging! Observe without analyzing, accept without asking, love without conditions, be mindless and live from your heart space.

Only inner peace can bring outer peace: As within, so without.

2) You are complaining instead of creating

Instead of focusing on what you could create, you keep your focus on things that pull you down. You compare, judge, analyze, discuss, and worry. You are in a state of paralysis through analysis, stagnation instead of progress.

What would be a better alternative?

You could do what you are passionate about and make this world a better place.

Instead of fighting against the system you could create something new and inspiring. This is the path to happier and more meaningful life. You no longer play the game according to the old rules. You create your own rules, your own reality, you own game by simply walking your own path.

You no longer play the game according to the old rules. You create your own rules, your own reality, you own game by simply doing whatever you want.

Think about all the energy you have spent on complaining about politics and what you could have created with the same amount of energy?

Okay, no more thinking right now. Get into action!

3) You give away your power

By expecting politics to fulfill your desires and dreams you give away all the power you have over your own life. You become dependent on the events outside of you that you cannot influence anyway.

Not only do you stop taking your life into your own hands but you also give away the power you have over your emotions.

Your internal and external state are controlled by other people and events. However, they cannot have power over you without your permission. Simply withdraw your permission. If you stop expecting what cannot happen, you will get back your power.

What happens if you don’t expect anything from anyone?

You start to be free. This is when you get back your power. Then you can start to live your life to its fullest.

4) You waste your time

Think about the time you have wasted watching the news, blaming politicians, talking yourself into a rage, and fighting against the system.

How many hours, days, and weeks have you spent not living in the present moment? How much more time are you willing to waste on external events and situations from the past?

Every time you think or talk about a politician, you live in the past and not in the present. How much longer are you willing to let the past or future determine your present life?

Everyone I know is very eager to leave the workplace when time is up because most people get paid for the time they work per day.

So when it comes to money most people are very aware of their (life-)time they give in exchange for it.

But as soon as people get out of work they no longer care about time and start wasting it.

Actually, you cannot waste your time, you can only fill it with something.

And most people simply fill it with garbage (like complaining about politics, watching TV/news, computer games, facebook, being online, checking your smartphone etc.) and then say that they don’t have enough time to do anything more meaningful.

How much time do you have per week?

On average, people spend more than 490 minutes of their day with some sort of media! This is about 8 hours and 10 minutes.

Apart of that let’s have a look at the math and see how much time we actually have:

A week has 168 hours. Let’s say you work 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday, sleep on average 7 hours a day, need 1 hour to commute to your work (one way), and need 3 hours a day for preparing food, eating dressing, bathing, then this takes you 120 hours. Now add another 2 hours a day for relaxing time of any kind (video games etc.), then we sum it up to 134 hours.

This gives us 34 hours a week we are free to do whatever we are passionate about and to become our greatest version. This makes about 4 hours and 45 minutes a day!

You can add some more time for any contingencies if you want, then you would still have at least 3 hours a day to work on your goals (if you have any)!

How much of this time are you willing to waste any longer on politics or any other useless stuff that keeps you trapped in your precious comfort zone?

5) It keeps you stuck

Blaming and complaining may give you short relief about your own life. You lift the burden off your shoulders by pointing to others which may give you temporary relief but never a solution or improvement of your actual life.

You are giving away your power and the responsibility you have over your own life. This, in turn, makes it impossible for you to move on. You get stuck and stagnate emotionally. You no longer advance in life.

This is similar to the case with the work experience: Some people have 20 years of experience, and some others have 20 times one year experience.

They repeatedly do the same things in the same way they have always done them just because it is like that. End of story.

As someone who is hiring, which person would you prefer?

You keep living in the past and miss the infinite possibilities that each moment holds for you. Same thinking produces same actions and same actions produce same results.

In order to change your life, you need to become someone else first. Dealing with politics and external events will not help you with that. If you try to change your life by focusing on external events it is like trying to make the face in the mirror smile by bending the mirror.

You need to realize that the world around you is a reflection of your inner world and that you have to learn to look inside first to take back control over your life.

Now go ahead and think about why you really are caring so much about politics. What do you actually expect?

Be honest with yourself and write down the answers if it helps. Then leave a comment and share if you wish.

Start your holistic life transformation and change your life today to become your greatest version. Let’s make this world a better place by no longer caring about politics and taking our lives in our own hand and helping others to do the same in order to become their greatest version.

Have a wonderful week my friend! Thank you for reading and sharing!

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Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies - Groucho Marx
No politician is responsible for your life or how you feel about it, only you are

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