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5 Simple Reasons Daily Gratitude Gives You Full Control Over Your Life

“There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.”

Mother Teresa

Everyone needs love and appreciation, so do I.

The problem is that it is sometimes hard to find in the world we live in.

People are too busy to get nowhere fast in their own self-created realities. The only people willing to encourage us here and there are close friends and family when something rather important has happened.

Love is given with the expectation to get something back, so is gratitude. Unfortunately, this is the case for most relationships. Parents may love their children unconditionally (most of the time) so do couples who really love each other.

But even self-directed love is full of concerns and worries. Are you able to stand naked in front of the mirror and love your body 100% without any restrictions or conditions?

Going beyond the body, are you able to love your true self 100%? Can you see who you truly are below the conditioned self of familiar thoughts and feelings? Many of us can’t.

They see only the version of themselves that has a name, a status, a job, an age, and a personal history. It has expectations of the future and emotionally amplified memories of the past.

As long as we identify ourselves with our thoughts and emotions and live in the mind, we won’t have control over our lives.

The simple reason for this is that the mind is either living in the past or in the future. If you think about it, you will realize that all of your thoughts are spinning around past or future events. You cannot “think” of the presence.

You cannot think and be present at the same time.

Why is that important?

Our reality is constantly changing and it is doing it NOW. Your life is happening, and it does so now in the present moment. In order to be in control, you have to be fully aware of the now.

As long as we live in the mind and identify ourselves with our thoughts we depend on external events. We give away our power. We are like addicts of our own desires and cravings.

We seek fulfillment in the outer world which we can never get because we never live in the present to actually enjoy life.

We think we are in charge and have a free will but the truth is that we run on autopilot for most of the time. Our actions, reactions, thoughts, and emotions to certain events are all automated.

We even have different personality masks we use unconsciously depending on what situation we are in and who we talk to.

If life is a mirror, why are we trying to change the reflection?

Imagine looking into a mirror. What do you need to do to make the person in the mirror smile?

If you live in the mind you try to change the reflection of the mirror and bend it in a way that it looks like a smile, even if the rest gets distorted. Most of us live their life in exactly the same way.

5 Simple Reasons Daily Gratitude Gives You Full Control Over Your Life

We focus on the external world and try to fix it. But if the external world is a mirror of our inner world shouldn’t we look inside first?

Wouldn’t we realize that the power to make the reflection smile lies within us?

And do you see that in order to smile we need to get aware of who we truly are deep within?

We need to get aware that we are the observer of our thoughts and emotions.

And whatever we observe, we bring into existence.

Why daily gratitude is the answer

If nobody is willing or able to give us the appreciation we need and deserve, then it is time to give this gratitude to us on our own.

We not only get independent from other people and the way they affect us, but we also start to bring a new quality to all interactions we have on a daily basis. Finally, we will have plenty of gratitude in our life for us and even more to give to others.

We can never succeed in the struggles of the outer world because it is just a reflection of the struggles in the inner world.

The first step to overcoming the struggles that are inside of us is being grateful. By showing gratitude for what is you stop energizing what causes the struggles in the external world -you.

Eventually, you come to the realization that you and the outer world are actually one and the same and that the separation is just an illusion.

Being in a state of gratitude will emit a frequency that is in alignment with this state. You are setting the cause for a new reflection. You start to smile into the mirror, thus, it starts to smile back at you.

However, it is not sufficient to think that you are grateful. You have to actually feel it. Your entire being has to resonate with the elevated emotion of gratitude.

At the beginning, you might not be able to feel gratitude. Just leave your mind at the gate it cannot pass anyway and let go. You may not be able to hold that state very long and will come back to “mind”.

But the more practice the longer you can hold it. And if you do it daily you will start to do it not only more often but you will see more and more things to be grateful for throughout the day until you can be in that state constantly.

This brings us to the reasons why you start to get in full control over your life by being more grateful:

5 Simple Reasons Daily Gratitude Gives You Full Control Over Your Life

1) You are living in the present moment

As stated before, being in a state of gratitude brings you automatically in the present moment. You need to shift your focus to the present moment to be grateful. You cannot be grateful later, as this will just be another now. Only now you can get into this state of being and keep your awareness spot on.

Being in the present moment in a state of gratitude gives you control over your life because you decide to be in that state. We are independent of external events and at the same time we are creating more events to be grateful for the longer we stay in this state.

Out of an infinite potential of possibilities, we choose to be deeply grateful and thus bring this energy into our life and a corresponding reflection into existence.

2) You are walking like a millionaire

Being grateful will transform your mindset from being in a state of lack towards a state of abundance.

You no longer think of what you have to do or of what you need. You see what you accomplished and how far you have got already. You start to appreciate whatever you see and experience.

Imagine being a millionaire and how you would feel. You will feel a deep gratitude for living a life you desire. But at the end it is not the money that makes you wealthy, it is how you feel about it.

And this feeling you can have right here and now by simply being grateful. Furthermore, it is not the ability to get more money that separates the wealthy from the poor.

It is the ability to give.

Only when you realize that you have to give in order to receive you can actually become wealthy.

I hear you saying that you have nothing to give, right?

How much does it cost for you to give a smile? How much effort does it take to be kind and supportive?

This may sound trivial but this is what wealth is all about. If you cannot give what you already have, how can you receive more of what you desire?

You are not setting the cause for the desired effect. Your mindset, feeling, and actions reflect lag of abundance, and this is what you get.

You live from the outside in, because you let the circumstances have power over your life.

Being grateful will shift your mindset and make you realize that you have so much to give.

You live from the inside out and thus have power over your life.

A wonderful way to give what you have is by sharing with others what you are good at and passionate about and make this world a better place.

3) You are attracting more of what you are already grateful for

As you may recall from the observer effect, we literally create what we observe into existence. So if we create what we observe, we have to “see better”.

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate”, Oprah Winfrey said this.

Now, why does this give you more control?

You can decide what you want to see. And by being grateful, you automatically see things to be grateful for. The situation might not have changed (yet), but your focus has.

You suddenly see things that make you feel so damn good. This is not because you fall back to live from the outside in again, but because you simply can’t help it.

Your inner state of gratitude simply attracts more and more of it.

You know that one and the same situation can be interpreted totally different by different people. So it is never the situation that is bad or good, it is our perception of it.

Being grateful makes you decide how you want to interpret this situation. In fact, you are not interpreting it, you are simply accepting it the way it is.

Your acceptance of a situation will bring you more situations to accept.

But these situations are not separated from one another, they are just one and the same moment with you being grateful in the center of it.

You are like the ocean that makes all the rivers flow into it and attract more of what you already have.

4) You are getting independent from failure – and success

Being grateful makes you paying more attention to your choices rather than the results.

Success and failure are the results of events in the past and can cause you to make wrong decisions.

You can either take your failure experience and can become discouraged about it. You can complain about it and give away responsibility. Instead of getting back on track you see it as a final failure.

The same is true for success which may come as a surprise.

However, we also see success as a final result and hence, stop investing the same effort and energy we did before.

This causes us to undermine future success. Or we could even take the past success for granted and get arrogant or overly self-confident. If you fail to be successful again in the future you get frustrated and keep blaming others again.

Failure and success are poor indicators for how much control you have over your life. In the very first place, they are just a judgment, a construct of your mind to label a past experience. They are just two sides of one and the same thing.

It is this thinking that keeps us from truly living in the now and in an attitude of gratitude.

The situation is always objective, it is your mind telling you what to think and do about it. Again, you give away control and make a master what is supposed to be your servant – the mind.

By being grateful for your successes and failures you use the experience of these events to transform your actual situation. You see them as a necessity on your journey to be where you are in life right now.

You take the control these past events had over you and no longer base your actual decisions on a distorted view of the past.

Instead, you are accepting what you have now and make your current decisions out of pure present gratitude.

5) You are at inner peace by letting go of the self’s agenda

The bothersome thing about self-improvement is that we are improving the “self”.

This means improving your outer conditioned self or the mask which you turn towards what is called society and yourself.

Whatever you desire is based on fulfilling the self’s agenda of getting more and more of all kinds of things and experiences.

We are not realizing that we are not free of our “self”, the egoic mind.

Instead of becoming truly free we decorate our prisons and improve our masks.

We give away control by doing things that are expected from us and that we expect from us based on our conditioning. We are conditioned to such an extent that we run our lives truly blind forgetting what we have forgotten.

We spend a lot of time and energy to satisfy an endless stream of desires that is nothing but a pathetic fool’s game.

The worst thing is that we are not even realizing that it is not us wanting these desires. We are like watching a movie while being unaware that we are not the actors in the movie.

We have forgotten that we can just stand up and leave. The real world is happening outside of the cinema that we call life.

By being grateful you take a break of the self’s agenda, which is not yours. You are not a “human doing” but a human being. Eventually, you will realize that any satisfaction we ever felt was nothing but the absence of desire.

Eventually, you will realize that any satisfaction we ever felt was nothing but the absence of desire.

The only time we feel happy for a short moment is not because we got what we desired. It is because the mind has not come up yet with a new desire!

So if we don’t need to fulfill a desire but just have no desire, the only thing that remains is gratitude.

Be grateful for what you have and for what you are. Remember that you are the observer behind your thoughts and emotions. With this realization, you will feel deep inner peace and gratitude and in total control over your life.


Start your holistic life transformation and change your life today to become your greatest version. Let’s make this world a better place by being more grateful about every aspect of life. This will give us back control and create a new life for us and the people around us.

Have a wonderful week my friend and thank you for reading. Please share this post if you like it.

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